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When He Fell For Her (Adni FF)

Part 19:

“Mr. Raizada there is a very serious problem with her; I don’t know how you will react to it but she… O what’s that girl’s name?” doctor’s abrupt question frustrated him more. “Doctor please tell me what’s wrong with her, is she suffering from some fatal disease?” Advay asked in a menacing tone with horror filling his light brown orbs. “Calm down Mr. Raizada I first need to know her name so I can check her medical history” the doctor insisted. “Her name is Chandni, now tell me what’s wrong with her” Advay asked the doctor with fury filling his light brown yet beautiful eyes. “Just Chandni?, I need to know her full name otherwise I won’t be able to check into her medical history”the doctor informed him worriedly. “For that I think you would have to ask her since she is conscious” Advay answered him with irritation, his agitation for Chandni was eating him alive with every passing moment “okay, you both wait here I’ll go and talk to her and I also need to ask her a few questions” he went inside Naani’s room.

Dr. Khanna was a middle-aged man with a very sweet personality and he always tried to be kind and friendly with his patients, so his trick also worked here, as seeing him in the room didn’t scare Chandni, Advay noticed that clearly.

(Note: Another beautiful song to express Advay’s feeling right now.)

It is what it is-Lifehouse

“I was only looking for a shortcut home

But it’s complicated, so complicated

Somewhere in this city is a road I know

Where we could make it but maybe there’s no making it now” “Why she will be scared of him, he is the man who saves lives and I’m the monster who destroyed hers, if she gets scared of me, but it serves me right” he thought in agony. Dr. Khanna brought a chair near the bed, sitting on it he began to ask Chandni a few questions with a kind smile plastered on his face, their whole conversation was inaudible for both Advay and Naani.

“Too long we’ve been denying, now we’re both tired of trying

We hit a wall and we can’t get over it

Nothing to relive, it’s water under the bridge

You said it, I get it, I guess it is what it is” He noticed Chandni was answering all his questions and when they finished, he saw Chandni calling the doctor, she said something to him with pleading eyes he could swear it but what was it? He was now more restless and afraid that something was seriously wrong with her. Dr. Khanna smiled back at her, nodded his head in assurance and patted her head affectionately. “Though you are my patient you are the same age of my daughter and I give you my words not as a doctor but as father that I’ll oblige to your wish, don’t worry, I won’t tell them what has happened to you until you ask me to I promise you” he assured Chandni and she smiled back at him with gratitude.

“I was only trying to bury the pain

But I made you cry and I can’t stop the crying

Was only trying to save me but I lost you again

Now there’s only lying, wish I could say it’s only me” “Advay Singh Raizada you really are a monster, even though you had destroyed this girl’s life, scarred her for her eternity she was still helping, caring for you, and what did you do? You tried to hurt her, tried to scare her off and almost killed her today, there are no limits to your selfishness and atrocities, you always stoop so low” his inner voice mocked at him while he watched the doctor appearing from the room he hurriedly went to him “Doctor what’s wrong with her? You said that there is a serious problem with her, please can you tell me this instant” he almost pleaded with Dr. Khanna. “If Advay cares about her so much why did she ask me to keep her condition hidden from them?” a thought crossed Dr. Khanna’s mind that he quickly subsided he had to keep his promise to Chandni. “Oh! About that I’m sorry to perplex you, there is nothing seriously wrong with her, she is just anemic, I’m subscribing some vitamins and supplements for her and she will be fine, and Advay make sure that she has her fair square of meal every day, she doesn’t seem to be eating much” he told Advay with a smile, gave him the prescription and left from there.

“Here it comes, ready or not

We both found out it’s not how we thought

That it would be

How it would be” “Cheeku will you come with me and see Chandni?” Naani asked him hopefully. “No Naani, I can’t… I just can’t see her… face her right now… I’ve already caused her so much pain… Not now… Not at this moment when she is too fragile,” he confided his fears to Naani. “Don’t be stubborn my child, I can sense that it’s you who she needs the most right now, she needs your support and love” Naani knew that her attempts to convince him will be useless but she had to do it, it was her duty to look out for her children, for both of them. “Naani please try to understand, I’m the last person she needs to see… if I’ll go inside that room with you all I’ll cause her will be pain and suffering, I’m a constant reminder of that for her” he told Naani in a broken voice. “Cheeku, just this once, do as I say and if something happens I won’t ask you of it again” Naani now pleaded with him knowing that he could not refuse her now.

“If the time could turn us around

What was once lost may be found

For you and me

For you and me

I was only looking for a shortcut home

But it’s complicated, so complicated” Once he entered the room, watching Chandni resting there with a paper-pale complexion, it hit him hard inside his guts. He was again filled with rage, loathing, disgust, hatred, and God knows what other hateful emotions for himself. He averted his eyes from her face standing in a corner he fixed them on his feet, he wasn’t finding it easy to look at her in the condition she was. “Chandni, how you are feeling now my child?” Naani asked in a voice laced with love as well as worry for her. Chandni glanced at him and a smile began to form at the corner of her mouth, to her he was looking like a school child who had been punished to stand at the corner with head bent down for some of his random mischievous acts. “Naani I’m fine now really, don’t worry I’ll be okay within few days,” she told Naani with a smile but Advay didn’t believe her, he was still getting a gut feeling that something was wrong with her and she was just hiding it to save others from being worried about her.

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