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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 9)

pyar ko ho jaane doagain with Rohit and Preeti.

Episode 8:

They hear the roar of lion. They get tense.

Ayesha: i tell you. we should not stay here but you did not listen to me.

Harry: ohhh please don ‘t be afraid. its my ringtone.

Everybody laughs.

In mid night.

preeti wakes up. she hears some sounds. so she gets out from tent. she walks towards forest. Ayesha then gets up. she sees that preeti is not in tent. She wakes up kavya.

Ayesha: kavya…kavya please get up. see preeti s not here.

kavya: may be she is out of here let me check.

They check but they do not find anyone infact boys are also not in their tent.

Kavya: i m sure. They have some trick to play with us. so you plz don ‘t afraid ok.

Ayesha: ok.

Here preeti finds nothing. then she about to go a man comes and grab her from behind. he puts his hand on her mouth and drags her towards cave. she becomes highly afraid. When she sees that iys Rohit she slaps him so hardly that makes rohit angry.

Rohit: first you listen damn it. i save you from tricks of Harry and Ritik.

Preeti: like this…what trick?

Rohit: They plans to to horrifies Ayesha. but you come out of tent. they consider you as ayesha. so they ready to prank with you but at time i reach and take you here. and you slaps me.

Preeti: (touching his face where she slaps) i m sorry plz forgive me.

Rohit ‘anger is gone when she touches him. “koi mujh ko youn mila hai jese banjare ko ghar) plays in background. He holds her hand and takes her out of cave. both smiles.

Both girls plans to play a trick with boys. kavya tells Ayesha that Ritik fears of ghost. they get ready in ghost get up. They find boys. Both girl sings song “gumnaam hai koi” Herry and Ritik runs towards tent. They are highly afraid. here rohit and preeti sitting near fire. preeti gives them water. they tell them about two ghost. then girls come and everybody laughs.

At morning…

They reach hooda villa. They enjoy fishing. Ritik teaches Preeti fishing. He comes close to her. Rohit feels jealous and interrupts that we should go for horse riding. Ritik feels that bro is feeling jealous. There is 5 horse only. everyone choose their horse except preeti. Rohit shares his horse but she refused by saying that she has no interest in it. but he insists her. Then Rohut gives his hands towards her. Pulled her on horse. she sits. and they start their riding.

Preeti: listen Rohit plz keep his speed slow.

Rohit: you afraid?

Preeti: yes.

Rohit: don ‘t worry i m with you. take a selfie.

They take a selfie and kavya sees them. She gets jealous.

Kavya: why Rohit keeps closed with her. if he loves her. that what about me.

Ritik comes with his horse.

Ritik: whats the matter?

Kavya:(emotionaly) see you bro. he is so closed to preeti.

Ritik: don ‘t worry the groom of her is only me. and the bride of bro is only you. Happy?

Kavya smiles shyingly😊.

screen freez on Rohit And Preeti in Romantically pose.

what happens next. Will Rohit be able to express his love or not.

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