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Chandrashekhar 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Lachhi mocks Chandra

Chandrashekhar 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sitaram coming home. Jagrani says Chandra passed. He gets angry on her for getting salt on loan. He scolds her and goes. Jagrani asks Chandra not to do mischief, its uncle is coming from Banaras, don’t say anything with Lachhi aunt. He asks can he invite his friends, they will hide from everyone and come. She says halwai has come. He says I will do much and goes. Jagrani and Sitaram prepare for the feast. He checks the arrangements.

Chandra also supervises the arrangements. He eats the food to check. Lachhi comes and tastes sweet. She asks halwai to add more dry fruits. Jagrani welcomes her. Chandra greets her. Ganesh and Gopal come. Chandra goes to get water. Lachhi drops the glass. Lachhi taunts him. She says Chandra will ruin our ancestor’s name. Chandra gets angry. Jagrani greets Ganesh. Gopal doesn’t meet Chandra. Ganesh scolds Gopal. Sitaram asks them to sit. Everyone prays together. Sitaram asks pandit to have food. He asks Ganesh to rest, he will go. Ganesh says I will help you. Lachhi and Gopal trouble Chandra. She mocks Chandra when he gets angry. Jagrani asks her not to say anything bad. Lachhi creates a scene and says Chandra has spoiled the prasad.

Pandit says its fine, Chandra is a kid. Jagrani sits. Pandit blesses him and asks him to distribute the sweets. Chandra gives sweets to everyone. Ganesh feeds food to people. Lachhi shows off her necklace. Sitaram asks Ganesh to have food. Ganesh says no, I will feed guests first. Sitaram asks how is your school going on. Ganesh says I work there, everything is fine, you know Lachhi’s behavior. Sitaram consoles him. Richard asks Watson to give him a chance. Watson says we can’t afford a single day. Gomes says we have to inaugurate the railway line. Watson says fine, get me a lead of Sindhal. Chandra serves everyone.

Lachhi troubles Chandra. Chandra also teaches her a lesson by having prasad himself. He says you can’t have this prasad, as my hand touched it, so I will have it. Lachhi says fine, you have ignited fire in innocent man’s clothes. Jagrani sends Chandra. Sitaram looks on.

Sitaram comes home and scolds Chandra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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