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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaijanti gets irritated

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daali complaining to Janki. He says there is no solution, you have to keep marriage for one year to get property. She says you did this deliberately, I will not leave you. He says nothing can be done, calm your mind, what about your neighbors. She tells about the mad neighbors. He asks her to settle down and blesses her. She says you know I married Kanhaiya, even then you are happy. He laughs and says Kanhaiya is my fav, he can do anything. He praises Kanhaiya. She says you too, shut up. She ends call and says when I get all the property, then I will just keep Kanhaiya out. Sheela asks what happened.

Janki calls everyone. He says I will gift everything to Daali, she should be hurt. Sheela gets all the jewelry. Sheela says Kanhaiya will get saree for Daali. Janki

says Daali will wear a costly saree, she is my granddaughter, she will get a child in one year, it will be good. He dances. Sheela asks will she have Kanhaiya’s child. He says yes, he is her husband, decorate the shagun. He calls Daali. Some man answers and asks who are you. Janki asks who are you, where is Daali.

She says everything will be set, Daali and Kanhaiya will have a child soon. He dreams. Sheela asks him to stop dreaming. Vaijanti and everyone come to meet Daali. She gets into an argument with chalw ladies. Vaijanti makes fun of Kanhaiya. She calls him clever. The chawl people praise Kanhaiya as the Lord of the chalw. They introduces themselves. Sheela says so Kanhaiya tells about you all always. Vaijanti calls them cheap. The ladies ask them to leave, they can’t get in. Vaijanti asks about the rituals. The lady says we will gift Daali and fulfill the rasam. Vaijanti gets troubled. She gets irritated. The lady asks her to meet Daali but without any shagun.

Everyone prepares for the ritual. Janki says where is everyone, if they went for rituals, will I stay hungry, Kanhaiya used to take care of me, Daali is also not here, I miss both of them. Maya comes and gives him tea. Janki scolds her. She threatens him. She says story will begin now. He asks how dare you threaten me. She asks what will you do, you don’t know me. He says I know you are cheap, get out. She asks why shall I leave, I have to settle scores, I have to tell about Kanhaiya. He says I don’t want to know, he is my son in law. She says he is a servant. He asks her to be in her limits. She shouts. Rocky comes to do drama. He apologizes to Janki and asks him not to snatch his job. He begs to Janki.

Janki sees Daali’s pic. Daali gets ready. Sheela and Munni sing Sajna hai mujhe…

Update Credit to: Amena

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