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Kasam 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Fire Brigade Rescues Rishi and Tanuja

Kasam 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tanuja asking Rishi if they will be saved. Rishi asks her not to worry and says if we couldn’t be saved then we will die together. Tanuja says I don’t want to die and wants to live for you. She says Natasha needs her father. She asks why did you get upset with me and went. Rishi says I was here only. Tanuja says you came here as you loves me. Manpreet talks to fire brigade and comes to know they are stuck in traffic, he tries to enter but Raj stops him. Tanuja asks Rishi to save her and faints. Rishi tries to make her gain consciousness. Fire brigade people come there and go inside. Rishi lifts unconscious Tanuja and starts walking, but he soon faints and falls down on floor. He then open his eyes, recalls her words, thinks I will die, but won’t let you go, even I want to live

with you. He holds her hands. Goddess idol is shown. Fire Brigade enters there and rescue Rishi and Tanuja. They take him outside and asks him to take them to non smoky place.

Maasi asks them to stay at her house. Netra sees Rishi and Tanuja holding hands and get worried. Doctor checks Rishi, Tanuja and AK and say they all are fine. He says Tanuja will serve you tea next morning. Raj says he likes tea made by her. AK wakes up calling Tanuja. Myra comes to him and says Rishi has saved you and Tanuja. AK asks about Natasha. Myra says they are here in our house. AK says he wants to see Natasha and goes to her room. He kisses on her forehead. Natasha wakes up and hugs him. She tells him that she got afraid for him. She comes to Rishi and tries to wake him up. Myra says he will wake up in the morning as Doctor gave him injection. Natasha says I will sleep here. Myra says ok. AK gets sad seeing Natasha sleeping beside Rishi.

AK realizes something and tells that he wants to see Tanuja. Ahana is sitting at Tanuja’s side. Tanuja wakes up and asks how is Rishi? She sees AK and says we are in AK’s house. Ahana says all of us are here. Tanuja asks how is my Rishi? AK says in that room. Ahana asks AK how is he? AK looks sad. Tanuja goes to Rishi and thanks God for saving them. She says now we will start our lives together and stay happily. I want to live with you. AK recalls Tanuja asking how is Rishi? Netra comes there and says we both love a married woman and man. She says true lover is the one who gets lover back. She says you used to say that you don’t want to take my advice, but you need it. She asks him to tell Rishi that Tanuja loves him (AK) and asks him to make Rishi belief somehow, then Rishi will get angry and leave Tanuja.

Rano tells Tanuja that she is not just Rishi’s happiness, but happiness of all the family. Tanuja gets emotional as Rano hugs her. Netra is shocked. Rishi smiles happily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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