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Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: A shield covers kailash stopping everyone from coming inside.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kartikeya and ganesh saying what danger is in Kailash? As Kailash shakes, kartikeya says I will go and see. Ganesh says wait brother, don’t go alone, I am coming too. Ganesh and kartikeya walk ahead. As they go ahead, parvati says be careful sons. Suddenly a tree in front of ganesh and kartikeya splits into half. One half starts falling on nandi and all gods. Mahadev uses his power and destroys the tree. The other half falls on kartikeya and ganesh, kartikeya destroys the other half with his power. Parvati says are you okay sons? She runs towards them but is pushed back as a shield around Kailash appears. Parvati says what happened? Why cant I go inside? as she tries again, she is pushed back. Parvati says something is preventing me from going inside. kartikeya says let

me try, kartikeya uses his spear and tries breaking the shield but in vain. Ganesh uses his trunk and blows stormy winds on the shield but the shield doesn’t break. Everyone is shocked. Parvati says mahadev what power is this? That is stopping even ganesh’s power from breaking the shield? Mahadev says we have to do something. Ganesh says wait, let me try once, mother you go behind. Parvati goes behind. Ganesh uses all his power and blows air on the shield with all strength, the shield doesn’t break. In the air, as birds fly outside Kailash, they are stopped by the shield and as they strike the shield, they fall down and die. Brahma dev says this is very dangerous. Ganesh says this shield is no normal shield, it is affecting even birds, no one can get outside or get inside, me and brother wont be able to come out, but who is this?
Indra dev says mahadev, if we don’t stop this then the natural animal life will be disturbed. Indra dev says we all gods will out our powers together and with its urjaa we will destroy the shield, mahadev says okay. Indra dev and all gods come together and with their weapons, all of them together attack and their spell combines into a singularity. The power hits the shield but nothing happens, the spell rebounds and all gods dodge, indra dev says the power created from our urjja couldn’t destroy the shield, what do we do now? The spell goes and starts hitting trees and everything else in Kailash. Ganesh says it is instead attacking rest of Kailash. Brahma dev says this power if it strikes kailash’s center then Kailash may be destroyed and the entire universe will be in danger. Mahadev says we have to do something now. Mahadev closes his eyes and sees that dambhasura has attacked and taken control of Kailash. Mahadev says it is dambhasura. Ganesh says only one demon did this? Mahadev says no, he did this with his sons and entire army. Ganesh says who is dambhasura? Mahadev says dambhasura is brahma dev’s ansh. Ganesh is shocked and says how?
Mahadev tells the story and says it was the time when brahma dev had become egoistic of being one of the tridev and he started thinking himself as almighty, greater than everyone. In flashback, narad muni appears and says to brahma dev, I just visited Narayana. Brahma dev says no need to visit him? You should pray to me and visit me, I am greater than all gods, I am the writer of this universe and write what shall happen next, no one can be great than me. Narad muni says what has happened to you father? Brahma dev says I just realized no one is more powerful, intelligent and knowledgeable than I am. Mahadev appears and says then brahma dev, you must be knowing the answer to some of my questions. Brahma dev says yes mahadev, don’t doubt me, I have the answer to all questions in this universe. Mahadev then creates a yellow line and says tell me the end and start of this line. Brahma dev says it is easy. Brahma dev enters the line and flies to see its end, he flies and flies and then stops and says I cannot find the end. Brahma dev says but what does it matter. Mahadev says brahma dev did you find the end and the beginning? Brahma dev says yes. Mahadev says are you sure? Brahma dev says you dare doubt my answers? Mahadev is angry and says you lied brahma dev, you have been infested with too much of your ego and need to be punished. Mahadev takes away 2 of brahma dev’s 5 heads and throws it on earth. Dambhasura is born where one head falls and dambhasura’s 2 sons are born where other head falls. All 3 laugh and show their powers. Mahadev says this is the result of their birth.

Precap: mahadev continues as he says dambhasura guided his sons to war against the gods. ganesh and kartikeya go to see dambhasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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