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Chapter 30

As the clock ticked 10.00 A.M  Sanskar entered the office and removed his shades and walked to his cabin. His legs automatically stopped when he reached Ragini’s desk.

His heart pained and squeezed. He was helpless not to express himself. Composing himself he wore the serious look back on his face. Tarun found his behavior weird.

Sanskar’s eyes fell on Tarun who was watching him confused. “Tarun where is Ms. Asthana?” he asked coldly. “Um. Sir” he struggled to answer.

Sanskar brought his left wrist to look at the watch and his eye brows knotted as he realized the time. “Why is she not yet in her work place?” he drifted his gaze to Tarun who was giving Sanskar a nervous smile.

“Actually Sir. I have no idea why is she late today. Trust me this is her first time. Otherwise she always reach five to ten minutes earlier than the office time. I think she is stuck in traffic jam or something” said he and gave a confused smile.

Sanskar rolled his eyes with a sigh and walked to his cabin. Though he tried concentrating; his eyes used to drift to Ragini’s desk which was still empty even after the time reached 11.

He brought his phone in front of him and searched her number. When he was about to dial her number just then his eyes moved and stuck on some one who was walking in the office.

Ragini was wearing a white jump suit which was backless and her hair was combed to one side as maximum of her skin was being exposed.

She smirked when Sanskar’s eyes scanned her from bottom and reached her face. He looked around to find everyone gaping at her and many lusty eyes hungrily scanning her.

The volcano of his ego did not take forever to erupt and he was compressing that lava inside him from bursting. She sat on her seat stylishly.

Her pouch fell down and she delicately moved back her chair to get it. But one of her  colleague who was smitten with her beauty came to her and handed her the pouch after picking it from the ground.

She gave him a teasing smile and he lost himself in that and stumbled back. “Yeh shivji ka bali ka bakra” Tarun let out a chuckle watching him.

Sanskar’s nose flared up in anger and it seemed like he will burst any time now. “Ragini…..” he screamed the hell out of him and the whole office felt it was shaking with his single scream.

“Abb tho tandav hokar rahega. Dhum tana na” Tarun acted the tandav steps slightly.

Ragini jerked but controlled herself and looked at him and he signed her to come to the cabin. She walked to his cabin flipping her hair back and all the guys were just watching her.

“Excuse me sir” she peeped inside his cabin and he signed her to enter the cabin. She did the same and sat in front of him.

She placed the note book on her lap and adjusted the maskara of her eye lashes with her finger and then wiped the bit extra lip gloss near her lip and folded them to get the texture back.

And there the person sitting in front of her – Sanskar was digging holes into her due to his increasing anger and she did not give a damn.

“What’s all this?” he asked finally. “What?” she feigned innocence.

“This” he pointed to her dress. “Your new makeover” his nose kept flaring up due to the anger.

“Oh please Mr. Dumbledore don’t tell me with your ears you have lost your eye sight too. Then if you are not aware. Then let me explain you. This is jump suit. Don’t mistake that it is used for jumping” she showed her dress.

“This is lipstick” she pointed at her lips and his eyes stopped there and he was finding it difficult to move them. “I know they are rosy and cute. Back to the world now” her words snapped him out of his trance.

He swallowed hard and sighed. “This is called blush” she showed her cheek. “This is eye liner and then Maskara and kajal” she pointed at her eyes.

“This is heels” she showed her shoes too which had pointed heels. Which were so murderously sharp and nobody wanted to try the heck sharpness of theirs.

“Pause” said Sanskar and she looked at him with her mouth open which was about to give him more details of her attire.

“I did not finish yet” she complained. “I did not asked you all this” he said annoyed. “Then what you asked? You asked what is this? What ka hindi me mathlab hai kya? If you don’t know of it then let me explain. We use ‘what’ when we want to ask some one about something. And something is most probably a noun or a pronoun. You know noun right? It is the part of speech which is used to address a person place or thing. Like Ragini is a noun and Sanskar Sadu is a noun and dress is a noun. Lipstick kajal maskara eye liner blush heels all these are nouns”

Sanskar looked at her like he was a chicken who was lost in a desert. But in that moment his heart beat raised looking at her when her long eye lashes moved when she blinked. Her lips formed wrinkles when she pouted and bow shaped eye brows moved up and down with her each expression. Her beautiful eyes contracted and expanded with her expressions and he had no idea where he was. He could no more hear any voice around him.

It felt beautiful when he could admire her like this for what she was. The cute bubbly Ragini who made him smile after years.

His lips curved into form a faint smile. But then his mind reminded him that she is Sahil’s to be bride and he stopped his emotions which flew without limit.

“Will you spare me of this?” he asked her pleading now. She was again stopped when she had opened her mouth to say something.

“Now please tell me why suddenly you wore such type of clothes Ms. Asthana” he said resting back on his chair when finally she stopped her blabbering.

“NOBB” she said and raised from her seat. “What?” he asked bending forward.

“None of your blo*dy business” she smirked at him pursing her lips which formed a thin line.

He raised his one eye brow confused. “Ms. Asthana. I’m your boss” said he standing up from his seat.

“So?” she asked casually. “You have to answer me” he said coldly.

“Kiss khushi me? You are still my boss not God. When you will get the promotion to be one then throw this question at me. Till then finger on your lips. And as per the company rules there is no dress code for the female employees. Must say you are a great feminist” she raised her lips in mock appreciation.

“I know that time you did not knew you will meet me right?” she mocked him. “Tchu tchu. Wish you knew” she said feigning pity.

He rolled his eyes and closed his fist. That was all he could do right now. He wasn’t yet aware what has he dragged himself on. He did not knew what the trouble Ms.Ragini Asthana was.

She gave him a victorious smile and walked out. He saw her walking to Sahil’s cabin and walked to know what she is up to. Her action confused him as the time passed.

As he entered Sahil’s cabin he found her dragging Sahil with her across the cabin suggesting him the changes the interiors needed.

Sahil had annoyed look on his face depicting his distaste to her actions and he was controlling his anger to the maximum level he could do.

“See na” she held his chin and forcefully made him to look at the wall. “This should be colored in shocking pink” she said chirping.

“Why? so that people who see that get the shock of their life and get a heart attack?” asked Sahil lazily as his expression showed utter annoyance.

“Ohho Honey you are really good at Sarcasm. We are just meant for each other” she said placing her head over his shoulder.

Sanskar’s heart was breaking more and more with each passing second. He did not knew how he was going to see Ragini as Sahil’s wife as now only his courage was giving upon him.

He felt his body weakening and walked out without uttering a word.

Ragini looked at him from the corner of her eye but controlled her flooding emotions. As hard it was for Sanskar it was harder for her to see him in pain.


Sahil was in Sanskar’s cabin discussing something when Ragini knocked on the door. Sanskar looked up to find her head inside the door.

“Honey” Sahil rolled his eyes hearing her and Sanskar’s heart felt the pain when he saw her eyeing Sahil not him.

“I’m going to Night Riders Pub. Will you like to join” she asked all excited.

“No” he said without turning. “Okay. I will be on myself” she shrugged her head. He raised his hand giving her a thumbs up and whispered “I don’t give a damn” Sanskar moved his gaze to Sahil.

“Sahil she” before he could complete Ragini had walked away from there.

“Sahil are you insane? Why did you let her go?” asked Sanskar as worry started covering his heart.

“Because she is 18+ dammit and eligible to handle herself” said Sahil throwing himself back on the seat. “But still” Sanskar gave him a worried look.

“She ain’t a small kid. She knows what is right and what is wrong. If it wasn’t for your emotional blackmail and that promise on Kumud I wouldn’t have dared to consider this marriage proposal. So you be happy that you threw me in this mess and let me be happy for the period of time when she is not dangling herself around me” Sahil raised from his seat annoyed and walked to his cabin.

Sanskar was feeling so helpless at the moment. He sure knew that he was forcefully pushing them together. But he had no other choice left.

He banged his fist to the table angry and raised up. Picking his blazer he rushed out to find if Ragini was still around.

His heart sank when he did not find her on the either side of the road. Caressing his forehead in worry he instructed the watchman to bring his car from the basement.

Igniting the engine of the car as soon as he sat inside it he drove to the obvious destination. “The night Rider Pub”

He parked the car in the pub and walked inside it.
He looked around in that sinfully crowded pub and searched for Ragini. His scanning eyes stopped at Ragini who was jumping on the dance floor with random people.

She was sensuous and was attracting many lusty gaze to her. Sanskar closed his fist when he found a guy dangerously near her. She gave a wide smile to the person and was dancing with him.

The guy moved his hand and was about to place it on her hips when a hand stopped him. He looked up feeling a squeezing power on his wrist and horror filled him finding the bloodshot eyes of Sanskar who was glaring him coldly like he will eat the person raw.

Ragini stopped seeing his expressions and followed his gaze to find the extremely angry Sanskar who was fuming and squeezing the wrist of the guy.

“What the hell leave him” Ragini released the poor soul’s wrist from Sanskar’s hold. Before she could turn and ask sorry the guy felt an urge to flee away and had disappeared.

“Damn” she threw her legs in air. “What’s your problem Mr. Dumbledore? Why did you scare him. He was dancing so good” she said dreamily.

She was surprised when Sanskar held her by her shoulder and dragged her near to him. “And what is wrong with you? Why are you doing all this?” he whispered.

“Seriously? Like why do you think I will answer your that question?” she released her hands and walked to the bar counter.

She gulped the liquid placed in shot glasses. The liquid surely burned her throat and she twitched her face and let her tongue out.

Sanskar sat beside her on the raised stool.

“Why are you doing all this Ragini?” asked he looking at her helplessly. Surely her name from his voice always sent shivers.

She closed her eyes momentarily losing in that moment. A wide smile crept on her face.

“You know the damn answer Sanskar. You sure know” she pricked his chest with her forefinger. Alcohol started playing on her and she was no more in her real senses.

Sanskar understood that she is having the effect of the alcohol.

“You have got the damn answer” she smiled closing her eyes half.

It pained him to look at her. “You are not in your senses. Come let’s go home” said he holding her hand. “Shut up” she jerked his hand.

The club went silent due to her scream.

“Today only I will speak and you will listen Mr. Rawat” she drooled trying to stand.

Stumbling on her shoes she held his blazer for support. “Guys” she turned to the crowd. “You know what. I’m getting married” she smiled closing her eyes.

“You know this is the guy whom I love. Love from the bottom of my heart” her voice choked as the pain shot her heart and she bent pointing her heart.

“But he is hell bent on getting me married to his brother” she poked her forefinger on his chest. He closed his eyes feeling the pain in her voice.

“He says he doesn’t love me. Lair” she moved front and back drooling. He held her by her elbows to support her.

“You love me na Sanskar” she walked near to him and looked up at him. Those beautiful dove eyes were filled with tears. And he could not tell how it felt to see her in this state.

“See he loves me” she turned to the crowd. “He…” she felt weak and he held her and they walked to out of the club as all just stared them.

“He loves me” Ragini kept murmuring as Sanskar walked outside helping her.

“Say na dumbledore you love me. Don’t be so hard on yourself” she demanded jerking him. “Ragini you are not in your senses” he walked to her.

“I’m in my real senses now” she screamed and showed him her palm. She wiped her face and tried standing still but everything around her felt moving.

She smiled sarcastically. “Don’t you care a bit also about my emotions?” she asked as her emotions burst in a moment. He just stared her helplessly.

“I don’t” he said coldly. “You care” she walked to him and held his face. He tried hard to push her away. “You care for me” she smiled through her tears.

“And it’s just care” he said fighting to look into her eyes. “Yeah the care due to the love” she smiled widely.

“I don’t love you. Fit that in your hard skull as early as possible. It will be better for you” he held her hands locking them behind her.

“You love me” the cool air touched him when she said that and he lost himself in her painful eyes. “You love me” she whispered near his lips and fainted on his chest.

He closed his eyes painfully swallowing hard. And cried silently letting out those tears which he was hiding from a very long time.

His lips touched her hair and he pressed them as hard as possible to stop that roaring cry escape his mouth. He wanted to collapse to the ground. He felt that weak right now.

“I love you” he whispered in her hair and his hot breath blew some hair strands of her. She smiled in her unconscious state also and adjusted her head over his chest cuddling.

He lifted her in his arms and placed inside the car and drove to her home. He looked at her one last time near Asthana Home and stepped out and picked her up in his arms.

Vikram stood at the corridor watching him. Sanskar looked at him and stopped his steps. Vikram surprised him by sliding away and giving way to Sanskar. Sanskar looked at him for a fraction of seconds before moving inside.

“Ragini” Sumi rushed to Ragini who laid unconscious in Sanskar’s arm. “What happened to my Ragu?” asked she as tears filled her eyes. “Maa. She is just sleeping” said Vikram who was standing at the door still.

Sanskar walked to her room and placed her on the bed. He covered her with the quilt. Kissing her forehead he turned to walk when she held his wrist.

“You love me na Sanskar?” she murmured and it pained Vikram to look at his sister in that state. He wiped the tear at the corner of his eye standing at her room door. Sanskar released his hand and walked out passing Vikram.

“Why did you hurt her Sanskar?” asked Vikram. Sanskar closed his eyes hearing his name after what looked like ages from his best friend’s voice.

“I’m repenting for my sins” he smiled without turning and Sumi noticed the pain behind his smile.

Sanskar walked away from there leaving Vikram clueless whether to hate the Sanskar still or try to understand him in a new dimension.

As soon as Sanskar reached his room he let out all his emotions collapsing against the door. He did not wanted that cry to be heard and pressed his eye lashes as hard as possible to stop the tear flow. He leaned his head to the door and looked up as his throat pained.

“I love you Ragini.. I love you” he whispered between his sobs.

Oh meer e Karvan le Chal mujhe waha
Nighal na jaayein mujhe ye saaye
Gale mein ghut’ti hain sard aahein
Bata o bande kyun maat khaye
Kyun maat khaye..

Haan.. laage na dil ab, laage nahi
Haan.. laage na dil ab, laage nahi
Mere pairon tale nikli jo zameen
Iss basti mein tha mera ghar
Usey kis ki lagi phir nazar

Woh jo sapno ka tha kaafila
Aisa jhulsa ki ab hai duaan

O Meer-e-kaarwan
Le chal mujhe wahaan
Ye raat bane jahaan subah
O Meer-e-kaarwan


Laksh was placing the files in his drawer. A particular report caught his attention.   “Stacy” he called his assistant who walked inside his cabin.

“What reports are these?” he handed her the report. “Sir this is the same case study from the Mumbai branch. The front sheet of the patient details was jammed in the fax machine. So we could get only the after pages of it” said Stacy apologetically.

“Oh. That’s fine. Do one thing. Ask Dr. Kapoor to resend it and file it in the consulted case file tomorrow” he instructed her and she nodded her head with a formal smile and walked out.

“Offo. I always forget this. I had to go home early Shekar Paa must be waiting for me” he rushed out.


So how was this long to update. I know it was too draggy .

Please guys I request you all don’t copy the work from other authors. If you have ever done it please confess it.

I really want Saghi to apologize for her deeds. Trust me dear we don’t have any hard feelings for you but as a writer you did very wrong.

Just think about those innocent readers who read your stories and wait for your updates. Don’t you feel ashamed to cheat them.

Not accepting your mistake is bigger sin than actually doing it.

Remember one thing even if no one is watching there is one person watching over you.

And it is you yourself. Your self will never support you to do this and what will you gain from all this.  Some praises?

A real writer writes his thoughts. Whether people appreciate it or not is not his concern.

We should use writing to express our thoughts than to gain some freaking publicity.

Hope to see you soon Saghi. Its not necessary that you stop writing. You can write but without copying from anyone. Just pen down your thoughts.

Nobody is perfect. Only thing is we should not get discouraged by our weaknesses but should use them as our biggest weapons.

We may not be perfect but if we try we can be.

For the people who are not aware of the issue there is a bad news our fellow writer Saghi was proved of copying the work from other fandom writer who was inactive from years.

I request all of you to be patient as it is proved and we have proofs. On the other hand I apologize to the fandom on behalf of Saghi. If she doesn’t come up with an apology consider this.

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