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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: 2 years leap; Meera becomes Uma’s wife

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com


Media is waiting to take Uma’s interview. They discuss Uma is such a successful and a big businessman. They are ready to wait for a week even to take his interview. His company, K & U, is biggest power house of medical world. Uma is in car on his way to office. He comes out of car in suit, with bodyguards. He addresses media. Media ask him how he is feeling about his success. Uma says this is just a beginning. He wants his company’s medicine to reach every corner in the world and take his company to number 1 position in medicine world. They ask to comment on lady in his life. Uma says his success was only possible because of her. Media say she is also a successful woman and that’s why they got power couple award. They ask when he’s going

to introduce his wife to the world. He says very soon.

Kanak’s entry is shown. She is a health minister rep and has come to a factory for inspection. She burns the medicine boxes as they stored drugs and not actual medicine. The owner is also taken away.

Kanak is in her office. Arpita comes to meet her. She praises Kanak for what she did today. Kanak credits to Arpita for allowing her to join her party 2 years ago. Kanak says she will never disappoint her for the duty that she has given to her of food and drug administration. A guy tells Kanak that she is inspiration to many girls today. Her mother, Sandhya, had support of Sooraj. Does she also have such support? Kanak thinks of Uma.

Uma is looking at Kanak’s photo and then he does puja of Bhlenath. Suman tells a servant that her bhabhi is coming back from Delhi today. Her room must be clean. Suman then comes to Shiv’s room. He hides a photo seeing her. Suman asks what he’s looking at. He runs away. Suman goes behind him. Kanak is in car and crying. Her car has an accident with another car. Shiv was looking at his family picture with Kanak. Suman asks him to put it back. If their bhabhi sees it, then will get mad. Uma comes there. They try to hide picture. He gets a call about the accident.

He rushes to accident spot and asks about his wife. He sees her and says thank God she is fine. Meera is shown as Mrs. Uma Shankar. She says she got him after a lot of difficulties, she isn’t going to leave him that soon. She has always been a winner, death can’t beat her. In background, Kanak is being taken away on a stretcher. Uma looks back, but can’t spot Kanak in crowd. He was going to help, but Meera stops him reminding that he is owner of a multi millionaire company. Emergency staff is there to help the injured and mistake was of other car. Uma says doesn’t matter whose mistake it is, both deserve equal medical treatment. He remembers he is a business tycoon, but he is also a medicine doctor. He goes back to help Kanak as she is being taken to an ambulance.

Precap: Meera has K & U frame in her hands. She says “U” means Uma. What about “K”? She breaks the frame saying she has found secret of “K”.

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