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Belan Wali Bahu 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Belan Wali Bahu 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Train passesby, Laddo tries to go to Nirupa but Roopa bumps into to him and he falls down, his back have cramp. Family lies Laddo on bed on his stomach. Nirupa massages his back with balen and asks him to get up. He does and flexes his back, he says I am fine now, all clap for Nirupa. Laddo smiles and says thank you Nirupa. Nirupa says welcome but I didnt do anything, this balen did everything. Roopa says this Balen is very important, it does a lot of impressive things, my aunt used to roll chips with it and now she have chips factory, we use balen differently. Laddo says what you do with this balen? Roopa says I havent done anything but I will do something big, something very different with this balen.

All sit down, Prem says to Nirupa’s family that let me introduce my

family, he introduces Dada and says he started scented candles business. Nirupa’s father says so he handles the business? Dada says no, Prem says I dont handle it too, Prem introduces Jitendra and Naren, Shalini. Father says younger brother Jitendra is married and Laddo not? Prem says he was not getting married so we married Jitendra.. I mean Laddo handles all business so he was busy. Suzzi comes there. Nirupa says she must be Naren’s wife. Dada screams no! all look on. Prem says Suzzi is close to Dada, she is his.. adopted daughter, all are stunned. Prem tries to keep Dada in control. Lata asks them to get fresh, she asks Naren to show them house. Nirupa is going when Roopa bumps her into Laddo, Nirupa shyly says sorry.

Dada takes Prem to his room and shouts for him to sit, he slaps him and says what did you outside? Prem says I introduced you, Dada says what did you say about Suzzi? she is my daughter? you didnt do the right thing, you gave name to a nameless relation and you chose this name? look at my age. Prem says yes she should be your grand daughter. Dada is hurt and says you broke my heart. Prem says no to set my son, I have to break my dad because my dad’s acts are not characteristic, if his character was nice then Laddo would have gotten married, Dada slaps him. Prem says slap me but I want another daughter in law for this house, for Laddo, I can say anything to Suzzi, I can call her sister, daughter or anything but she is just Suzzi for you, till Laddo and Nirupa doesnt get married, Suzzi is daughter for you, you have to do that sacrifice, Dada is about to slap but Prem says save this hand to bless Laddo and Nirupa.

Roopa says to Nirupa that only one person works in this house your inlaws are nice, even if younger brother is married and elder not married but your inlaws are nice, even if your sister in law Shalini sees ghosts but they are nice. Mom asks her to stop it. Nirupa says let her talk, I have understood that my inlaws are nice. Roopa says you can understand anything, I will say what I want, she mistakenly hit pot. Mom says Awasti family doesnt know about habits of breaking things but you have to control yourself till this marriage happens. Prem and Lata comes there. Prem says Dada sent you to guest room, you are our own so you can live in our room, Roopa says good idea. Father says its their personal room, we cant stay there. Prem says its not personal anymore. Father says this guest room is nice too. Prem says yes but some people dont treat guests nicely, before marriage, Lata’s father made me sleep on rice sack, rats had fun with me too. Lata glares at him and asks him to not bring her father in this, they start arguing. Jitendra comes there and screams silence! He says Nirupa’s parents can sleep in our room. Prem says they will sleep in our room, I am elder. Jitendra says I have higher position. Prem says you are suspended policeman. They both try to snatch Nirupa’s parents’ bag. Dada comes there and shouts to stop it, stop shouting and dragging. Dada says I have decided where they will stay. They will stay in my room and I will stay in other room.

Scene 2
People are enjoying wedding festive in house. Suzzi is talking to Nirupa and Roopa. Dada admires Suzzi. Prem inquires Dada about his uncles. Dada is irritated and says I will slap you. Prem asks Suzzi to see if tea is ready. Roopa says I will check it. Her mom asks her to stop, you wont go, Roopa says I am going. Mom murmurs she can break things. She asks Nirupa to go too.

Roopa comes to kitchen and bumps into Lata and things fall from her hands. Roopa says sorry, very sorry, Roopa asks if she wants help in tea? Lata says no I will make it. Roopa says no let me help, she takes tea jar from her. Lata says you said you cant cook and boil water? Roopa says you have already boiled water, I know how to make tea.. you know I love my Nirupa didi a lot, she is best sister, she is very talented, more than you.. I mean most talented in world, she knows cooking, dancing, stitching, horsing, paragliding.. Roopa keeps adding tea powder in in pan while talking nonstop. Nirupa comes there. Lata looks on, Nirupa says what are you saying? I dont know these things, mom is calling, leave, Roopa leaves. Nirupa says sorry to Lata and says she is very innocent, she talks nonstop, he spoiled tea, I will make it tea, Lata thanks her and leaves.

Dada is thirsty, Prem says Suzzi give water to your father, Dada glares at him. Nirupa bring tea, Roopa says I made this tea, tell me how is it. Nirupa gives it to Laddo, he thanks her. Nirupa serves to everyone. Lata asks Nirupa’s father to have it too, he says no I dont drink tea in event. Prem thinks he is from my circle, he drinks wine in evening, he asks Nirupa’s father to come with him. Mom asks him to go, he must want to talk about jewelry and stuff.

Prem says to Nirupa’s father that I have thought about few things, ,,
Prem says to Nirupa’s father that my father used to take it and I will take it too. Father says we were finding a place for our daughter that doesnt take all this. Prem says then find some other proposal because you have to give it to us,

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