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Porus 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Escapes Death Sentence

Porus 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru walks towards hanging noose. People chant prince Puru is a traitor. Anusuya tells Bamni that she cannot see all this and walks away looking at Puru. Puru urges Bamni to move ahead and as a ing order his soldiers. Bamni signals people to stop and says in this world, there is no bigger crime than traitor and punishment is death, and since Puru accepted his crime, he considers Puru as traitor. Puru walks towards hanging noose while Laachi looks sadly from a distance. Darius smirks. Puru climbs stairs and looks at noose. Hanger tries to cover his face with a black cloth. Puru pushes him away, looks at Bamni and says sorry for my mistake, he forgot his past and his mother also had to pay a huge price for being patriot, even lord Ram had to prove his loyalty and patriotism, hence he is ready to consider

himself as traitor. Bamni warns to be in his limits. Puru says he will show what a traitor can do. He breaks noose and steel chains and throws them away.

Bamni orders to tie Puru and hang him. Soldiers run towards Puru. Laachi gets herself ready with sword. Soldiers attack Puru. Puru fights with soldiers and overpowers them all. Soldiers again surround him. Masked archer gets ready to shoot. Arrow hits soldier and kills one. Everyone search who must have done it. Anusuya is seen shooting arrows and killing soldiers. Masked archer is shocked. Anusuya’s arrows finish. Soldiers surround Puru again. Arrow hits soldier again and Dasyu whistle is blown. Puru realizes Laachi is around him. Laachi joins him, and they both kill soldiers. Darius fumes in anger. Masked archer targets Puru, but soldier gets killed. Soldiers surround them again. They continue killing. A soldier apologize Puru and Puru spares him. Another soldier tries to attack Puru from behind. Archer shoots and it hits soldier. Anusuya thins who shot arrow and see masked archer running. Bamni walks towards Puru with soldiers. Laachi gets tensed and tells Puru that they cannot fight with such a big army, he should not fight with Bamni, but how will they escape from there. Puru says if they can use their brain, they don’t have to strain their hands. He jumps down and lifts stage and breaks it. Dust spreads allover. Puru and Laachi escape. Anusuya gets happy while Darius fumes in anger. He brainwashes Bamni that his son is still a bandit and a dasyu girl came to save him, it is difficult to catch Dasyus. Bamni says he may be Dasyu, but has his blood, he knows to catch birds in air and orders to catch Puru.

In Macedonia, Olympia looks at world map and reminisces horse riding with Alexander in childhood. Alexander shows her Macedonia’s crown. Olympia asks what is it. Alexander says he thought always that she provoked him always to win this crown, if he cannot win bharath, he is incapable to rule Macedonia. she keeps crown on his head and sasy she never doubted his capability and never will. If she is stopping him, it is for his good. If he wins Fars, he will be called most powerful king and Macedonia most powerful kingdom, what difference it makes if he does not conquer Bharath. Alexander says he feels the difference, what happened that she is stopping Zeus’ son. She says Bharath’s journey is very long and a mother cannot stay away from her son. Alexander asks if Oracle is behind all this, what did she see in his future. She says Oracle told if he goes to Bharath, he will not return back to Macedonia and only his name will return, so she should not let Alexander go to Bharath.

Precap: Alexander asks Oracle what did she foresee. She says his future.
He says when she is unable to see her own future, how can she predict his future. He kills her. Darius asks Bamni where was Anusuya when Puru escaped.

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