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Ek Deewana Tha 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Sharanya unite!

Ek Deewana Tha 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharanya tells Shiv not to spare Vyom. Kill him! Don’t leave him alive! Vyom is stunned by her words. Shiv lifts Vyom yet again and pushes him towards a tree. Shiv hits Vyom with a log of wood this time. Vyom vomits blood. Sharanya says he lied to us! He took advantage of our friendship and our nicety. Finish him! Shiv drags Vyom using his powers and bangs his head on a stone. Vyom again looks at Sharanya. She remarks that don’t know many more people he will kill if he will still be alive. Don’t know how many more people he will make unhappy and will break their dreams! Kill him! Shiv looks at Vyom and lifts him high in air. He is about to make him fall on the rods dug in the ground when Rajan warns him to stop. Leave Vyom. Rajan is pointing gun at Suvarna’s head. Leave him. He

warns Sharanya not to move. Finally we can Shiv. I will ruin your future today though! Suvarna tells Shiv not to worry for her. Don’t spare Vyom. He is responsible for everything. He is a devil! Rajan tells her to keep her mouth shut. Leave Vyom. Suvarna tells Shiv Rajan would have killed her long ago if he wanted to. Rajan explains that she is alive till date just because Vyom is alive and fine. I wil kill her if anything happens to Vyom.

Vyom lands on the ground. He asks Sharanya if she really wants Shiv to kill him. You hate me so much? Look at me. I have loved you madly. It is honest love. She calls it a lie. It is a madness to make me yours; to join your name with mine! He insists he loves her truly. She points out that he only cheated her. You cheated me earlier as a friend and now as a husband. You snatched my father and my love from me. You call this love? This is cheating in simple terms! He says I only loved you and did whatever it made me do. I dint want to kill anyone. I only love you! She tells him not to talk about this selfish love. he again tells her it might be anything but true. Shiv is no more with us. I love you truly. You will accept it soon. Try to understand me. She tells him that love is a feeling that stays in the heart; feelings and breaths. Shiv came back again and again for his true love. This is true love. She remembers Odhni’s words. This is true love in the eyes of the world too! She looks at Shiv’s ring. Vyom notices it and says this is Shiv’s last memento which is why you are not able to realise my love for you. Give it to me. I will destroy it and you will understand everything. Odhni said that Shiv wont go till even one of his belonging is left behind. Give it to me. She refuses to part with it but he asks for one chance to explain his love to her. This ring is between us. She asks him if there is anything left between them after whatever happened. I hate you! Just go away! He says you hate me because you think from your mind. You will feel love when you will think from your heart. you will understand my love when you will think from your heart. Give me a chance. Shiv cannot be yours. She does not mind it. I wont give this ring to you. He again asks for the ring but she refuses. She retreats in her steps absentmindedly.

Rajan asks Sharanya to remove the ring and hand it over to Vyom quietly or he will press the trigger. Suvarna tells her against it but Rajan and Vyom point at the impending danger. Sharanya is in a fix. Vyom holds out his hand. Sharanya and Shiv look helplessly at each other. Sharanya tells him she cannot put Ma’s life in risk for this ring. She promises Shiv that she will be his in next birth if not in this one. Sharanya will only be yours! Vyom says Sharanya will always be Vyom’s! Sharanya says I love you to Shiv. These people will separate us if I will remove this ring from my hand. Don’t know what they will do to me then. I will bear anything for Ma’s sake. I love you very much. Vyom says I love you to her. He does not love you. I do. Give me this ring. Shiv is teary eyed. Suvarna notices Sharanya removing the ring. If Shiv goes away from Sharanya then Vyom will make her life hell. I cannot let this girl risk her life for my sake! Suvarna ends up pushing Sharanya. Sharanya falls down on the road with a thud and breathes her last. Shiv shouts her name in shock. Everyone looks on. Sad song plays in the background. The ring falls out of her finger. Rajan holds Vyom as he sits down in shock.

Sharanya’s soul leaves her body. Everyone else can see her soul too. Sharanya is looking up when suddenly Shiv holds her hand. A song plays in the background as they both look at each other reminiscing their past moments together. Shiv says Sharanya is only Shiv’s. She adds that Shiv is only Sharanya’s. Suvarna cries seeing them together whereas Vyom sits there heartbroken. Sharanya tells Vyom he lost while they won. No one can separate Shiv and Sharanya now. Shiv and Sharanya disappear.

Vyom is in tears. He aims his gun at Suvarna angrily. You threw my Sharanya down? She tells him to kill her. I am not afraid of death. Shiv and Sharanya are together now! No one can come between them now, not even you! You dint let them meet when they were alive but death united them! You lost! This is your punishment. Her words echo in his head. Vyom puts the gun under his chin. If Sharanya isn’t alive then Vyom wont be alive too! A gunshot is heard. Rajan and Madhvi shout his name in shock.

Precap: Show takes a leap.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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