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Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Niku is alive, Tara dies

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep shoots. Tara falls down. She is shocked. Niku falls down too. Arohi is dazed. Tara says Deep.. Tara. Deep looks at her in tears. Arohi looks at Niku and says get up after Virat leaves. Virat comes and says Tara wont come running to him. You are Arohi. Police comes. Virat runs from there. Deep sees Tara’s dead body in tears. Virat takes Arohi with her.

They come home and open wine. Virat says Deep fulfilled his promise. Cheers everyone. Roma says Arohi is dead finally. Virat says deep why are you so silent. Lets enjoy everyone. He gives a drink to Arohi. Arohi breaks the glass. Arohi says I can’t drink in this condition. Roma says she is right she shouldn’t drink.

Arohi comes to her room and cries madly. she says Niku I couldn’t even save

you. She cries madly. She sees her family photo and says I couldn’t save any of you. I will avenge your death. I will kill them all.
At night Arohi takes a knife and goes to Virat’s room. He isn’t there.

Virat is with Roma downstairs. He says we don’t need that deep anymore. Pritvi comes and says I saw Tara going towards Virat’s room with a knife. Virat says is she Arohi? Roma says that can’t be possible. Arohi comes downstairs. roma says tara.. she falls down. Arohi says you all here. What happened? Who brought me here? She sees a knife in her hand. She says who gave me this knife? Have I killed someone? Roma says no you didn’t kill anyone. Relax. Arohi says am I going to kill anyone again? I want to be a good mother. Roma says you will be a good mother. Arohi is gone too. Don’t stay in shock. You will be fine.
Virat takes arohi to her room. He says you need rest. He says are you okay? He says why did you come to my room to kill me? Deep comes in. Virat leaves.
deep says what happened? She says nothing I wanna sleep. Arohi is crying.
Deep hugs her and sleeps. Arohi goes away from him. Bindya knocks on the door. she says downstairs.. Please come.

A woman is waiting for them downstairs. Deep says who are you? She turns back. Deep is dazed. The girl says I am devika. Deep says what do you want? She says that child.. Niku is on the sofa. He is alive. Virat says I.. Roma says quite. Arohi sees that he’s alive. she says he is alive deep. Why didn’t Virat kill him?
She says I found him in hospital. He was injured. He probably fell. Arohi recalls that he didn’t get shot. He just fell.

Precap-Virat says to Devika who sent you? I will kill you. Arohi comes and says what are you doing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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