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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 6)

Hello again frnds… Hope you liked my previous chapter

Swasan marriage

The moon hid itself behind the curtain of clouds. He was actually jealous of the beautiful bride sitting in a beautifully decorated room. It was the fir time swara entered the room of sanskar. She looked around. Everything was beautiful. Everything was perfect. She sat on the bed. It was comfortable. She stood up at once. She was not habitual of such comfort. She never wanted this. All she wanted was love….but her destiny played it’s way.

Sanskar was roaming on the terrace. He didn’t know what to do now. Yes he got married today but how can he give the rights to swara having the burden of guilt on his heart.
Dp was looking at sanskar. He finally came closer to him.
Dp: my son
Sanskar : pitaji…
Dp: i can understand the turmoil you are going through.
Sanskar lowered his gaze.
Dp: never think of past. Just take lessons from your mistakes. You have done a mistake in anger. But don’t do a mistake again in guilt. Now go to sleep… She is waiting for you… You can at least befriend her… She is a nice girl.
Sanskar felt a sense of relief after hearing his words. His father was right. He began to walk towards his room when a servant came over.
Servant: prince… Kavita ji….
Sanskar: what happened….
Servant: she has locked herself in a room.
Sanskar ran towards kavita’s room forgetting everything about swara. When he reached he saw kavita lying on a bed with Kaveri crying besides her.
Kaveri: are… Sanskar… Why you came here… You should be with swara…
Sanskar: nothing is more important than kavita’s health… I ll be here till she gets fine…
Kaveri smirked. Kavita tried to cover her smile…

@swara room
Swara was sitting on the couch staring at the moon. She was remembering her past. She was completely unaware of two eyes staring at her. It was adarsh. He was trying to enter the room through a window. He was suddenly distracted by the sound of payal. He immediately moved away from there.
Swara looked in the Direction of sound. She saw ragini standing there. But the usual bubbly smile was not present on her face. It was a serious look. Looking at ragini now nobody could say that she was insane.
Swara: you here…
Ragini: swara…
She looked at the servants.
Ragini: leave us alone.
Servants moved out.
Ragini looked at swara.
Ragini: swara… You are waiting for sanskar bhai sa na…
Swara nodded
Ragini: i am sorry to say but he will not come tonight.
Swara was taken aback.
Ragini: swara he is with kavita… According to Kaveri she is not well…
Swara felt a heavy lump in her throat.
Ragini: swara… Trust me… Sanskar is a very character full guy… You got it… He is married now so even in his dream he will never ever touch any other women.
Swara looked at ragini.
Ragini: swaer on me swara… Whatever i said to you will never be discussed in front of anyone… Not even in front of rani ma…
Swara was puzzled…
Ragini: you must never be alone… At any instant… Ok.. you must be very careful…
Swara: why… I mean what will…
Ragini: this palace has many secrets swara…
She looked towards swara and gave a meaningful smile. Swara looked at ragini completely puzzled.
Ragini: but if you see even a point of truthfulness in my eyes then don’t you ever mistrust sanskar.. he is a gem.. a real gem..
Ragini went away from there. Swara was completely puzzled from ragini’s behaviour. She was thinking about the words of rani ma. But the behaviour of ragini that she encountered now was completely opposite.

@kaveri room
Sanskar was sitting in front of kavita. Suddenly Kaveri came.
Kaveri: beta.. can you please take care of kavita while i sleep.
Sanskar nodded
Kaveri: you didn’t have dinner na… Have this juice sanskar.
Sanskar: na Kaveri ma… M nt hungry… The feeling of guilt is enough to fill up my belly.
Kaveri: if you don’t drink it then how can you take care of kavita haa… Drink it for her sake.
Sanskar gave a feeble smile and gulped the juice at once.
Kaveri: m going outside. Take care of my daughter.
Sanskar nodded but he felt his head spinning a little. He kept his head on the back of chair and he dozed off at once.
Kavita opened her eyes and smirked.

Accusations on sanskar

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