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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update suspicious angoori

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu wastes malkhans time looking for pen,malkhan says please be quick,happu starts creating problems,malkhan starts crying and leaves.vibhu waiting for prem,prem comes,vibhu asks where were you,prem says my wife spoilt my mood and so was with gulfamkali,vibhu says the thing is,anu walks to them and says Vibhu why waste time,prem says he called me let us talk,anu says enough of wasting time of your friends get in and get to work,vibhu says prem I’m sorry,angoori walks to them,vibhu gets scared.

Angoori asks how are you doing,vibhu says anu is inside,angoori asks how is your business doing,vibhu says very well,anu is waiting please go,angoori asks why,vibhu says I don’t know go and check,angoori says ok and leaves.
Vibhu says there’s a flat 420 in jhakarkatti and Inform me

about the activities their.prem says ok and leaves.

Angoori again walks to vibhu,vibhu again scared,angoori says ok bye then and leaves. Tikka at tea stall takes order and says I’m on my way will delivery soon,happus sister in law walks to him and sits beside him,and says hi handsome,tikka blushes and says hello you hate us how come this attitude today,she says today I realised you are very nice person,so will you come with me 9-12,tikka says I will come with you all day, tilu comes there,tikka says tilu all good, I need help will you deliver food for me,I will share profit,it has samosa sandwich,tilu says sure I won’t let this spoil and deliver it in time and leaves with parcel.

Tikka says let’s go for movie,she says movie you want to see movie,let me show you movie and hits tikka with her sandal.tilu comes back eating samosa and asks why didn’t you go watch movie,tikka says she is so dangerous and how come you are back so early,and eating samosa too,tilu says I couldn’t go I was hungry and so I ate all the food,and leaves.

Prem reaches the flat,and sneaks in,husband comes there and sees prem and asks what,and slaps him,and starts beating him.prem escapes and leaves.

Vibhu says to anu why did you make me cook so much food,anu says I invited tiwari and angoori for dinner,I insulted tiwari says it’s just a way to say sorry,angoori and Tiwari walk in,tiwari starts crying,anu says I know you are upset,angoori asks why are you hurt,anu says I know why,vibhu makes fun of tiwari,anu says Tiwari it was specially for happu but I didn’t know you would be this hurt,angoori says he is very sensitive,tiwari and Vibhu get into argument,anu says stop it you two,vibhu says he is impossible,prem walks in crying and takes vibhu out.

Vibhu asks what’s wrong,prem asks why did you send me there,bhabhiji wasn’t there but a fat man hit me badly,vibhu says I knew about it and I’m sorry not to inform about it,tiwari walks to them and asks what’s wrong,and prem who hit you so badly,prem says this is result of vibhu and his secrets,tiwari says tell me too,vibhu tells him.

Vibhu says call daddu,tiwari calls daddu and says Vibhu has been somewhere and starts stammering,vibhu says give me the phone and tells daddu the whole scene,vibhu asks tiwari to take special care of Bhabhiji.

In bedroom,tiwari busy,anguri walks thinking I’m sorry I have added sleeping pills in this milk.angoori says Tiwari here’s milk for you,tiwari acts has if he is having it,and asks her to get towel and as she leaves throws it out of the window,angoori gets towel,tiwari wraps up and goes off to sleep.

Angoori says have a peaceful sleep and says oh god he slept so quickly I hope I didn’t give extra dose,and checks on him and leaves.tiwari Wakes up.

Pre cap : vibhu and Tiwari follow angoori. Anu sees them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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