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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Yashpal traps Seth ji

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Namrata asking Devendra about Shivlings. Yashpal says don’t worry, we will save Preeti. They run after Namrata. She flees. Yashpal says it means she didn’t get the shivling till now. Rudra slaps the thief and says stealing is bad, understand this. He shows the shivlings. The thief apologizes to Lord. Rudra kicks him away. Shivlings fly in air and make a round. Shambu comes and sits praying. Rudra guards him. Gauri prays and says how will I take shivlings back to Siddhpur. She hears a saint talking to some men.

The saint says person should fight on own, Lord shows them the path, Lord didn’t lift weapons to end Mahabharat, as he wanted Arjun to fight on his own, he has guided Arjun, Lord gives us signs, but we have to fight on own. Gauri smiles. Latika asks

her to come. Gauri says I got answers, Lord has helped me by premonitions, now we have to find our path. They come to police station and ask Thakur where is everyone. Lakhan says Shakti attacked Thakur, Seth ji’s man died, Preeti and Minty went missing, don’t know who took them. Thakur says we did mistake to leave them alone, don’t know how they are. Preeti finds her sarees in cupboard. Minty says everything is what we like. Seth ji and his men come there. The guard switches off lights. Preeti hugs Minty. Seth ji says no one will trouble you here, you won’t go out. He threatens and goes. Lights come.

Namrata says how will I find shivlings. She sees shivlings in the air and runs to get it. She jumps and says Shivlings can get Rahul to me. She falls. Yashpal points fun at her. She runs and collides with Rahul. He slaps her. She asks him to see shivlings. He says its laser light by which you fooled people in temple. Yashpal says I have sent you a pic, send it to Seth ji and call him. Seth ji calls her and says you have done it for Rahul’s love, you have to drop the shivlings there. She says no, I want you to come in front of me and take the shivlings, you have to prove you are Seth ji. He says fine, where do you want to meet. Yashpal gives the address. She tells him. He says I will come soon. Yashpal asks the staff to fix CCTV cameras, they have to catch Seth ji. Namrata asks Rahul not to hate her. She gets arrested. Gauri gets a call. She answers. Rahul asks are you fine. She says yes, did you get Preeti and Minty.

He says no, we caught Namrata, Yashpal is laying a trap to catch Seth ji. She thanks Lord. She tells this to everyone. He says you take the people to village, I will come there in morning, let police find Shivling, we have risked lives before, we can’t trouble police, do as I said. Thakur asks are Preeti and Minty fine. She says they are captive by Seth ji, Rahul is asking us to return to village. He says he is saying right, we should return, we can’t run after shivlings like this, you are not getting premonitions now, once police gets shivlings, we will request police for it and place it in temple, Lakhan find about the bus. Constable says you will get it in morning. Thakur says we have to wait then. Seth ji says I think I have to come out to get shivlings. Yashpal, Rahul and team hide behind bushes. Seth ji arrives. His men point gun at Namrata.

She asks where is Seth ji. He says I m here, tell me what to do to prove I m Seth ji. She says then prove by saying your black deeds. He says I have called you and dealt for nine shivlings. He asks where are real shivlings, this is just laser light. Yashpal and team point gun at him. Yashpal says your game is over.

Seth ji asks will you stop me Yashpal. Yashpal shoots at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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