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Rudra singh oberoi – The cute prince .. (chapter-02)

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The episode starts with everyone shocked by police’s  suddanly arrival … shivay asks what happend acp sir…..        acp tells mr.  Shivay singh oberoi we arrested your younger brother rudra singh oberoi for murder case but he escaped from our custady … if you hide him eny where then don’t play game with police dipparment.  Tell me where is your brother…. shivay shouts stop it stop it this nonsense acp .. if you never stop this talk then I’ll murder you..

Acp smile loudly and tells how will you marder me ohh like your brother who murder one police man with his friends ..

Om says what policeman .. my brothers is never like this his is a kid he’ll never do like this.  How will you talk like this.…

Jhavi and dadi cry badly. Tej call commissnor but he refused to helpm

Tej tell shit how will all peopl are refused

Acp tells because this is a proved gase no one in here to help you to stop your son’s death!! Shivay hold acp’s neck and tell don’t force me to kill you!! Om stop him. Police search everywhere what don’t find rudra and check the cctv footage but not find anything ..

Acp tells never feel happy we’ll find your brother. Nobody will escape from marder case.. we already block your brother’s passport and inform everywhere about his informations..

Police leave the place . Shivom and full family are in big shock.. Tia asks our marriage. Shivay shout stop it tia. My brother is blamed for murder case and and i don’t know where is him.. you feel about marriage stop this nonsense .. shivay leaves angrily and om follow him.. pinky calls shivay but he not listen ..

Tia’s mom swarna tells don’t force him pinky ji he’ll in tention . We’ll talk this later.. she leave with tia.. pinky hold jhanvi .. prinku hug dadi ( in my ff priyanka and rudy are twins. Prinku is not like serial she is brave and caring sister).. sakti leave with tej for search rudra…

~in shivay room ~

Shivay call khanna and his bodycards and tell them to search rudra.. om comes and asks where are you going. Shivay says om i want to search ru.. i don’t know how is feeling know snd what happened with him i want to go … when shivay about to go om hold shivay’s hand. Om asks where will you search shivay.  Where will you find him….. om crys,  shivay hug him and crys badly. Shivay asks what shall i do now .. om hug shivay and cry badly… he is great shivay but he want some support to control his fear and calm om also because rudy is like kid for him now shivom are lost their child…   how will them find him without any clue…

~tia’s room~

Tia asks why are you don’t stop him from leaving … swarna tells calm down tia. We don’t force him in this situation then it will danger for our plan ..👽👽 Now enjoy their crying for their chotu’s missing..they smile evily 👿👿

~A small beautiful  farm house~

One girl watch tv and see rudra’s case.. her eyes are make sad reaction and her heart fear much..  she shout “bhaiyaa”…

Her face is shown (i think you all of you are gussed yes this is our annika “)

(In my ff annika is a independent artist she is simple girl but her family is big and rich family we’ll introduced them when their story came.. she and his bhai live in mumbai in their farm house because of their works.. his brother name is arjun (gautham rod 😉😉 he is handsome)he is a business man) he is shivay ‘s best friend but now don’t go to his marriage because of one story that’s surprise ” I’ll rebel later)

Arjun come to the hall and check annikka and asks but happened doll why are you screaming .. she shows the news… he is also shock… she asks him bhai i think bhai .. you don’t worry everything will alright he’ll fine na.. arjun look on her talk sadly…

Precap:- annika meet shivay. He tells get out… she poured bucket of cold  water on his full body..😘😘

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