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Shakti 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jasleen widens the distance between Soumya and Harman

Shakti 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto questioning Harak Singh why he is doing this and says Harman will question him. Harak Singh says Harman has realized his mistake and got over Soumya. He says he will do what is best for Harman. Surbhi tells Soumya that you knows best about Harman and your relation and asks her not to feel bad about jasleen’s words. Preeto comes and says Surbhi is right. Soumya says that their relation is truthful. Preeto asks Soumya to come.

Harman thinks about Soumya’s bet. Jasleen comes to him and says you still have the same habit. Harman says he has to take support of silence. Jasleen asks him to tell her and relieve himself. Harman says I have so much to tell, I have one thing in heart, why did I love her. Jasleen asks why he is getting sentimental. Harman says he has hatred which

is not ending. Jasleen says you loved Soumya truly, but she couldn’t care for your love and asks him to forget those memories and move on.

Soumya is cooking in kitchen and suddenly glass breaks. Preeto asks her not to worry and says nothing will happen. Harak Singh thinks jasleen and Harman went out, it is good for us and bad for you. Harman gets drunk. Jasleen asks him to come home. Harman says storm is at home, I will not stay with her and says she is forcibly in my life. Jasleen asks him to face Soumya. Soumya prays to God and says I can’t believe that he can hate me, I am still hopeful. She swears that when she gets sure that he hates her truly then she will go away from his life, and till then she will test her love. She says I heard and felt it strength, wants to light the diya and test my love. She lights lamp and keeps on stairs.

Jasleen throws wine bottle and asks him to come home. She says she is his friend and not his wife. Harman says it is good else you would have called me Harman ji, Soumya thinks the diya is still burning. She recalls harman’s words and thinks to keep it on stairs. She thinks if he keeps it aside then it means he is just angry on her. Harman and Jasleen comes home. Harman picks the diya. Soumya thinks he remembers everything. Harman goes towards temple, and thinks I don’t want darkness in my life. He sets off the flame and keeps the lamp. Jasleen thinks if there are some memories with soumya.

Harman says time…Jasleen says you are a good man. Harman says she made me die even though I was alive. Jasleen asks him to light it and asks why he wants darkness because of soumya. Harman lights that diya again. Soumya is happy and tells that Harman is angry with her, but has love in his heart. Preeto says I told you that he loves you, but you take his test. Jasleen tries to take him to room. Harman tells that he will not keep his head on her shoulder. Preeto says you can keep your head on my shoulder. Soumya smiles. Harman asks jasleen to find solution of the siyappa and says Soumya shall believe that I don’t love her. Preeto says it is Harman’s love hidden in anger. Soumya says if I don’t bring out your love then I am not your Gulabo.

Soumya wakes up Harman and kisses on his forehead. Jasleen comes there and says good morning. Soumya says 24 hours are hers and asks him to ask Jasleen to go. Harman asks her to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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