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Udaan 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: All the couples perform prayers

Udaan 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor and Suraj meeting Anushka and Yuvraaj. They compliment their pairings. Teni and Parth come. Teni says I heard this puja is auspicious for married couples. They introduce themselves. Chakor asks are Ahaan and Pankti coming. Teni says they will come if Ahaan has no show. Veer and Sanchi come. Veer says puja would have started, could you not come early. Sanchi says we shouldn’t have come. He says ya right, you wanted to come with Kabir. She says you are also marrying Aisha, don’t taunt me. He says sorry, I have no right to complain. A lady says don’t fight, puja didn’t start yet. Ahaan and Pankti come late.

Pankti says we reached late. Ahaan says fans stopped us. Chakor says puja didn’t start. Suraj says its starting now, come. Ranvijay comes there. The lady tells

them about the puja significance. All the couples do the rituals and think of their special moments, while praying for togetherness. Ahaan says very soon your voice will be heard in entire world. He prays for Pankti. Veer thinks its a disaster that I m marrying Aisha and Sanchi is marrying Kabir, Lord help our love win. Chakor and Suraj smile and do puja. Ahaan thinks I regard you wife from heart. He smiles seeing Pankti. Chakor and Suraj recall their moments. Mahiya….plays…. Ranvijay tries to record and smiles.

Ranvijay gets happy and leaves for home. Ranvijay rings the temple bell and prays. He says I will prove Imli and Suraj liars, Imli doesn’t believe me, Suraj cheated us. Suraj stops Chakor and compliments her. Chakor compliments him that he looks good wearing full clothes. He smiles and says when you get away, I feel I m not alive, I can’t stay away. She says me too, I want to hug you and close eyes, I wish this earth stops and we stay happy forever, this time stops here. He says time stops when you are with me. Imli comes to Ranvijay and asks what’s the matter. He says I want to invite Chakor. She asks why. He says I m sure Suraj didn’t get his memory back, he is very loyal, take rest, wear a good dress in evening.

She agrees and goes. He thinks I will use your helpers against you. He calls Yuvraaj and says I m Suraj’s manager, he has organized big puja and invited you and your wife. Suraj says this time we will not get separated, our life will just have happiness. Chakor smiles and hugs him. He reminds what Kaki said. He says Imli called and asked us to reach haveli before holika dahan, you have to come. He stops her from saying. Mahiya….plays….Ranvijay laughs and prays. Suraj says I don’t know anything, you have to come to haveli, I will burn holika just with you.

Ranvijay says Yuvraaj would know the traditions, he can choose a married couple. Yuvraaj chooses Chakor and Suraj. Imli gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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