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Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-16

Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-15

Sanskar stares at ragini lovingly who sleeps on her side of bed..he looks at sindhur nd mangalsutra..he never believed marriage nd all but now he had to,when ever he sees sindhur on forehead mangalsutra on her neck with his name..he feels she is his’s..that feeling gives him so much of joy in his heart…he smiles at sleeping figure of ragini..he wants to take her in his embrace nd wants to show howmuch he missed her..but…
He pouts looks at pillows which ragini kept before she slept…
He says i will get ur trust again ragini…he kissed her forehead nd fallen asleep while staring at her…
Ragini wakes up nd comes to garden ,She widened her eyes seeing sanskar who is trying to do yoga..
Sanskar looks at ragini who looks him confused..he gets up frm his position nd goes to ragini..
Sanskar:vo..someone told yoga is best way to control our anger…so..im trying..
Ragini gives a i dont care look nd walks..
Sanskar pouts nd take back his position..
Ragini got fresh nd sat on sofa..sanskar came after finishing his yoga schedule..
Sanskar:ragini will u make breakfast..
Ragini:no..i dont wanna make anything..(she said sternly)
Sanskar gets sad hearing her serious voice ..He goes to kitchen to prepared bf…

Ragini who came to kitchen hearing sanskar scream..she gasped sanskar name when she sees sanskar cuts his finger while cutting veggies..a long tear escaped from her eyes..she immediately wiped it…nd moves towards him nd grabs d knife frm sanskar hand..
Ragini:i will do..u go nd get ready for office(she said without looking at him)
Sanskar:its ok ragini..im ok..
Ragini:i told u na..dont argue.. go..
(she said strictly)
Sanskar nodded nd leaves…
Ragini serves bf to sanskar nd herself..sanskar came nd sat beside her nd forward morsel to her..Ragini turned her face..
Sanskar feels bad…
She ate her food nd goes to room..
Sanskar came nd sees ragini getting ready..
Sanskar:are u going anywhere..
Ragini:haan..im going office
Ragini:haan..kyun do u hav any pblm..
Sanskar:no..u can go..can i drop u..
Ragini:no thanks
Saying she turns to go..sanskar held her hand..
Ragini looks at him like what..
Sanskar:fill ur hairline with sindhur
Ragini:im not interested..
Before she could speak ,sanskar fills her hairline..ragini looks on..
Sanskar:u looks so good with sindhur..
Ragini gives a ignoring look..
Sanskar:plz dont ignore me like this…
Ragini:im getting late for office..
Ragini:leave me sanskar
Sanskar leaves her hand…ragini walks out…
Sanskar stood helpless..
Sanskar came from office,he is very tired..as he didnt go office from past 1month..today he completed pending work..
He gets fresh nd comes to ragini who sat in hall watching tv..
Sanskar:had u dinner
Ragini:i dont have mood to cook..
Sanskar goes to kitchen nd prepares dinner for her…
Sanskar( gives her food):eat..im tired..im going sleep
He Kissed her forehead nd goes to sleep..
Ragini looks at his disappearing figure…
Ragini looks at food plate ,she closed her eyes to stop her tears..
She goes to room nd sees sanskar who was already fallen asleep…its truth she loves him so much but she cant give gurantee to sanskar behaviour..she scared about that..she looks at his face which looks so pale..she kissed his cheek nd sleeps beside him staring at sanskar…
Ragini wakes up nd sees sanskar who is getting ready..
Sanskar:ragini..i have made bf..get fresh nd eat..i need to go office early today…
Ragini jst looks at him..
Sanskar:dont skip bf..eat..bye..
Saying he turns to go..ragini held his hand…sanskar looks at her…
Ragini hugged him tight..she cries..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini..why are u crying..
Ragini:y r u doing this sanskar..why..y are u again making me fall for u…y u r showing this much care nd love..y are u making me weak..
Sanskar:bcz i addicted to u ragini..i dont want loss u again..
Ragini( brks d hug nd pushed him):i knw this sweetness this care for somedays only..i dont want to breakdown again sanskar..i dont want to..im scaring sanskar..im not able to trust u sanskar…
Saying she goes to washroom while wiping her tears….
Sanskar says i knw ur fear ragini…but really im changed..i only knw howmuch i suffered those 5days when u askd me to go from ur life…those days really hell for me..i knw i was the reason for my state…i realized ,what i have done nd im regretting too..i dont want u loose again..i need u ragini..
I can understand ur fear..i will make all fine..

Kaisa laga this sanskar😐

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