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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Padma and Raka are exposed and get arrested

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kunti signing on the Kunti Nivas papers. Padma thinks now Kunti is trapped and will be thrown out of her house. Kanhaiya tells Pratap that Kunti will get happy now. Prema, Prarthana and Pari are happy as they are going back home. Kunti asks Padma to take the papers and leave. Padma says now we got the shelter and says people says truth that your heart is big. She asks Gopal to take the papers and acts to leave. She sees bahus coming and stops. Kanhaiya, Kusum, Khatru and Pratap come there. Kanhaiya shows her DNA report and says Gopal is not my son, she is lying. Prema says she is not Itava’s Padma, but Bijli dancer. Prarthana says she packed her bagged as she is exposed. Prema shows the video of bijli dancer poster. Kunti is shocked. Kusum asks how she got ready to

go. Kunti tells them that she has named Meerut bypass shop on her name. Kanhaiya asks what you are saying. Kunti says I like peace and your and bahus’ happiness. Kanhaiya says you would have waited for the report. Kunti thinks atleast she is going. Pari says yes.

Padma sits on Kunti’s swing and shouts Paanchal. Kunti asks her to leave. Padma laughs and asks will you kick me out of my own house. Kanhaiya shows the report. Padma shows Kunti Nivas papers and says your maiyya had signed it and named this house on my name. Kunti says I will slap you and says she has given her shop. Padma shows both papers and says she has changed the papers. She asks them to leave from her house.

Raka comes there. Padma says Raka baby. Kanhaiya and Kunti are shocked to see Rakesh, who is Kanhaiya’s Chacha son. Pratap cries and says where Kusum will lie down and watch Savdhan India. He says we have to die, and snatches papers from his hand. They tear it. Raka says it is shop papers and shows house papers. Khatru snatches the papers and runs. He mistakenly gives papers to Padma. Panjiri asks Padma to give papers. Padma refuses. Khatru takes the papers from her hand again. He gives papers to Padma again. Kunti gets angry. Padma fights with her. Kunti asks Pratap to call Police. Pratap asks for 50000 Rs.

Kanhaiya holds Raka. Raka snatches papers from Khatru’s hand and goes to temple with Padma. Kunti asks her to give papers to them. Raka holds trishul to scare them. Padma says now even Vishnu ji can’t get house back to you. Papers get burnt as Padma holds it close to diya. Raka calls her mad woman. Kunti, Kanhaiya and others are happy. Police comes there. Kanhaiya shows the report. Gopal hugs kanhaiya. Kanhaiya lifts him and says he is not my son. Pratibha says they had hired the boy for their drama. Kunti tells Padma that she didn’t know that you will get caught and acts like her.

Sarla tells Kunti about pot wali maata. Pot falls on Pari and she faints.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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