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Jiji Maa 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash takes Falguni for medical tests

Jiji Maa 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suyash asking Uttara what is she doing here. She asks him to ask Falguni. He asks Falguni. Uttara tells Falguni what to say. Falguni says I want to spend time with your mom, she has a golden heart, I didn’t get chance to serve her, I want to learn something from her. Uttara says enough now, how much will you praise me, I thought to spend time with her for her happiness, go office and do work, we will go mall. Suyash goes. Uttara takes Falguni in car. Shom says Falguni’s operation will happen. Uttara says we should do imp work first, I don’t want to lose this golden chance. They reach the hospital. Falguni hears the procession passing and goes with them. Uttara calls her out. She says where did she go. Ashish shows Falguni. Shom and Uttara run to stop Falguni.


comes home. Niyati calls her out and hugs her. Falguni asks why are you crying. She talks to driver. Uttara, Shom and Ashish come there and look on. Jayant says Falguni, make suji hawa for paath today. She agrees. Uttara says she is out of hypnotism. Ashish says this girl is strong minded, she can’t get hypnotized again. Uttara gets angry. He goes. Everyone sits in paath. Shom thinks Falguni saved herself. Uttara says Falguni you have fever, it can be flu, stay away from Niyati and Suyash. Suyash says I will take her to hospital.

Falguni says I will get fine by having kada. Uttara asks Shom to call doctor home. Suyash says I will cancel all meetings and take you to hospital. Jayant says take her to hospital. Doctor checks Falguni and says she looks fine, but I have to suggest some tests. She says I m fine. He says I will mention a complete package. Falguni says its useless like looting people, I won’t get injection. Suyash says it means you are scared of injection. Uttara says why did they come till now. Shom says maybe she has big disease. She calls Suyash. He says doctor suggested some tests for Falguni, even sonography. She gets shocked and says we have to reach there else Falguni will know that her uterus isn’t removed. Suyash asks the kid not to get scared. Falguni prays. Suyash smiles. He asks her to relax.

Falguni gets blood test done and holds Suyash’s hand. The kid laughs seeing them. Uttara says Falguni’s sonography shouldn’t happen, I will send Suyash to office. Uttara comes and acts concerned. Suyash says everything is fine. She says go office, I will be with her. He says all tests are done. She gets shocked. She says we will take her to good hospital. He says no, we will get reports tomorrow morning. She says fine, go office, I will take her home. He says fine, you worry for Falguni, you should have come soon. He goes. Uttara scolds Falguni and asks did you think what will happen if Suyash gets sonography reports, he will know you don’t have an uterus. Falguni gets shocked.

Shom goes to get reports. He runs. Falguni sees the reports fallen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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