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Don’t try to understand a girl-A RiKara OS


Don’t try to understand a girl- A RiKara OS

“Welcome to college, so first lecture in literature, I know you all would be excited but we’ll start with our course tomorrow, today let’s talk about some topic related to syllabus…Ummm, Love…after all you have Romeo and Juliet in your course.” The professor told his students with a pleasant smile, the till now silent students started whispering among themselves.

“Ok, Ok, you don’t have to discuss among yourselves, you have to discuss with me.” The professor was still carrying his pleasant smile as he said the words, silence again spread among students.

“So, what is Love?” The professor raised his eyebrows questioning as he knew how everybody would come up with their own explanations, each one beautiful in its own way.

Many hands were raised instantly, some students were there who did not raise their hands but never mind, most of them who didn’t raise their hands looked like the shy ones.

“So, You, 3rd Bench in 3rd row…” The professor pointed at a boy with long hair, his face sported an intense, artistic look, you can expect anyone to be attracted to him, he stood up and spoke.

“Sir, according to me, Love is a beautiful feeling, more deep than the oceans, more wide spreading than the sky, just beautiful…it binds us with everyone around us, it is the driving force for everything we do, without Love, the existence of this earth, of humanity, of humans is impossible…”

“Beautiful explanation, so, your name?” The professor questioned, his smile widened with his answer.

“Omkara…” The boy replied smiling.

The students clapped as the professor shushed them, “Don’t or else you’ll have to clap lot many times, I am sure each one of yours definition is going to be beautiful…Ok, Sit down Omkara.”

Omkara sat down.

“So last time I picked someone who raised his hand, this time…” The professor scanned the room as he spotted a girl sitting on the last bench in the 2nd row.

“You, Last bench, second row, answer?” The professor pointed at the girl, she hadn’t raised her hand, she stood up narrowing her eyes speaking something under her breath, hardly audible to even the person next to her.

“Sir, for me Love, it is a destroyer…It is the worst feeling, It is feeling which only gives pain, only destroys us, only kills us, well…I haven’t read Romeo and Juliet as yet but even they both died for Love right? I hate Love.” The girl put forward her viewpoint; all the students including the professor himself were stunned.

“Actually that’s why I didn’t raise my hand, my viewpoint might differ with many or maybe…all, by the way, Gauri here.” Gauri passed the professor a quick smile as she took her seat back, Omkara turned to look at her…was this girl for real?

“Well, yes very different… Gauri.” The professor could only say as he resumed the discussion.


“I don’t know how people can hate Love.” Omkara said to his friend sitting in the canteen, staring at Gauri who was sitting a few seats away.

Since, he had heard her viewpoint about Love, he had only been thinking about her, her viewpoint, like why would someone hate Love, the most beautiful feeling in the world was something he was wondering ever since.

“She might have a reason to think that way, try to understand her.” His friend replied as he sensed him staring at Gauri, she didn’t knew about his staring though.

“No, I meant in general…not…not about her.” Omkara stammered realizing he was caught, his friend laughed.

“I’ll just advice you don’t fall for her because I guess she won’t really respond.” His friend continued giggling as he teased Omkara.

“Shut Up, I’ll never fall for a person who hates Love.” Omkara smiled as he hit his friend’s head.


After about 1 month:

“God, Yeh Barish Ko Bhi Abhi Hi Aana Tha, Koi auto Bhi Nahi Milegi aur Mere Pass Chatri Bhi Nahi Hai…” Gauri said worried as she stood at the entrance of college building, the rain was pouring down heavily, when Gauri had left her home in the morning, the weather was sunny so she didn’t felt any need for umbrella , she had arrived in the campus on her Vespa but couldn’t go back on it due to the rainfall, she was caught in there from past 2 hours after the college was over.

“Need lift?” Omkara asked sitting in his car as he brought it towards Gauri, he had stayed back in college because he wished to read some book in library, as he was going back now, he saw Gauri standing continuously staring at her wrist watch and speaking something to herself, she was alone as all the students had gone back, only a few in library and some teachers were left along with Gauri.

Gauri looked at him, then at her wrist watch, then again at him as she nodded in a ‘no’.

Though they were classmates but they never talked, firstly because of their first impression of each other, they had realized that their thoughts were poles apart and secondly because they never felt the need.

“See, the rain isn’t really going to stop soon, I’ll drop you, I know we don’t know each other that well but we are classmates, you can trust me…” Omkara said politely as Gauri looked at him confused, she was for sure late and she didn’t wish to be more late.

“Ok, I live nearby, I’ll guide you.” Gauri said as she opened the car’s door, Omkara passed her a pleasant smile.

“You don’t like me, right?” Gauri asked as now she was sitting in Omkara’s car, he was driving to her home, she had already told him the way.

“N…no, Wh…who told you…you that?” Omkara spoke stammering getting caught off guard.

“Well, for now, blame your stammering .” Gauri replied smiling mischievously.

“It’s nothing like that; it’s just that I don’t agree with your Point of View about Love.” Omkara said realizing there was no way out.

“Ok, I don’t really care if you like me or not so let’s leave the topic.” Gauri said as she saw the lane in which her house is in front of her, Omkara stopped the car.

Gauri opened her seat belt and was about to come out as Omkara held her hand, “Umbrella, You’ll need it to walk till gate, I keep it in the car, return me in college.” He said as he handed her the umbrella.

“Thank you, by the way, Tea-coffee? I’ll give your umbrella back now only; you’ll also need it, right?” Gauri said politely.

“You know how to make tea, you know I always mess it up while trying, I don’t know why but my brother is an amazing cook.” Omkara said excited.

“I am not really planning to make it for now, Mumma will make it for you but I do know how to make basic food items including tea-coffee.” Gauri said in a slightly teasing tone.

“Ok, I’ll come.” Omkara readily agreed, he himself didn’t know why.

Gauri smiled, came out of the car, opened the umbrella and stood near Omkara’s side of door, as soon as Omkara got down, she covered him too with the Umbrella, then both walked to Gauri’s home which was a 2 minutes’ walk, together.

Gauri rang the bell and her mother opened the door, “Mumma, I left my Vespa in college; he dropped me home since it was raining.” Gauri spoke in a single breath as she entered inside, realizing Omkara was still standing on the door, confused since he wasn’t really told to come inside, she pulled him.

“Omkara, my classmate.” Gauri introduced Omkara to her mother as she left his hand, Omkara looked at her…she knew his name, he thought she wouldn’t.

“Thank You Beta, what will you have? Tea or Coffee and I am sure you’ll love hot Pakodas in this weather.” Gauri’s mother smiled at him.

“No, no Aunty, I just came in like that, tea would suffix.” Omkara said as he thought how different Gauri was from her mother, though she was sweet but not someone who would like mingling with people, her mother seemed exact opposite.

“Oh, so shy types? I’ll myself see what I have to bring, you sit down and Gauri sit with him…” Gauri’s mother said as Gauri nodded and sat down next to him.

“Your mother is sweet.” Omkara started a conversation as it has been some time and Gauri hadn’t spoken a word, she didn’t really care, it was he who felt a bit weird.

“I know, moms are always sweet, God, I think you left your Umbrella when I dragged you in, I’ll just bring it.” Gauri said cutting the conversation, as she got up, Omkara just wondered , did she really realized about the Umbrella just now or she saw waited to act as if realizing when he starts a conversation to cut it?

As Gauri left, her mother entered back with tea and hot Pakodas, some other delicious food items too accompanying them.

” Aunty, so many things…” Omkara said as Gauri’s mother placed the tray in front of him.

“So, you are our guest, in fact you are Gauri’s first college friend she brought home, I don’t know, does she even has friends in college?” Gauri’s mother asked smiling.

“I don’t know, actually we both are not friends, I just happened to see her alone in college so thought to drop her home.”

“That’s really sweet of you, Acha eat something.” Gauri’s mother said as she handed him a plate with some food items, Omkara trying to look towards entrance as Gauri wasn’t back yet by mistakenly tilts it dropping sauce, some on his shirt, some on the couch.

“Oops…” Omkara said as Gauri’s mother keeps down the plate on table in hurry, “Sorry, I am sorry…the nearest washroom is there, in that room.” She points towards a room in left as Omkara nods and walks towards it, meanwhile Gauri’s mother starts cleaning the couch.

Omkara walks in the room into the washroom and cleans his shirt, as he comes out, he realizes he is in a room, in fact Gauri’s room, he realizes this through her pictures all around in the room.

He walks towards the desk unknowingly as he sees a diary kept there,” Personal Diary, in the computer era? Interesting.” Omkara wonders as he opens it.

The first page dates 04/09/2011, ‘Dear Diary, Today the divorce proceedings of Mumma-Pa…Mr. Malhotra’s case are over, they are officially divorced, Mumma loved him so much, just so much, even after she realized that he was having an extra marital affair, she tried to give him a chance but he left her for someone else, Mumma used to tell me how beautiful the feeling of love is, how it is everything in a relationship…the binding force of it, is this Love? Even Mr. Malhotra used to say he loves Mumma a lot, then why he left her? I see my mother silently cry in her room every night…she still loves him and this Love only broke her, broke her forever, she still loves him but I hate him and I’ll hate him forever, I’ll hate this feeling of Love forever, the feeling which broke my Mumma, the feeling which broke me…I hate it, I hate my father, both my father and this feeling are destroyers…destroyers…’ The pen seemed to have stopped abruptly there as Omkara thinks about the definition of love he heard from Gauri the first day, things seem to clear up as he remembers what his friend told him, ‘try to understand her’ a lone drop of tear silently escapes his eyes.


“Mumma, you told him to go to my room, why? There are other rooms here.” Gauri, who just returned after bringing in the Umbrella questioned her mother angrily.

“So what happened? Beta, he is our guest and he even dropped you home…” Gauri ran towards her room irritated as she didn’t let her mother complete.

As Gauri reached the door of her room, she saw Omkara standing at the desk facing the other side.

“Omkara…” Gauri said shocked seeing him at her desk, Omkara who was stunned dropped the diary.

Gauri entered as she picked up her diary, “My diary with you…” She said suspiciously.

“I just saw it so thought to read it, can I?” Omkara acted as if he didn’t read it.

“No, I don’t like anybody intruding my privacy, if you have cleaned the sauce then please go to the sitting room.” Gauri said sternly as Omkara nodded and walked out.

Gauri placed the diary back safely as she followed.

Omkara had seated himself in the sitting room again by now, Gauri sat next to him, off course angry at seeing him intrude her privacy, Omkara started eating the delicious food items her mother had made.

As Omkara talked to Gauri’s mother about various topics , he stole glances at Gauri who was still sitting with her mouth shaped like a big bubble, he smiled at how cute she looked, today he understood the mystery behind her hatred for Love, well he understood another thing…he has fallen for her.

He understood a quote he read long back, ‘Don’t try to understand a girl , if you do either you’ll get mad or you will start loving her’ , it was the second one for him, how to make her fall for him was a different story altogether, getting over heartbreaks specially one in which you saw your own parents involved is off course difficult and he knew it so he’ll wait, for now they need to be…


“Aunty, you are an amazing cook, in fact I am sure, even Gauri would be. Right Gauri?” Omkara said as he was standing on the entrance of Gauri’s house now with the Umbrella open in his hands and raindrops still falling down.

“Yes.” Gauri answered in one word, looking uninterested or rather irritated.

Omkara smiled, “So friends?” He extended his hand for a handshake while Gauri stared at it confused, she wouldn’t have minded if he hadn’t tried to read her diary but at the end of the day, he gave her a lift, was sweet to her mother and even in college, he is sweet , how could she refuse.

“Ok, friend.” Gauri shook hand with him while he passed her a warm smile, Gauri couldn’t resist the smile that itself crept her lips as she looked in his eyes, she was getting over with her hatred.

“Unho, Unho…”Gauri’s mother said as she realized the known handshake and unknown eyelock were prolonged.

“Ok, bye, will meet tomorrow.” Omkara almost ran away to hide the blush that stained his cheeks, Gauri saw him smiling, not all people are same, the feeling of love isn’t that bad afterall…it does look beautiful.


A/N: Ok, I hope you believe me when I say, I started writing it as a part of my RiKara drabbles, then as it continued thought it’ll be a Mini Shot but here I am with a full-fledged OS, I wrote it in one go (Raising the invisible collar of my dress) in some hours, I don’t know what I ended up writing, I read the quote (Title one) and it was just pasted to my mind since a few weeks now , thought I’ll get over with it by writing a Drabble but here I am with an OS, I don’t know if it was good, I am not even proof-reading it before posting…all depends on your feedback, sooo what am doing right now? Waiting for your feedback.


Edit: Proof Read


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