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RagSan – Do Dil Ek Jaan-Part 1

Hello everyone.

This is my story in Wattpad. I hope you like it.


“Laksh, put the ring on Ragini’s finger.”

“I ccaa..nnt.”

“But why?”

“Because I LOVE SWARA”

Everyone is utterly shocked.

Sharmishta: What is wrong with my daughter Ragini?

Laksh: Have you ever seen her? She behaves like she is in the 17th century. She wears old fashioned clothes, she is such an introvert. And you expect me to live with her for the rest of my life? No. I just can’t.

Ragini: Yes Laksh. I am old fashioned. Yes, I don’t talk a lot. You know what? I reject you. We aren’t compatible anyway. And don’t think I liked you. I was marrying you because my family wanted me to. And I don’t regret the fact that I am not marrying you.

She hugs Swara and says

Ragini: Swara, do you like Laksh?

Swara: Ragini, I might have a few moments ago. Now I loathe him.

Laksh is shocked.

Ragini: Why? Because he rejected me.

Swara: Umm..m

Ragini: He really loves you. It’s hard to find someone like that. I don’t harbor any bad feelings for both of you.

Dp uncle, Ap aunty please accept Swara as your daughter-in-law. She is indeed a pure soul. And Laksh loves her very much.

Both of them nod.

Dadi: But Laado, what if he spoils Swara’s life too?

Ragini: He won’t Dadi. He does love her.

Ragini manages to convince everyone and gets Swara and Laksh engaged.

Ragini manages to convince everyone and gets Swara and Laksh engaged

That night

Ragini’s Room

“Knock Knock”

It was Dida.

Ragini: Please come in Dida.

Dida: Look Ragini, i know you very well. You are a good person. But the Maheshwari family prefers you over Swara. So if you would go to Mumbai till the wedding finishes, maybe they will get to like her. See I don’t see you as my grand daughter. I only want Swara’s happiness. And you are blocking her good future. That’s why you will leave tonight. I don’t know how but if you want Swara’s happiness, Leave.

Ragini: OK Dida. I will call my friend and ask if I could stay with her for 2 months. I will leave before sunrise.

Dida: Good.

Sharmishta overhears the whole conversation and breaks down.

At 2:00 a tearful Ragini escapes the house.

Sharmishta wakes up the whole house and searches the whole house.

Swara: What happened Mom?

Sharmishta: Ragini, she isn’t here.

Dadi: What?

Sharmishta: Yes Mom. She ran away to Mumbai.

Shekhar is shocked.

Dida: Don’t worry Shekhar, she will be back after Swara’s wedding. I only sent her.

Sharmishta: But why? So that Swara will be accepted by the Maheshwari family.

Swara: Dida, is that true?

Dida:  Yes, but I did this for you be…

Swara: Don’t. I will find Ragini myself.

Dadi: But how beta?

Swara: I will. And you Dida, never ever talk to me again.

Dida: Swara please listen to me.

Everyone go back to their room.

3 days later

Ragini is seen along with another girl.

Priya: Ragini, stay freely here. Think of this house as your own. Wait, this is your house.

Ragini: You’ve been keeping our house very well. And remember, we are co-owners of this house.

Priya: Right. Now spoil me with your mouth-watering cooking.

Ragini: Of course Priya.

In Kolkata

Ap: Swara, this is our ancestral necklace. It will look very nice on you.

 It will look very nice on you

Swara: Thank you ma. It’s very beautiful. And thank you for accepting me.

Ap: Of course. After all it is important that you and Laksh like each other. By the way, where is Ragini?

Swara: She is in Mumbai.

Ap: Really? My second son is coming back from UK. He is landing in Mumbai. Can she pick him up?

Swara: Yes Ma.


Swara: Ma, I have located Ragini. She is staying in her house.

Sharmishta: Very good. Ask her to come back.

Swara: I will.

Ragini: Hello?

Swara: You left your soul sister alone Ragini.

Ragini: Swara?

Swara: Before you say anything, you are coming back home. Ma and Baba are very angry with you for leaving home. If you still love them come back.

Ragini: OK.

Swara: Ha, Laksh’s brother is landing in Mumbai. Pick him up and come back with him.

Ragini: When is he coming Swara?

Swara: Tomorrow. And please come early I miss you.

Ragini: I miss you too Swara. Bye


First thing, I am not copying anyone’s story. Second thing, this is purely my work.

So no bashing.



Ragini: Are you Sanskar?

Sanskar: Yes, you must be an angel.

Ragini blushes.

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