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Oh My Desi Girl….. (chapter 2)

Guys I am very sorry for the delayed update as I was busy…anyways here’s the links to the previous chapter and the intro if you have forgotten the storyline.

Oh my Desi girl (intro)

Oh my Desi Girl (chapter 1)

The scene starts with Rags coming and seeing Tara and Deep’s proximity.

Rags: ahmmm…( Tara and Deep move apart feeling awkward)

Tara: Mr Deep..so when should I start shooting an advertisement for your cosmetic brand?

Deep: from tomorrow…

Tara: yesterday I wondered why did you come here to look for a model? I mean you could have kept an audition for girls..

Deep: the hero of this movie Laksh Khanna is my best friend and I came here to meet him when we met…

Tara: simply say Jab we met…

Deep: it seems like you watch a lot of Bollywood movies.

Tara: yes…I love Bollywood movies…my mom asks me to see Hollywood but I don’t get that Desi feel which I get while seeing Bollywood movies…

Deep: oh and as for auditions, the girls are so unnatural ,I mean their acting… it’s hard to find a girl who’s nature is bubbly yet Desi… that I need for the ad.

Tara( blowing gum): I have this habbit of mine of blowing gums…if you have any problem with it then you can remove me from the project…

Deep: no it’s fine… everyone has their own habbits and so do I.

Tara: and what yours?….( Suddenly the director calls Tara for the shoot)

Director: Tara… come on get ready…let’s shoot for the next part of the song…

Rags: Tara, I came to you to inform you about Roma mam…

Tara: what happened?

Rags: she… she’s coming to India for arranging a swayamvaar for you.

Tara: what!! (Rags starts laughing)

Rags: only you know how to trouble others… even I am not less than you …( Tara runs behind Rags)

Director: pls Tara, go and change you have to finish shooting for the song today and start to shoot for the movie from tomorrow.

Tara: ok sir…( She goes to change and comes out wearing a black above knee length dress )


Director:Tara…in this part of the song you’re going to dance sensuously…( He tells her the details and Deep looks on)

Director: are you ready??

Tara: yes sir…

Director: so … lights, camera …and action

The song starts…and Tara starts dancing

Khwab Kithabon Se Bunah Hai
Jaal Yeh Labzo Ka Suna Hai
Tere Hi Raahon Mein Khula Hai Mera Hi Nazaara
Ek Ishaare Se Diya Hai
Hosh Jawaani Ko Mila Hai
Modd Kahani Ko Hua Hai Zulm Yeh Dobaara
Hooo Sab Ke Zuban Pe Kyun Mera Hi Sawaal Hai
Jo Ho Gaya Hai Yeh Mera Kamala Hai
Lucky Boy You Are My Lucky Boy
Jaane Kaun Banega Mera Lucky Boy
Lucky Boy You Are My Lucky Boy
Jaane Kaun Banega Mera Lucky Boy

Dekha Jo Tumne Mujhko I Know That You Like It
I Need A Man That Can Get Me So Excited(Tara gets shocked at the words of the lyrics and starts to dance randomly)
Lucky Hey Don’t Wanna Tell You Don’T Lie
Darta Kyun Hai Why You Shy Main Bana Du Teri Life( Tara slaps the background dancers and does karate moves and hits them…. Deep laughs watching her)
Trip From London To Japan But I Couldn’t Find My Man
Jo Churale Mera Chain He Makes Me Say God damn…( Director stops Tara)

Director: cut cut…Tara what’s wrong with you??

Tara: I should ask this same question to you….what do you think of yourself??..you will make me dance on such cheap song and I would dance…you feel proud to be called an Indian but yet follow foreign western customs and ignore your own culture and traditions… enough is enough and now I have decided that I will only be a part of this movie if it has  Indian touch in it..and I won’t dance on such types of cheap songs

Director: so now you will tell me what and how to direct… nowadays such types of songs are popular….

Tara: they are only popular because people has no options than to hear such songs from such crap movies…I have told you my decision and now it’s up to you whether you would like to cast me or not by recording a new song for the movie…

Tara goes to change and comes out wearing a long gown…

Tara: Mr Deep, let’s go for shooting for the ad…

Deep: ok let’s go…

Director ( to his assistant): go call the singer and composer and ask them about recording another song

Assistant: sir, what’s the need to change the song? You could simply replace her and cast a new model…

Director: no… Mr Deep Raj Singh is going to cast her in an add and I am sure she’s going to be famous in a very few days and many others would offer her for a movie and she might accept theirs…I don’t want to loose this opportunity , and now you go get to work…

Meanwhile Deep and Tara are seeing shooting for the add. After the shoot Deep and Tara go to a park and chat.

Deep: by the way I like your attitude and courage…how you showed the director the mirror of reality…

Tara: ya…I have realized something and thus decided that from now on I will only listen to my heart and I am not going to change myself for anyone

Deep:Tara, that’s the spirit….by the way who’s in your family?

Tara: family? What is a family? I only have a mom who has a lot of problems with me , she never asked me about my wish but only orders around …what I dress up, what I should eat and drink, whom I should hang out with…basically my life is completely controlled by her…. but now I’ve realised that life is very short and thus from now on, I will only do whatever comes to my mind and I won’t change for anyone….now I simply want to go crazy and not care about the world and enjoy each and every moment…

Deep( smiles): I agree one should listen to ones heart …..( Tara sees ice cream cart and goes towards it)

Tara: bhaiyya, do ice cream dena..( she gets ice cream and goes to Deep)

Tara: here…I have got ice cream for you…( She gives it to Deep and takes it back and again gives it to him and while playing she rubs a bit of ice cream on his nose)

Tara: sorry…( She wipes off the ice cream from his nose)

Deep: how did you know my favorite flavor?

Tara: actually it’s my favorite flavor too so simply thought of buying two of the same flavor…( Rags comes there)

Rags: Tara… Roma mam had called you…

Tara: I don’t want to talk to her

Rags: come on Tara..she called you many times….

Tara: pls for God’s sake tell her that I will talk to her later as I am not feeling well….( rags tells Roma the same and disconnects the call)

Tara: so now let’s have some fun …

Rags: but just right now you didn’t want to talk to your mom because you are not feeling well….and now you are talking about having fun…

Tara(doing emotional drama): Ragini ,I thought you were the only one who can understand me..but I was wrong

Rags: why?

Tara: you know how I make myself feel better right…

Rags: how…

Tara: by having fun of course…( She dances playfully on hum to Bhai jaise hai…waise rahenge while Deep and others in the park look at her)

Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain Vaise Rahenge … (3)

Ab Koi Khush Ho Ya Ho Khafa
Hum Nahin Badlenge Apni Ada
Samjhe Na Samjhe Koi Hum Yahi Kahenge
Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain Vaise Rahenge … (2)

Hum Dil Ki Shahzadi Hai, Marzi Ki Mallika…(2)
Sar Pe Aanchal Kyun Rakhe
Dhalkaa To Dhalkaa ( tara playfully applies ice cream on Rags’s cheek)
Ab Koi Khush Ho Ya Koi Roothe (rags makes faces and Tara rubs off the ice cream from her cheeks)
Is Baat Par Chahe Har Baat Toote
Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain Vaise Raheinge… (Deep laughs looking at her mischief)

Tara also makes Deep and Rags dance too….

Tara: maza aaya na….( Did you enjoy?)

Rags: bohot…

Deep: do you have any wishes of yours…

Tara: yes!! I wish I could be a bird 🐦 that can fly in the sky ….I wish I could be the fish in the sea…

Deep: I can fulfill your wishes

Tara: how??( Deep smirks)

Deep: come with me…( Tara goes with Deep)

Rags: may I come too…

Deep: don’t you know when two people are going somewhere you are not supposed to be the kabab mein haddi…

Tara: why?? What’s wrong if she comes with me?( Deep gets tensed)

Precap: Deep: maa, I want to tell my feelings for her…( He smiles)

…….. Tara: tujhko Mirchi🌶🌶 lage toh main Kya karoon?

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