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Kundali Bhagya 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan on a mission against Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sarla tells Preeta they have to take care of their relations. It was Rakhi’s plan to make a patch up for Prithvi, she called Rakhi when Prithvi asked her permission to take Preeta for dinner. Rakhi gave the responsibility to Rishab. Preeta now understands why Rishab was insisting on their friendship and tells Sarla they shook hands and hugged each other. Both daughters now hug Sarla after she was relieved.
In the car, Sakshi feels lucky that Karan Luthra is supporting her. She was determined to do anything to get her Prithvi back. She then texts Karan to meet him. The next morning, Karan incomes to meet Sakshi in the restaurant. She flirts that she wanted Prithvi back, but is confused because Karan is way too hot. Karan says he has already lost his heart. Sakshi figures he must be behind Preeta,

else why would he help her? Karan calls her sensible. He says he wants to help Sakshi and get Prithvi and Preeta away, but he has been sent to the world as Santa Clause. He distributes happiness around. He now asks to discuss the plan. Then suggests to mingle with Prithvi. He says boys have a problem, every zero wants to be a hero. They must do something to boost his ego, he must be let to feel like a super hero. She will get him that way. Sakshi asks how Karan knows all these tricks. Karan says there are a lot of girls who use these tricks on him. Sakshi was happy.
Kareena was curt over Sarla when Preeta enters. She tells Preeta to teach Sarla how to speak to big people. She says Sarla came to invite them, she inquired how she is related to them that she didn’t invited her relatives like Mehra’s before them. She blames that middle class people are used to wander behind rich. Preeta tells Kareena its she who needs to stay away from Sarla, when her mother goes out of mind she doesn’t care about any princess, Kareena Luthra aside.
Karan gives Sameer the responsibility to save Luthra family’s grace. He says Sameer will have to do this theft. Sameer wasn’t ready to do it, Karan confronts him once. He agrees he will have to do it anyway. He sits to explain what Sameer do, he was worried. Karan says Sameer is the only person he can trust. Sameer asks why they are doing. Karan says three of the people will be benefitted; Sakshi will get her first love, Preeta will get rid of Prithvi and he will be relieved to save Preeta’s life, also win a challenge but that’s secondary. He walks downstairs, telling Sameer to come down soon.
Downstairs, he comes across Preeta. Preeta says he must be hurrying to meet his new girlfriend, she saw him exchange his number to that girl. Karan says Preeta has kept a keen eye over him, if she is romantically interested in him. Preeta laughs that she isn’t at all interested in him. Karan says Preeta doesn’t understand herself, she is heels in love with him. Preeta laughs loud, considering it a joke. Karan close touch her hair. Karan teases that her ears are fuming out of jealousy. He says he is going to meet a girl, but not for flirting. He decides not to tell her now, she is unaware what’s good for her and what’s not. Preeta was irritated and says she isn’t as well interested in whatever he does. Prithvi calls from behind if he should send Prithvi behind her? Preeta was worried why he discussed about Prithvi in such a situation. Sameer passes by Preeta. Downstairs he tells Karan he is ready, Karan makes him wear Bluetooth and leave. Preeta wonders what they are up to.
Karan was online with Sakshi and Sameer both. Sameer had hidden his face under a shawl. Sakshi also reached in her car. Prithvi walks out of the building. Karan forbids Sameer to show his face to Prithvi.

PRECAP: Karan watches Sameer and Sakhi hug at the corner, Sameer’s face not visible. Preeta calls Karan to say something to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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