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Half Marriage 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Maya ruins Chandani’s plan and risks Rakhi’s life

Half Marriage 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maya extending hand of friendship towards Chandani. Chandani says I befriend less people and have enmity. Maya thinks she have enmity with truthfulness. Chandani sees Shakti going and tells Arjun that she will make him better. She calls him changing her tone and asks why did he reject her calls and tells that she will delete his number. Shakti says I will solve your problem. Chandani s ays I don’t trust you and ends the call. Shakti thinks to call her, but then thinks to be careful while cal-+ling her. Arjun and Chandani wait for Shakti’s call. Shakti calls her and says I will solve your problem and asks her to come to park. He thinks this is baby no 7 trapped by him. Arjun says he will catch him. Chandani says we have to send Rakhi somewhere, we have to make him better.

Maya thinks they are going to trap Shakti. Rakhi is doing yoga watching on TV. Chandani asks her to take yoga classes. Maya tries to tell Janki, but Arjun takes her. Maya thinks how to stop Shakti or Janki.

Anuj calls Arjun and asks about Maya. Arjun asks Anuj and Maya to see the factory work. Maya says she is busy in the evening. Arjun asks her to be there and finish the work. He drops her to Anuj. Maya tells Anuj that she will come and goes. Shakti comes to the park. Chandani and Arjun also come there. Maya follows Arjun and comes there. Chandani wears googles, and covers her face. Shakt goes to her and asks if she is waiting for him. Maya tries to alert Shakti. Arjun records the conversation. Chandani asks are you married? Shakti says no, I am not married and asks her to show her face, says he will marry her soon. He talks about their babies. Chandani shows her face. Arjun comes there. Shakti is shocked. Maya thinks what to do now and gets an idea to ruin Chandani’s plan.

Arjun shows the video to everyone and asks if he don’t have any shame to betray his sister. Chandani says that’s why she sent Rakhi out. Arjun says you took money from Mama and Mami and spent on girls, I am ashamed to call you jija ji. Chandani says don’t think that we tried to insult you, but we did this so that you change for better. Rakhi comes there and hears everything. Maya is the one who brought her there and smiles.

Precap: Rakhi tells Shakti that their baby is to be born and says you did this. She closes the room. Arjun and Shakti try to break the door. Janki gets worried. +

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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