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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra asks for forgiveness.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with all gods, mahadev, brahma dev, saraswati, hanuman and everyone seeing kanha pick the govardhan while also playing the flute. Kanha plays flute and all women and radha dance as people sing prayer for govardhan mountain. Rishi sings song for mata kamdhenu cow as yashoda and nand pray to govardhan mountain. All people say govardhan parvat ki jai. Suddenly ladoos appear in a plate, balram sees and says kanha I will eat laddoo, till then you hold the mountain, kanha smiles as balram and all people eat laddoo.
In devlok, as indra dev attacks Vajra astra on govardhan, kanha closes his eyes and reverses the attack, indra dev falls down unconscious. Guru Brihaspati, guru of gods appears and he resuscitates indra dev. indra dev gets up and says pranam guru var! Brihaspati

says what are you doing devraj? Do you have any idea with whom you are fighting? Indra dev says that kid is some cheap mayavi kid, he is planning against devlok. Brihaspati says no devraj stop! He says he is not some kid, that kid is kanha, he is the form of prabhu shri hari Narayana Vishnu himself! Indra dev is shocked. Brihaspati says you were trying to kill kanha and that mountain but no power in this universe can do that, he is the one who has made us all! Suddenly kanha appears with a shadow of lord Vishnu. All gods do pranam and indra dev falls on his knees and cries, he says prabhu forgive me, I allowed my ego to take control of me, I have done a crime, you made me and guided me, you are my prabhu and I couldn’t recognize you. Kanha says indra dev you did a mistake and forgiveness shall always be there for those who do mistakes, indra dev says no prabhu, I have sinned and deserve to be punished. Kanha says indra dev remember that if you have great power even your responsibility becomes great. Indra dev says prabhu I promise that from this moment I shall use my powers to do good in this world and universe! Kanha blesses and disappears.
There the rains stop and people say indra de must have understood his mistake. Kanha says to everyone, go out from under the govardhan mountain. Yashoda says but kanha, I will not leave you, you will be under govardhan. Kanha says mother god is with me and you only say that if god is with someone, nothing can happen to them. All people go out from under govardhan. Mata kamdhenu says to kanha, prabhu I was grateful to be a part of your leela on govardhan mountain. Kanha says mata kamdhenu, you protected your children and I am thankful for that. Kanha keeps mountain down and he goes with the people back to vrindavan.
In vrindavan, all people praise lord Vishnu and govardhan mountain and they dance and sing. As all people sing and dance, a group of rishi’s led by a rishi come and the rishi comes and says stop all this. Kanha says but what happened rishi? Rishi says only vedic dharma is the greatest dharma, kanha says what you say is right but not entirely, vedic dharma is followed but people follow various dharma. Rishi says no kid, you don’t understand such things. Kanha says but rishi my mother says be it any dharma, all gods are one even though there are many gods. Rishi says shut up kid, I want to talk about this to nand! Where is his house? Tell me. Kanha tells the rishi and he goes with all rishi’s to nand’s house.
There kansa is in his palace and he asks his soldiers, who all of you are my bhakts? All soldiers say we are your bhakt bhagwan kansa, they say bhagwan kansa ki jai! Kansa says no stop. Kansa gets angry and says if you were my true disciples then you would know of a coming danger on me. Kansa asks one solder, where is Vishnu? Soldier says if Vishnu is on earth, he is in the form of a child. Kansa gets angry and kills the soldier and says you all are fake, kansa says Vishnu I will find you.
There yashoda and kirti are in kitchen making govardhan’s Prasad. Nand and brij bhanu come and say govardhan protected us and a huge trouble has gone from vrindavan, kanha saved us. Yashoda says that is why we are making this Prasad and nand ji distribute it in entire vrindavan. The rishi comes with other rishi’s and says that is wrong. Nand welcomes them and says sit down for food rishi’s. rishi says no nand, we want to know who your kid kanha is, from which mother was he born? What is his gotra? His kul? Until we know about that, we will not sit and have food. Kanha comes and says I will give the answer to that.

Precap: Rishi says nand sacrifice your son kanha. Nand is shocked. There keshari tells kansa the idea to know vishnu’s identity on earth, she tells him to go to dhara, the mother of all, she will know.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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