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Mehrya My version Part 65

Next day morning Mehak was as usual busy with the family routine and Awara came to her saying her brother is here and she ask him to wait at the lawn. She quickly went to the lawn to see him, she asked how he and Sonal is as well others at home. He replied all are fine di, I am leaving today afternoon to Jaipur as work starts this weekend, and they call me to come in early as need to do briefing and all. So I want to bid good bye before I go. She asked him to work properly and concentrate on the new job. Not to worry about Sonal and baby as all at home will take care of them and she will also drop by to visit her. Once she already safely delivered you can come to visit them. Mehak advices him to take care of himself and all, just then Mohit holds her hands and ask her for forgiveness as he used harsh language and hurt her feelings after listening to his mother in law. Mehak’s eye get moist and said it’s not necessary Mohit as we are family you think about your family and that’s all. Maybe the way you told me could be harsh but someone has to tell me right? I am also sorry because of me you have lose many things and happiness in your life, I never thought about it. Then she realize something and ask him to wait and she run back inside the house to her room. She opens her wardrobe took out an envelope. She opens and check and came back to the lawn. She pass the envelope to him, he asked what is it he took it from her and open and saw inside stash of money. He asked in surprise what is it di why so much money? She ask him to keep it as he is travelling to new city he will need to eat outside food and he needs to find a place to stay and all so will require more money so this money he can use for all these. He put back the money and push it back to her saying she already given him lots of money and now this is too much. He stands up from the bench, Mehak gets up as well and walked in front of him and holds his hand put the envelope on it said when elders are giving youngers cannot say NO , it’s a blessings. Now you will be earning but beginning of month you will need money for other expenses. So better keep it with you and don’t say NO. He took it reluctantly and said thank you to her and asked for Shaurya, Mehak don’t know what to answer as she didn’t see him in the room as well. She tried to cover up saying maybe he is busy or left already it’s okay I will inform him, you better get going and do the packing and all. Both exchange hugs and Mohit leave from there and Mehak goes back into the house. All these were being watched by Shaurya who was on the garden doing his morning sprint. He was shaking his head seeing how naïve is Mehak. He saw Mehak already in the house and he run towards to Mohit and called him, Mohit stopped and turned to see Shaurya running. He told him that he is leaving to Jaipur that evening as the branch ask him to report early for briefing and all. Shaurya nodded and said if anything call me and asked him to take care of himself. Mohit leaves from there.

Mehak went upstairs to get ready to leave for her daily routine. She was correcting her duppatta as Shaurya walks in the room standing in front of her resting his arms on his waist. He asked her sarcastically so now you started to give money to your family, he purposely ask her this so she will at least come to him and argue and vent out her anger on him.  But Mehak just didn’t look at him but replied that’s not your money that’s my salary I get on monthly basis , so I can do anything I want and spending them is my wish. So now you started to see me like hawk what am I doing and all. Fine just do whatever you want to do. He didn’t like her reply and doesn’t want her to leave just like that. He walked toward her pull her from her waist to his chest. Mehak didn’t want to see his face she kept looking at ground. His touch and his hot breath creating havoc in her system. She don’t want to lose her sanity as deep in herself her wound is still fresh. They stand like that for good 20seconds suddenly a mobile ring, it was Mehak’s. She pushed Shaurya away attend and saw its Vicky calling her from downstairs, he is waiting for her in the car. She quickly took her handbag and left the room leaving him grinning evilly.

She gets into the car with Vicky and heads to White chilies. When she turned ON the radio it was all about love celebrating love as its Valentine’s Day today. Vicky asked bhabhi you and bhaiya don’t have any special plans? You can go if you have anything I can manage the event. Mehak smiled and replied there is no plan lets concentrate on our event today. If you have date you can go out she teased him.

All decorations are done in perfection. Chefs are working swiftly from preparation of pastries, desserts and chocolate fondue table. The decoration team fixing the balloon arch at the restaurant entrance matching with their theme black and gold. Soups and starters, main course listed out and Mehak was helping the chefs at kitchen preparing with them. She is not well versed in western menus so the other chefs kept themselves busy with those preparations.

On the other side, Shaurya has managed to sign up with new business partners, with new clauses so it would not harm his business, his company became the major shareholder and profit sharing percentage which is higher. He was meeting with his legal team to signed the agreement, he was proud of himself that he manage to solve this and tonight it will be special night with Mehak , he will tell her everything and it’s going to be a memorable Valentine’s day ever. He took leave from the partners saying that he shall meet them again with his wife soon and left from there. On the way he went shopping and bought a beautiful black saree with black sequined border couple with golden blouse. He asked them to wrap it nicely and goes home happily.

Love song and love mood filled the air, he was smiling all the way listening to the radio and planning what else he can do for his queen, she deserves the best. First of all how is he going to apologize to her, he have to try it in a way she will accept and forgive him?

After all preparations done Mehak left from there to home to get some rest and ready for the evening , she reached home and Dolly maasi asked her she is early today , Mehak replied today got event at restaurant maasi so I came to rest for a while and get ready have to leave at evening. She spend some time with the rest of the family watching TV and had tea before she goes to her room. She opens the door and saw Shaurya standing in front of the dressing table getting ready with white shirt and black pants. He was fixing his cuff links when she enter he saw her but she ignored kept her bag on the bed and rushed inside the bathroom and locked it before he comes in there. He laughed uncontrollably seeing her and telling deep in his heart today I will make so special that you will forget that such argument every happened in our life. Then we will have the most memorable night, can’t wait to show all my love on you baby. He brush his hair and wear his black shiny dress shoe, look at himself at the mirror on more time, taking his black jacket in his hand. Before he leave the room he put the gift box with message card not to forget a red rose on the bed.

Inside bathroom after taking bath, Mehak wore a black anarkali dress with golden border and golden duppatta. She slowly opens the door to check if the coast is clear and peep gently right and left , since the person she is avoiding not there she came out and went to her dressing table , to continue wearing makeups and set her hair wavy. She adorned with a large earrings and a finger chain accessories. She gets up to leave and pin her duppatta and from the dressing table mirror she saw something on the bed. She walks towards the bed and take out the rose smell the sweet scent and read the message card which says, My darling Wifey I have some surprises for you, got many things to tell you wear this and wait for me here please let me explain everything , please give me this chance. We will go in short while. Your beloved Khadoos kumar.  

 Mehak crumpled the note and put back on the gift and said, he will talk everything without thinking then coming to say sorry. This time sorry Mr Khanna I am not listening to any of your blabbers. She quickly left from the room and heads downstairs. Dolly maasi mark behind her neck with kohl as she looks pretty. She asked her bahu today is the lover’s day are you doing somewhere with lalla. Mehak quickly responded maasi your lalla don’t like all these lovers day he says this is business tactic for florist so they can sell more flowers with high profit , the gift company makes profit , the restaurant gains profit and the poor lover boy pocket will be empty end of the day, by the way maasi if two person in love why do we need to set a date and announce our love it should be lovers day on daily basis not on a selective day you announce your love , am I right maasi? Maasi shakes her head and say what you say is correct bahu, there is no date or specific date to love someone, and we should love on daily basis. She quickly gets her blessings from others and quickly leave before Shaurya comes there. Karuna maa asked her to get the driver to send her and she said okay and driver starts to drive her out of Khanna mansion.

Shaurya was at the garden making some calls to check on the arrangements. After confirming all is set and he smiled happily goes back to the room, he opens the room and saw the gift is still on the bed untouched. He walks towards it and saw the note has been crumpled. He understand she read the note but refuse to accept his gifts. He was upset that she didn’t want to open the gift he specially bought for her. He takes a deep breath and went downstairs, calling maasi she asked him what is it lalla, he asked where is Mehak, she replied she already left to function at White chilies almost 10minutes back. He sighed and moved to the main entrance and gets to his car. He drove out trying to call Mehak but she kept declining his call. After a while the driver’s mobile beep as message came in, he checked and change to another radio channel.

On his car Shaurya was tired of Mehak refusing to answer his calls and he bang his palm on the steering wheel in frustration. He turned on the radio and Valentine’s Day messages and poems were all around the town. He was mumbling to himself the entire town is drown in love only me fighting to get my love, Shaurya you deserve it now madam wants to play hide and seek with you. The radio DJ announced if you have any special wishes to your loved ones please call in now, or you want to convey your love then let the entire world know your feelings, call in now. An idea strike in Shaurya’s mind and he quickly dialed to the radio station and while being put on hold he manage to text to the driver to ON the radio.

In this car, after some radio announcement the DJ announced , well listeners we have another caller on the line , he wants to convey his message to his lovely wife, both of them are on cold war, so who knows after this both will patch up and they love will flourish again. DJ announced, please go on with your message. Shaurya begins, MS how are you? I know you are angry upset with me. I was so rude to you I hurt your feelings and made you cry despite of all the promises I made to you. Babe I have some good news to share with you, and wanted to tell you all these on this Valentine’s Day that’s why I didn’t want to break the surprise earlier. I have planned something for us and want to share that moment with you please come, what can I do in my life without loving you? If I am breathing it’s because of you, every existence of me is because of you. I was living a life without colors, no music in my life. I had all wealth but after you came in into my life, you completed my life, you fill your color in my life, and you came in my life like a storm and became everything I needed to survive in this world. Without you it’s no point I am living. These few days nights without you was like a dark sky without stars, I can’t sleep without you. My world evolved around with your cute face and expression you make, your smile, your eyes and everything about you. I missed your naughty talks. Jaan please give me one chance for me to explain, then you can give me any punishment I will go through happily. I didn’t copy this from internet but it’s my own feelings. From your Kareila King aka Khadoos kumar. Radio DJ continues aww that’s so romantic and touching love confession that I have never heard before. Dear MS please give him a chance, if he is still single then I will run to him this instance. Hearing his love confession on radio Mehak’s eyes started to rain with tears. She do wanted to run and hide herself in his chest but the on the other side her mind didn’t want her to go. She wiped her tears, driver asked madam Shaurya sir message to drive to some resort shall I go there? Mehak replied him no go to White Chilies as it is its very late lots of work is pending. They reached White chilies and restaurant crowded with couples, dancing for all the fast beat songs. Vicky was monitoring all preparations and setups.

Mehak pull a chair and sat there watching the crowd. But her mind is still on confession of Shaurya. She started to think what important things he have now, what is he hiding from me? He never do things straight forward always secret, surprises and more stupidity. Let it be I am not going to entertain him. The band which Vicky arranged came in and all the crowd goes mad seeing them and playing songs.

On the other side Shaurya was sad and disappointed as Mehak refuse to come , driver told him that she insist to go to White chilies and he dropped her there. He was sitting in the car thinking of something just then his mobile rings. He picked up and saw it’s from Archie, he answered. Archie on the other side asked how you are darling Shaurya do you want a company for Valentine’s Day. Looks like your wife has dumped you? Shaurya laughed evilly, Archie what can I say? First you instigate the investors to withdraw the investment from my business but I made more today and we have sealed new agreements with new partners. I know the photo on the online portal was from you because no one will think like that. I manage to find about it few days back but I want to settle all my business related matters first then only want to teach a lesson to you. Do you think posting my Mehak’s photo with KD will makes me angry and I will divorce her and etc. Never, we can have misunderstandings but we never stay away from each other, my love for her and hers for me grows stronger day by day or maybe every seconds.  So now if you excuse me I am waiting for my wife so I can celebrate my Valentine’s Day with her in a special way. My Mehak deserves only the best in this world. He warned her if you comes up with another plan then you will have to face the evil side of me. You got it? He hangs up the call tossing his mobile to his next passenger seat.


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