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Ikyawann 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya disappoints Satya

Ikyawann 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya ordering food. She says password is my name and date on which we first met. Satya says what’s this plan to wear western clothes, shall I become cowboy, are you serious. She says yes, I will cook italian and mexican food, I m doing this to cheer up everyone. She deletes browsing history. Susheel wears her shoes. She says dad has spent all life to look after me, now I will make you all proud. She says I m ready Didi. Fighter Didi asks her to grind three kgs of wheat. Susheel thinks why is she making me do all this. Susheel grinds it and says its done. Fighter Didi says go and rest for some time, you got tired, you have to cook daal tonight. Susheel says I m tired, I will rest, when will training begin.

Soumya gets food parcel. Kali asks who has come Soumya. Soumya says

I had ordered clothes for the party. She goes. Susheel makes daal and thinks I didn’t had training today. Soumya calls out everyone. They all dress like cowboys. Soumya shows the mexican food. Vishu takes their pic and says I will call Sejal, she will teach a lesson to Soumya. They smile seeing Jhanno. Kali asks for food, where is Leela. She goes to call Leela. Leela comes in cowboy costume. They all smile. Soumya serves the food. Kali says oily food isn’t good for you, don’t know which oil restaurant people use. Satya looks at Soumya. He says Soumya cooked all this herself. Kali asks really. She calls Kaka. She shows the food boxes and asks Soumya did she make these boxes too. She says maybe you dropped this bill. Kali goes to cook something for Leela. Satya gets angry and goes. Susheel says again wheat grinding, what’s happening. Ladies get a sack of wheat.

Susheel grinds flour. Fighter Didi ask her to make rotis. Zinda hai toh….plays…. Days pass. Susheel does the same work. She serves rotis. The lady asks Susheel can’t she cook well. Ladies complain to Fighter Didi. Susheel says I told you I came to learn wrestling not to cook rotis, you didn’t teach me anything, I try to cook but I can’t cook. Fighter Didi asks her to shut up. Susheel says I won’t shut up, you just sit and order, I read a lot about you and you don’t teach me anything. Fighter Didi says have this, learn and throws the food plate at her. Susheel defends. The plate gets bend by Susheel’s hand. The lady asks how did this happen. Fighter Didi says this is how your hands became tough, you are thinking you are just grinding wheat, you feel I didn’t start your training, you think educated women are great, you also felt you are doing nothing when I made you do household chores, see for yourself. Susheel realizes and says sorry. Fighter Didi says we will meet in wrestling ground tomorrow, your wrestling outfit is in your cupboard. Susheel smiles.

Susheel comes for the wrestling. She sees Fighter Didi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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