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His silent love – Chapter 4

Chapter – 4 – I need you to be with me

(Please read the author note at the end)



Here’s the link to the 3rd chapter


His silent love – Chapter 3




“Why are you constantly looking at your watch? Then behind you?” Nat questions looking up from his book and I shook my head sighing.

“Nothing” and just then the bell rang and I grabbed my bag , “Nat, Dhruv’s here to pick me up. See you guys later , alright?” he nodded looking at me weirdly and I rushed towards the car.



“Your ugly daughter and hot son is home” Dhruv called out and I rolled my eyes already going up to my room.

“I hope the rest of the day is a ‘Kunj free day’ else I’ll murder him” I loudly declared entering my room relieved that I could lock up myself in here and sleep for the rest of the day.

But my happiness was short lived.

I shrieked loudly seeing a very relaxed Kunj on my bed.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” I hissed throwing my bag away and stood near the bed. He got up smiling and stretched out walking around.

“I knew your stubborn ass wouldn’t come after school. So here I am. Surprise” He grinned and I narrowed my gaze at him , “Why are you inside my room? Scratch that. Who even let you inside?”

“I did” And just then my sweet little mama appears smiling oh so kindly at that asshat.

“Why’s the universe so against me” I mumbled sitting on my couch and glaring at my mama and Kunj.

“Here. I brought you some cake” she handed a huge piece of cake to Kunj and I literally screamed, “But that’s mine”

She ignored me and walked out of the room. “Your mom loves me too” he grinned already finishing half of his cake.

Did I forgot to mention Kunj is like the golden boy to everyone?

When in reality he’s an asshole.

After an hour of me changing my clothes and taking a bath with Kunj annoying the heck out of me , I’m in his car going ‘somewhere’ with him.

“Where are we going?” I question for like the umpteenth time.

“Shut up”

Wow. Way to be poilte.


“McDonalds” I cheered getting out of the car and Kunj glared at me , “What?” I questioned innocently.

“I was supposed to open the door” He mumbled turning bright red. “Ohh” I mumbled looking down at my shoes before laughing my ass off at him.

“It’s okay. Save the ‘chivalry’ for your girlfriend” I pinched his cheeks and he swatted my hand away but I heard him whisper something like “soon”



“I’m halfway through my food and you haven’t moved from the ‘Twinkle, I wanna tell you something’ phrase” I hissed throwing the tenth ketchup at his face and he groaned.

“Fine. I need you to be with me” he slammed his hand against the table and I stopped my blabbering.


I am dead.

You all are clearly welcomed at my funeral.



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I was just disappointed that none of my old readers was reading the story and thought I vanished. But you all proved me wrong and liked it.

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