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Hi all, back with the next part (specially for Ammu). Thank you very much for your amazing comments guys. I am really very grateful to you all for supporting me in this way. So without wasting a single moment let’s move inside the story.

Recap-Sanskar and Swara went for a date. Sanskar showed to Swara which left her in tears. Ragini and Laksh spent some time with each other in a park.

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Swara-Sanskar this…..
Sanskar-Yes this is only for you. This pendent with this chain.
Swara-But this is a diamond pendent. And it is very expensive.
Sanskar-Not more than you.

Swara feels too much happy by Sanskar’s reply. Sanskar stands up and holds her hand and makes her stands up. Swara immediately hugs Sanskar.

Swara-I love you so much Sanskar.
Sanskar-Love you too dear.

They breaks the hug. Then Sanskar makes her wear the pendent. Then they have their dinner, they talks for sometime and comes back to their home.

Next day


Laksh-Bhai I think now you should tell everyone about your relationship with Swara.

Sanskar glares at him.

Laksh-I mean fake relationship.
Sanskar-I was also thinking the same.
Laksh-Then for what are you waiting? Let’s go.
Sanskar-Ummm… Okay.

They both comes to downstairs.

Sanskar-Bade papa, Maa, Mom, Papa, Bhaiya, Bhabhi and Uttara I want to say something to all of you.
Durgaprasad-Say Sanskar.
Sanskar-Actually since a long time I was thinking to tell this to you all.
Ramprasad-Okay say na. We are getting late for office.
Sanskar-Woh actually… I… Woh…
Durgaprasad-Don’t fumble Sanskar. I hate it you know. Whatever you want to say just say it clearly. Don’t hesitate. I know that you won’t say any useless thing.
Sanskar-Bade papa actually I love a girl.
Sujata-What? What did you say?

Sujata stops.

Durgaprasad-Okay then?
Sanskar-And I want to marry her.

Sujata-Haye Jijji dekho iss chhore ko (Jijji see this boy). He is taking the decisions by himself only about his life. Je chhora bawra ho gaya hai Jijji (He has become mad Jijji). Ab pata nahi maahra ke hoga (Now don’t know what would happen to me).
Laksh-Arey Chachi why are you taking tension? That girl is really very nice. And she is our means mine and Sanskar’s classmate also. We both know her very well.
Durgaprasad-Sujata I told you to keep quiet. Couldn’t you hear me? I don’t like your this habit of saying in the middle.
Annapurna-Sujata apna muh band rakho (Sujata shut your mouth).

Sujata looks at Ramprasad who also signs her to stay quiet. She stays quiet.

Durgaprasad-Okay now say Sanskar.
Sanskar-Bade papa this only I wanted to say.
Durgaprasad-Okay then is her family also agreed for this relation?
Sanskar-I don’t know yet.
Durgaprasad-At first ask this to her. If they agrees then we also don’t have any problem.

Sujata gets shocked and is about to fall (dramatically) when Parineeta holds her.

Parineeta-Chachi ji are you okay?

Sujata nods her head positively and makes a crying face.

Durgaprasad-Ram, do you have any problem with my decision?
Ramprasad-Whatever you would decide that would be good for Sanskar, Bhaisa. I know this so I don’t have any problem.
Parineeta-What’s her name Sanskar?
Sanskar-Ra.. I mean Swara. Swara Gadodia.
Parineeta-Nice name.

Laksh gets angry with Sanskar as he was going to say Ragini’s name. But he remains silent.

Uttara-Toh iss khushi ke mauke pe muh meetha toh banta hai. (So for this happy situation we should definitely have sweets). After all my bro’s alliance is going to fix.
Parineeta-Okay Uttara, I am bringing the sweets.

Adarsh goes to Sanskar and hugs him and congatulates him as well.

Sujata (in her mind)-Yes yes you all eat sweets. My luck is very bad. Don’t know how that girl would be. How could Bhaisa say this that we don’t have any problem with this alliance? I have problem. Hmm… I should talk to Jijji.


Ragini is reading a book sitting beside Swara. And Swara is thinking about last night’s incident and is smiling. Just then Swara’s phone rings. Ragini sees her phone is ringing but Swara is busy in thinking about Sanskar.

Ragini-Di… Di… Offo… Swaraaaaaa!!!!!

Swara looks at her with a jerk. Ragini shows her the phone. Sanskar’s name is flashing on the screen. Swara immediately takes her phone from Ragini. She picks up the call.

Sanskar-Hey I have talked with my family about our alliance.
Swara (happily)-What!? What did you say? Am I hearing right?

Ragini gets perplexed seeing Swara’s happiness.

Sanskar-Yes you’re.
Swara-By the way what did they say?
Sanskar-They are ready to accept you as their daughter-in-law.
Sanskar-Hmm.. But did you talk with your family?
Swara-Haven’t talked with them till now.
Sanskar-Yaar you are always lazy. Okay Bade papa said that if your family agrees for this alliance then he doesn’t have any problem and same goes with the other members of my family.
Swara-Okay I am going to talk with them.
Sanskar-Yes go fast.
Swara-Okay bye.
Sanskar-Bye and….
Sanskar-I love you.
Swara-I love you too.

Ragini coughs and then Swara cuts the call and looks at Ragini with her half raised right eyebrow.

Ragini-Don’t you think that you’re getting too much romantic?
Swara-I don’t think so.

Swara laughs and so does Ragini.

Swara-By the way Ragini I have one good news for you.

Then she tells everything to her which makes her very happy.

Ragini-Kudos dear.
Swara-Thanks. But I am afraid that what would Maa and Baba say? And Dadaji and Dadi?
Ragini-Offo nothing will happen. Now let’s go and tell everything to Maa and Papa. I am there with you.
Swara-Hey wait. Baba is not in the house. He is in the shop.
Ragini-Okay then at night you’ll tell everyone about this matter.

And the episode ends on the faces of SWARAGINI.

Precap-Laksh and Ragini becomes more close friends which irks Sanskar. Shekhar’s decision about Swasan’s relation.

Sorry guys today I couldn’t give any Raglak scene. But in the part I will give for sure. By the way my lovely readers, how was the chappy? Did you guys like this part? Drop down your comments in the comment box and do let me know about your opinion or suggestion or whatever you feel for this fiction. And please shower all your love and support through your comments so that I can write the story further. I’ll be eagerly waiting for your response. Love you so much guys 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘….. Stay blessed and keep smiling, shining and rocking everyone. Soon will meet you all in the next part. Till then bye and once again love you all 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚…..

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