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His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 3

Thank you so much Varshu dear, Mansi and Aryan for commenting in the previous episode 🙂 it means a lot to me 🙂 thank you so much who liked and disliked my FF. Thank you all who read my FF. 

His Destiny Awaits – Part 3

King’s guards take Hasthi in front of King Bamni. Queen Anusuya also stands next to King Bamni. Puru comes.

Pritha stands aside crying. Bamni looks at Hasthi and questions, “Why did you plan to leave to Dasyu lok immediately?” Puru is shocked. Bamni continues.

“You were about to leave tonight isn’t it?” Hasthi looks down. King gets angry and shouts, “Isn’t it?” Hasthi nods. Bamni gets angry. He continues, “You were trying to escape but none can escape from paurav rastha by doing wrong.” He explains how he got to know that Hasthi is going to escape midnight. Flash back starts.


King’s soldier who spied on Puru comes to meet King. He asks permission to tell what he heard. Bamni agrees and says, “Tell us what happened from the beginning” Soldier says what he heard. Bamni gets angry. Queen Anusuya says, “I knew this would happen. What shall we do now?”

Bamni in anger orders to arrest Hasthi and bring him to palace so that they can know the truth from him. He reveals how he made a plan to trap the real culprit by announcing about a fake statement.


King orders, “Now accept your crime Hasthi” Hasthi looks on. Pritha is crying thinking on what’s going to happen next. Queen Anusuya sees her. Hasthi fumes in anger. “I’ll kill you Puru, I’ll take revenge” Puru is staring at King helplessly. Hasthi shouts, “Yes I did it” Puru and others get shocked. Puru remembers his promise to Pritha and interferes saying, “No it’s not the truth.” King Bamni and Queen Anusuya is surprised by his behaviour. She speaks, “Do not protect traitors Puru.”

“I am not a traitor, your son is the traitor.” Hasthi shouts. Bamni gets angry and orders, “Dare you speak against a Queen” Hasthi speaks, “You don’t know your real enemy lord” “Puru is the real enemy” Puru is shocked to hear this from Hasthi. “After all the things I did for him, he lies for his own advantage” Puru thinks and reminisces how they spend time together in childhood. Pritha looks on. Hasthi continues, “Puru ordered me to kill him, so I stabbed him, does it means that I am the traitor or your loyal son is the traitor?” “Enough” Queen Anusuya shouts. Darius smiles. Hasthi continues, “your highness, you must know his true face. That day he ordered me to kill Kanishk and he followed me to check whether I am doing as per his words or not. When he saw me stabbing Prince, Puru came running in order to prove that he is trying to help the prince, but truly he ordered to kill the prince.” Puru is more shocked. Darius smirks and recalls past.

Darius goes behind the guards who took Hasthi. He stops the guards and talks to Hasthi. He whispers something to Hasthi and says, “Your life will end if you don’t do this.” Hasthi looks at Darius. Darius smile evilly and leaves.

Puru gets heart broken. Bamni says, “Is this true Puru?” Puru looks at Pritha and Queen Anusuya. Pritha looks aside while Anusuya looks at him sadly. He remembers his promise to Pritha and his mom’s words.

“No my lord” Darius gets upset. Queen Anusuya smiles saying, “See my lord , I told you he is innocent.” “He is lying” Hasthi shouts. “Not at all” Puru cuts him in between. “I can prove myself” Puru says to Bamni. Pritha looks at Puru’s face afraid. Puru doesn’t look at her. Darius speaks, “How can a traitor become innocent King Bamni? Is this possible? I think Puru is lying” “He is not lying” Queen Anusuya stops Darius. Darius smirks. “Prove yourself” She orders Puru. Puru nods.

A man comes inside looking down. Puru asks, “please tell King the truth” Pritha gets more afraid. Bamni looks on. That man speaks, “My lord, ..” He starts and sees Hasthi looking at him angrily. Bamni sees this. “There will be no harm for you in the palace.” The man looks at King Bamni and nods. “My lord, Prince.. Prince..Prince Puru was not in the palace when Prince Kanishk was stabbed” Pritha faints. Guards come and takes her away. Hasthi gets afraid. Darius is shocked. Bamni looks and questions, “How can you be sure?” That man speaks, “My lord prince came to stable to ask for a good horse.” King Bamni is confused. “Explain further.” He orders. “My lord, Prince came and asked me…..” Flash Back Starts.

Puru goes inside the stable and asks, “I want a good horse which can ride far away without getting much tired.” That man who is giving evidence nods and shows him a horse. Puru leaves with the horse. That man looks on.

“So this is what happened.” King Bamni speaks. Darius interferes., “King this isn’t an enough proof, asking for a horse doesn’t mean that Puru didn’t try to kill Kanishk” King Bamni replies, “It does mean that. This man has seen Puru riding the horse out of palace. If he asked for such a horse, then it means, Puru has gone somewhere far from palace. In this way Puru cannot be the culprit.” Queen Anususya smiles.

Puru is looking sad. He tries to leave while Hasthi gets angry on him and tries to attack him. Guards catch him. Puru turns to the door. Bamni orders, “Tomorrow morning Hasthi will be hanged for his crimes. He betrayed paurav rastha by attacking it’s prince.” Puru and Hasthi are shocked. Guards take Hasthi from there while Puru remains silent. He leaves. Darius smirks and leave. Queen Anusuya looks at King Bamni.

Puru comes out. He is sad. He remembers his promise to Pritha. He remembers how Ripudhaman saved his life. He leaves out of the palace to Dasyu lok to meet Laachi. “You have my peace”

While in Macedonia,
Alexander asks Olympia not to worry. “I am the son of Zeus , If Zeus is unbeatable, so am I” Olympia gets happy by his words and thinks, “That’s true but I won’t let you go to Bharath.”

Alexander says, “I am going to conquer Persia”. Olympia gets happy and blesses him. Alexander leaves and meets the commander, “Be ready for the battle. We are going to conquer the world”

Precap: Dasyu Queen sees Puru with Laachi. Alexander leaves for the battle.

How’s today’s part friends? Did you like it? 🙂

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