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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-22)


Payal : We have to choose a dress for Maya..

Falguni : Ha jiji..I have talked to the deainger and she gave me appoinment of today

Payal : Today ..i am not free today..

Falguni : Neither do me..

Yuvi : Me and Abhi bhai is free..what should we do..

Falguni : Go with Maya

Abhi : Okay..but where.

payal : To the desinger..

Abhi : Means shopping??

Maya : Yep..comeon brothers..lets go

Yuvi : Oh no..

They leave..


Twinkle : Di comeon we are getting late

Geethu : Okay I am come on lets go..

Aayan : Can I cme with you

Geethu : Yes you can.champ

Aayan : But where

Twinkle : Shopping..

Aayan : Bua, Mausi I just remembered I have homeworks

He runs from there they also leaves


Maya is with the desinger and she is taking her measurements..Abhi and yuvi were looking dress for them..As abhi and yuvi selects a dress he goes to Trail room ..They found only one was empty with a warning that the door is damaged …

Abhi : Now..we have to wait until

Yuvi : You can enter here

Abhi : Yuvi are you blind..can’t you see what’s written..

Yuvi : I can bhai..if you close the door fully then only it will get locked ..

Abhi : I can’t change openly..

Yuvi : You just close the door halfway ..I wil stand outside

Abhi : You will right

Yuvi : Of course bhai..belive me..

Abhi goes inside and yuvu stands outside..Just then he notices that a man is wearing the dress he choose so he immedatly goes to replace it and the sign board of the door falls down..

Just the geethu and Twinkle comes there. Twinkle goes to attened her friends call and geethu carelessly opens the trail room in which abhi was..

The whole people in that area have seen abhi shirtless..suddenly a angry abhi ..pushes Geethu inside and shuts the door..

Geethu : What are you doing..

Abhi : What have you done??

Geethu : I am sorry ..I didn’t see you..

Abhi : Oh..yeah really..then why do you have such big eyes..

Geethu tries to open the door..but was unable

Geethu : Why is this not opening??

He also tries

Abhi : Oh..its stuck..

Geethu : What you mean by stuck.. what wil all think..oh god..

Abhi : Stop shouting let me think..


Twinkle finishes her call and goes to the dress section there she collides with Yuvi

Yuvi : Sorry

Twinkle : Its okay ( she thinks for a minute) I have seen you somewhere

Yuvi : Don’t you think this line is pretty old

Twinkle : HUH..

Yuvi : Mostly boys uses these lines..

Twinkle : No..i…have..sav..

Yuvi : Oh come on.I know girls like you very well flirting with everyone..

Twinkle gets angry hearing this and she pours the juice she had on him..

Twinkle (shouts): I did a mistake by talking to you

She goes ..Yuvi confused..


Abhi calls maya and with the help of the malls maintainence creww abhi and geethu came out..

Geethu : Thank did..

Maya : I don’t understand why always you to gets stuck in..

Hearing this Geethu excuses herself and goes..

Maya : Abhi..??

Abhi : Where did yuvi gone..I will kill him today..

By saying this he also goes..

Twinkle : Where did you go di I was looking for you all around..

Geethu tells her everything..

Abhi when sees yuvi..he starts beating him

Yuvi : What happened bhai??

Abhi : You said you will stand outside the trail room

Yuvi : yeah but..i..

He again starts beating yuvi

Yuvi : ehat happened now??

Abhi also tell yuvi everything

Precap : Geethu gets slaped Vansh seeks into maya’s room


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