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Destiny always has its own plans about which mere mortals are always unaware of. But when it implements it’s own ideas we will be left out with only two choices, either to face it or to run far away from it. Even though if we choose latter one, it haunts you on your back. So basically mortals have no choice other than facing it and assimilating it, that is why destiny choices are always virtual.

As like everyone,even these two opposites also crossed eachother paths.

Kunj who was frustrated by the scenario, felt really bad but….not for Kannika’s attitude but for unnoticed twinkle’s charm.
Men will be always MEN!!!
Kunj being a hottie with hot brains and attitude, never missed a chance to flirt with girls, who usually throw themselves upon rich, handsome personalities.

He had a weird notion about those girls, few.. .not all the girls are same!! He was quite aware of it.

 London Gatwick Airport,
By thr time kunj reached London it was late night, he headed out of the airport funding a cab.

After few hours the cab stopped near a huge mansion surrounded by trees. The whole place lit with lights doubled the glory in the night view.

He steeped out of the car sighing deeply, to feel that aura of being at home. After an year he returned to his place, where he loved to live and brought up. He felt huge relief looking at the place where each and every inch had  a long story of memories.

Ding Dong!!!

‘Coming….’ a female voice answered from inside which made kunj smile wider.
‘Kunj…..’ a women of near 40s screamed in joy looking at her son after such a longtime.
‘Ma…!!!’ Kunj hugged her tight as she pecked his forehead.

‘Usha…Whose it??’ Manohar came downstairs and was so happy to see kunj. They both greet eachother and kunj was so happy to see his family after such a longtime but he was missing someone.
‘Ma…where is yuvi?’ He asked.
‘He went out, you go and freshen up. I will send your dinner to room,’ Usha said as kunj nodded and left upstairs to his room.
His room was furnished according to his taste, as he decorated it himself being an aspirant architect.

He relaxed for a while sleeping on his bed, feeling it’s warmth  which felt like ages. He changed into comfortable clothes and a refreshing bath. Food was kept ready for him but he didn’t feel like eating. He slowly got up from his place and moved towards the balcony sliding the doors away.

A cool night breeze welcomed him, and he felt soo relieved after a very longtime. As he was lost enjoying the nature’s bliss, one chapak- chapak sound disturbed him and he turned around to see his brother,his part of soul there.

Yuvi was busy enjoying food and took no time to greet his brother.
‘See…who is here? And what he is doing?’ Kunj scoffed.
‘Hey…bro. how are you doing?’ He manged to speak in between.
‘First finish off the food and let’s talk’ Kunj said sternly.

Yuvi felt his brother’s angry and stopped eating, putting away the plate he stood and hugged him.

Kunj smiled at him as they parted.
‘So…bro…How’s life?’ Yuvi asked.
‘Good…will see what’s up there in the store’ Kunj replied pointing towards the London city.
‘I have a news for you….to put a stop for your so called jolly life’ yuvi said making kunj surprise.
‘What do you mean? ‘ Kunj asked in eager.
‘I will tell you, it’s dad’s decision…but first tell me what will I get?’ Yuvi was angering kunj now.
‘Idiot, spill it’ Kunj scowled this time.
‘You are a brother of an idiot, don’t forget it…!!’ Yuvi said in a humor.
‘Okay…the thing in my bag is yours’ Kunj said pointing at a huge bag near his bed.

Yuvi’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the huge bag.
‘Now tell me’Kunj asked putting yuvi on hold of eagerness by holding his hands.

‘It is….that…..my Idiot is getting married’ yuvi said running towards the bag leaving shocked kunj behind as he left yuvi’s hand.


So….kunj is getting married?? Whose the girl?? Is that twinkle?? But how can two of them get married?? Opposites attract…Yes…but…Life isn’t physical science…right???

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