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Siddhi Vinayak 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi decides to marry Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Siddhi running the temple. She prays for Vin and climbs the stairs. She says I have always misunderstood Vin, I felt he has killed Zai and me, he wasn’t wrong, he never did anything, he is innocent, he helped my family, why are you doing this with him, why are you punishing him, if any of my curse is affecting him, I take my curse back, why are you snatching Vin, why did you make us meet, you can’t do this, we can’t get away ever, Siddhi Vinayak will always be together, I love him a lot. She realizes her love. She says he is the reason of my love, its time you give me something, you have to give him a life, don’t make him away, he can’t die. Pandit comes and blesses her. He asks what’s your name. She says Siddhi, Vinayak is fighting for his life. Pandit says Siddhi

has come to pray for Vinayak, Lord is great. He gives her a flower and asks her to keep it near Vin’s pillow, then leave the rest to Bappa.

Rajbeer sees Manjiri praying and asks Prachi to block her sight. He presses the oxygen pipe to cut down the supply. Vin gets short of breath. Manjiri gets worried. She calls the nurse and asks her to check. Siddhi comes. She keeps flower near his pillow. She sees the machines and oxygen pipe. She sees the pipe stuck and asks how did this get stuck here. She makes it right. Vin breathes easy. Doctor comes and asks what happened. Manjiri says oxygen pipe was stuck, its good Riddhi has seen this. Doctor asks them to go out and let Vin rest. Shankar asks them to go. They all leave. Manjiri refuses to go. Shankar calls Guru ji and cries saying about Vin. Guru ji says I will like to see Vin’s hand once to see his fate lines, I m doing jaap for him, you send Vin’s hand print to me, then we can find a solution. Shankar says I will click pic and send Guru ji.

Mannu says its not possible, it won’t be clear. Siddhi says we have less time. She sees a lady writing on carbon paper. She borrows one and goes. She checks if her fingerprint impression is coming well. She goes to Vin and takes his hand impressions on it. Shankar and Manjiri look on. Siddhi asks them to see, they got the hand print. Shankar says very good, take this to Guru ji fast. She goes. Manjiri prays for Vin. Guru ji does jaap. Siddhi comes to him and gives Vin’s hand print. Guru ji checks. Siddhi sees Vin’s pic and cries. She asks him to say the solution to save Vin. Shankar calls her and asks did Guru ji say anything, put phone on speaker, I want to hear Guru ji. Guru ji says if Vin marries a lucky girl tonight, he will live else he will die. They get shocked. Manjiri says how shall we find such girl. Guru ji says if Vin marries any ordinary girl, maybe he gets some breath, maybe he gets a new life for some time, that girl will get risk in her life, its impossible to say about that girl’s life, we have less time, Vin’s breath will end.

Shankar says we called famous doctor from London, just bless Vin. Guru ji blesses. Doctor Sharma says I will try my level best. He checks Vin. Siddhi thinks if I can marry Vin and give him few breaths, I will marry him. She asks will Vin get saved. Doctor says sorry, his surviving chances are less. Diya blows off. They cry. Siddhi thinks I will marry Vin. Doctor says Vin is slipping in coma. Doctor checks Vin and injects him. Manjiri asks will he survive. He says sorry, its less chances. She says I won’t let him die, he has to live for me. Shankar cries. Siddhi thinks I won’t let anything happen to Vin. She gets up and her hand gets in sindoor. She stumbles and gets her handprint gets left there. She says sorry and goes. Guru ji sees her handprint. Siddhi comes to hospital and doesn’t see Vin. She gets worried and asks doctor. Doctor says Vin is alive, he is in coma, he is critical. Siddhi asks where is he. Doctor says Shankar and Manjiri took him to Ganesh temple. Siddhi leaves. Everyone gets Vin to temple and asks him to get up. Manjiri prays for Vin’s life. Siddhi is on the way.

Shankar asks for some miracle to happen. Siddhi says I will marry Vin. She takes rounds with Vin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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