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Swasan destiny made us together os

Sanskar asks Swara to come in his life, be his wife and not to break their marriage


The scene start after Karva chaut with Sanskar coming to his room and swara behind him angrily because he kept fast for her which she didn’t like and according to her he is rising hope in everyone’s hearts showing them that they are together which can’t happen….

Sw: sanskar

San: (showing his back to her) han

Sw: (coming in front of him) why did you keep fast? (Looking at him) What was the need, you had fainted because of weakness (angry) why you did that?

San: (avoiding eye contact) swara we have talked about it already so why are you asking again and again

Sw: (still angry)I know we did, but do you know what have you done Dadi, Ma and Baba, and others have blessed me for our togetherness you have ruined everything do you know that sanskar you have ruined it…

San: (angrily) I am sorry I am sorry (repeatedly) that beacsuse of me yours plan are ruined but you know what I am tired of thinking what to do; (looked at her and asks her) you tell me what I should do according to you.

Sw: (apologize) I am sorry sanskar I over reacted but…

San: swara (held her from shoulder, swara looked at him) ajao meri Zindagi main, mat toro yeh shadi, ban jao meri patni 

(He asks her to return to his life, don’t break his marriage and be his wife)

Hearing him asking her to be his wife swara is shocked, she looked at him thinking she might heard something wrong but seeing no emotion on his face…swara completely shocked she was searching in his eyes her answer but she couldn’t see any emotion….

San: (without any emotion) what happened swara tell na, will you be mine wife? Will you accept me as your husband? Will you (she was still looking at him in shock where he was waiting for her answer) tell na swara

Sw: (shocked with his question) what you are saying? sanskar

San: what did I say swara han, when you can tell me, what I shall do? Can’t I say that to you also see we are going through the same pain, and if we are together then we can fight with any problem? Don’t you think so?

Sw: (with teary eyes) but you said that you will never show any right on me

San: (felt bad seeing her teary eye) han I said but know I have broken my promise

She looked at him with teary eyes how can he break his promise how? She trusted him and now he is breaking his promise and also forcing her to accept him and be his wife…she felt betrayed who she trusted so much he betrayed her….she wanted to cry and shout him for breaking his promise….once again she is feeling heartbroken it pained her badly…even she didn’t felt that much broken when laksh married ragini but today her pain is more and the reason is her best friend Sanskar who supported her in her difficult time to prove her innocent…

This was heard by laksh he was very angry on sanskar for asking swara to be his when he know he loves her still and also confessed his love few minutes ago in front of him…than how can he asked her like this she is his than how dare he ask swara to be his…he was about to enter in their room to take swara with him but was stopped by ragini and she took him forcefully from there…..

Sanskar was observing swara each and every expressions he knows she is feeling betrayed by him but what can he do…he can’t let her think each and everything will be happen according to her the way she like….he know she is perfect in everything but sometime these perfectness can also destroy a person very badly he have to show her that nothing can happen according to someone….  

San: (can’t see her broken) what happened Swara are you feeling betrayed han (she looked at him confusingly on not understanding his intention) than don’t worry because I will never break any promise (shocked) I just wanted to show you what anyone feels when someone forces anybody to do something against his/her wish

swara lowered her gaze feeling ashamed with herself for forcing him when she herself doesn’t want to be forced by anyone than how can she force someone like this….

San: swara it’s your wish to love me or not, but please you can’t tell me what I should do…I love you (she looked at him) and that’s my problem not yours because these are my feeling…if you love me or not it’s your problem and I won’t interfere in your matter and same goes with you I hope from now on you won’t interfere in my matter

Sw: (apologize) I am sorry sanskar for forcing you but I didn’t wanted to give you any hope and mostly I can’t see you in pain because of me (looking at him) I can understand your pain and I knows how it feels when dreams are broken that’s why I said all this I am really sorry sanskar for hurting you once again

Sans: (cupping her face and whipping her tears) but my case is different swara. When I loved you, I knew that there is no chance for me. And don’t worry I am happy with what I have got and there need of sorry

Sw: (smiled yet admiring) thanks sanskar

San: (smiled) hmmm come lets have dinner

Sw: han lets go….


Days were passing with passing day swara start admiring sanskar new feeling were growing inside her for sanskar which was unnoticed by sanskar he start keeping distance from swara but in front of his family they were a happy couple who were trying to give their relationship a chance that’s why swara could not notice sanskar ignorance but somewhere she felt him ignoring her when they were alone in room….

At breakfast table swara was serving everyone food and was also looking for sanskar who till now didn’t come for breakfast….she was looking every minute towards stair waiting for him….seeing swara looking towards stair sujata asked her to bring sanskar since he is late….swara smiled she was waiting since long for opportunity to be near sanskar whe she got now how can she missed….swara turned immediately to go but dashed with ragini unknowingly ragini who was bringing hot daal for everyone felt on swara  when she turned around….swara screamed in pain feeling her hand and stomach burning making everyone worried and also shocked seeing swara state….

Sw: (scream and crying) aaahhhh

Meanwhile sanskar was coming after getting ready for office when he reached near stair he heard swara scream in pain…seeing swara crying pain he immediately run towards her….

San: (shout) swaraaa

Sw: (crying) sans….sanskar…ahhh

San: shhh (picked her in bridal style and took her immediately to their room fowled by others) shhh I am here na (looked at uttra) uttra please call doctor fast…

Sanskar took swara in washroom and made her stand in shower and turned the cold water on both were getting wet…swara looked at him who was looking at her with concern sanskar washed swara hand carefully…feeling pain swara hissed making sanskar more worried but feeling the cold water on herself the pain was getting less…seeing sanskar care who was lost in him feeling little pain hissed making sanskar look at her and was mesmorized seeing her like this both were looking at each other but feeling cold swara start shivring making sanskar come back in sense….

San: (looking at her) you wait here I will bring your clothes

Sw: hmmm (said while looking down)

Saying this he went out and saw his family standing there and was shocked seeing completely wet ignoring their stare sanskar asked them to leave their room politely making laksh more angry for him sanskar is forcing swara to accept his love which he can’t let happen but now having option he had to leave swasan alone….sanskar took swara clothes and gave her and also changed his cloths…soon the doctor also reached after checking swara she gave ointment which she had to grease on her wound and left…..

Swara was laying on her bed sanskar took the ointment and started to grease on her hand 1st carefully without hurting swara….all the time swara was looking at him lovingly forgetting about her pain she could see his care concern which he have and above that his love which he was showing….after greasing on her hand sanskar looked at her stomach than at swara asking for her permission to which swara nod lightly sanskar carefully made her saree palu little aside he could he see her bare belly which was burned lightly and start slowly greasing the ointment making swara shiver with his touch….After applying ointment on her wound sanskar looked at swara who was already looking at him…

San: did you eat something

Sw: no

San: okey than I will bring yours breakfast here

Sw: what about yours even you didn’t eat

San: our breakfast than

Utt: no need I brought breakfast here itself (said uttra while entering) how are you feeling bhabi now

Sw: better

Ut: hmm good here is your breakfast

San: (smiled) thank you

Uttra left after giving breakfast to swasan leaving them alone sanskar feed swara….like this a week passed with sanskar taking care of swara with passing days swara was falling for sanskar more and more she wanted to confess her love but was little afraid laksh tried to talk with swara but couldn’t….


Swara was sitting in hall talking with everyone happily mean while they all heard someone laughing sound swara turned and was shocked seeing sanskar laughing and coming with a girl who was holding his arm and was laughing with him…seeing them like this swara felt really angry on sanskar and also jealous seeing the so close with each other she wanted to rip them apart but controlled herself somehow….reaching in hall sanskar looked at his family member who were looking at him than at swara who was looking at him actually and not at him but at his arm which someone is holding feeling sanskar gaze swara looked at him than turned her head other side ignoring him making sanskar smirk…

San: mom look who came

Suj: sajel (walk to her) I am so happy seeing you when did you came han

Saj: (took blessing) aunty I just came last week

Suj: and you came today very bad

Sejal : Kiya karu aunty ….Everything because of your son…..He had married without telling Me….If he would tell me before I would come before and married him….But look my bad luck….by the way,where is his wife ???

“I am his wife” said Swara who come from behind of Sujata….She come near Sanskaar and wrap her arms around Sanskaar arms ….and said sweetly ‘. I’m his wife and you???

Sanskaar is shocked by Swara’s act…He is looking at her as he is seen a ghost ” i am his wife” is only ringing his mind since when swara start calling herself as his wife did she forget that she herself have never accepted their relationship till and never saw him as her husband than how come she accepted so easily…

He looked at her who was glaring at sajel but never leaving her sweet or we can say fake smile from her lips….a smile crept on his face on knowing that his wife is jealous he laughed in his mind and smirked thinking something….

Sejal : Hi,I’m Sejal ….Sanskaar friend….Oh!!!Possessive wife ….I liked it….Waise when Husband is too hot resist than wife has to be possessive

Sw: (smiled sweetly) ofcourse a wife has to be possessive when she knows how many chipkali are outside to stick on their husband don’t you think …

Sajel: emm yeah (looked at sanskar to avoid the situation) won’t you introduce me to your family sanskar

San: emm yeah badi ma this is my college friend sajel (to sajel) and she is my badi ma and bhabi

Sajel: (smiled) Namaste anty

Ap: (smiled) Namaste beta

interrupt by ragini ji who called them for dinner….

Ragini : Chachi,ji sab dinner ke agaye ….sab ap logo ko bula rahe hai…..(Suddenly she noticed a girl)
Chachi ji,yeh kon hai(making innocent face)

Sujata : Yeh ,Sanskaar ki dost hai …..She come to meet us all….

Nagini :Okay ,Sejal you also come and join with us

Sejal nod and all went dinner and Sanskaar is about to go but Swara hold him….Sanskaar looked at her who was already looking at him angrily….

San: what happened

Sw: (angrily) who is she and why was she sticking so much to you Han

San: (smiled sweetly) she is my friend swara and we know each other so long (in mind) I didn’t knew my Bengali sharni will be so jealous kaash pehle pata hota I would had already brought someone but never mind Abhi bhi kuch deer nahi hui…(looked at swara) my dear wifey tumne bohut tadpaya hai mujhe now its your turn to suffer (smiled evily)

Sw: (held his color pulled near herself without realising in her furry seeing sajal so close to sanskar and touching him) friend or not friend Mr maheshwari you are mine and I won’t let anyone stick to you remember that …

Saying this she pushed him lightly and turned to go but was pulled back by sanskar who was smirking at her his one hand went to her hair and made their light fist not hurting her and pulled her face closer to his  there lips were only inch apart from each others and with other hand held her from waist closed to him…..

San: (looking in her eyes) why (said in husky voice making her feel his hot breath on her lips which made het shiver in pleasure) why as far I remember we don’t have any relation than what happened

Sw: (realised what she said lowered her gaze which on his lips she turn her head other side) leave me please (said breathing heavily with his closeness which is effecting and making her weak)

San: (smiled seeing his effect on her) I will but before that answer me Mrs maheshwari…(went closer to her ear) why (saying this he bite on her earlobe)

Sw: (held him tightly from shoulder and moaned) sanskaar….

San: I am waiting…but got intruppted by Uttra who came to called them for dinner they immeaditly parted away…swara run from there saving herself while blushing seeing swara blush sanskar smiled whole heartily thinking maybe his dream having swara his wife his love in his arms will come soon true….for that she have to confess and now when he know she have feelings for him he will soon make her confess his love for him and now know what he have to do to make his wife realise her love for him….

Sanskar went towards dinning table where everyone eating he sat beside sajel looking at swara who was once again on her angry mode seeing again close to sajel….
Swara is about to serve sanskar aloo ghobi which she had made for the 1st time but was stopped by sajel…

Sajel: (stopped swara from serving sanskar) aree swara don’t you know sanskar don’t like aloo ghobi in fact as far I know he hated it…

Hearing it swara felt really bad she doesn’t know anything about her husband in fact outsider knows him better than her….sanskar looked at swara who was sad he knew somewhere what she might be thinking and he doesn’t wanted her to be sad even he won’t let anyone make her sad….

San: (to sajel) it was 5 years ago sajel but now I love to eat aloo ghobi (looked at swara) swara you serve me please

She smiled hearing him this is what he wanted a beautiful smile on her face for that he can do anything….
After serving swara sat in front of  sanskar and smiled but he ignored her she glared at him…ignoring her glare sanskar start talking with sajel happily making swara more angry……..
didn’t she warned him but why will he listen to her now…they were eating when sanskar announced something which shocked swara  and was really getting angry on him…

San: mom and badi ma woh sajel will be staying here for few days is that okey actually she helped in my dificult time and also I can’t let her stay in hotel

Ap: I have no problem sanskar in fact I am happy you brought her here

Sajel: thank you anty

Suj: no problem beta in fact we all know you 

After dinner everyone sat in hall and were talking with each other happily spending quality time….

Swara was standing near window looking outside feeling the fresh air and was lost in her thoughts….thinking why she behaved so possessively seeing sanskar with sajel and why she felt bad hearing from sajel about sanskar like and dislike she is his friends so it’s obvious that she know him better than her but still she felt bad on knowing someone knows her husband better than her….whatever between them is she is his wife and he is her husband “HUSBAND” this word gave her totally a new feeling….while thinking she was holding her mangelsutre in her hand and was also playing suddenly her gaze fell on her mangelsutre once again start thinking about their past moment with each other than she remembered his confession which brought a smile on her face…

Sw: (to herself) I…Love..sanskar (a beautiful smile spread on her face) I love him oh god I am so stupid oh my god oh my god I am in love

Swara was jumping happily on realizing her love for sanskar mean while sanskar entered he was surprised seeing swara behaving like child…hearing door sound swara turn while turning she lost her balance was about to fall down when sanskar who saw her falling immediately run to her and held her in his arms before she could fall….swara looked at him lovingly with a smile making sanskar little confuse seeing her smile…

San: (confuse seeing her expression) swara (lost in him) swara

Sw: (came in to sense) han what happened

San: yeh to mujhe bhi jan na hai what happened

Sw: (smiled) wo actually i…(lowered her gaze) i..lo…

Was interrupted hearing knocking sound both swasan turned their head and found sajel standing there looking at them with a teasing smile on realizing their position sanskar made swara stand who was looking at sajel angrily for ruining their moment she was about to confess her love….

San: sajel do u needs anything

Saj: na sanskar I just came here to thank you

San: its okey need for thanks

Saj: ok than good night and yeah sorry for disturbing (saying this she left)

Swara is about to talk with sanskar but he also left for washroom she sat on bed sadly and thinking how to tell him that she love him while thinking she slept………

It’s been 2 days since swara realized her love for sanskar she tried many time to tell him but never got the chance even she tiered to show him through her action but sanskar  never understood or we can say pretend that he doesn’t notice …he knew what his dear wife wanted to say but how he can let her easily confess her love for him she made him suffer in her love now he got a chance to make her suffer little….Today Dp organized a party for sanskar success which made everyone happy swara was getting ready she wore red saree leaving her blouse doori open she looked at sanskar who was busy talking with someone she smirked thinking something….

She applied her sindoor while looking at him and was thanking her god for sending him in her life duet which it became now more beautiful it doesn’t how he came in her life but what matters is his love for her….Sanskar after cutting the call turned and was mesmerized seeing swara who was looking like angle….

Sw: (saw him looking at her…she smiled to herself) sanskar (little louder) sanskaar

San: han what happened

Sw: (looking slyly) wo..woh I need your help

San: han tell

Sw: (pointing towards her doori) will you please tie

San: me (she nodded)

He walked towards her she turned showing him her milky back seeing her like this he controlled himself or else he would have showed her till know whom she belong….he held her blouse doori and start tying but slowly while touching her back making her shiver in pleasure he looked at through mirror at her who had closed her eyes and was clutching her saree tightly….after tying he kissed lightly on the knot feeling his lips on her bare back she moaned his name in pleasure….

Sw: sanskaar (she turned both were looking at each other) I lo….but got interrupted by ragini…

Rag: sanskar ji papa ji aap ko bula rahe hai 

Sw: (he was about to go) sanskar listen wo i..i

Rag: swara let him go you can talk to him later

Sw: I am talking to my husband ragini not you so stay out of this (turn to sanksar who looked at her in surprise) i…

San: we will talk later I have to go

Sw: but (he left, turn to ragini) couldn’t you wait for few minute no you have to come now to ruin everything u are such a disaster huh (saying this swara also left leaving a shocked ragini behind)

The party was on full swing swara was trying talk to sanskar but was every time interrupted fedding up swara pulled sanskar in a corner where nobody could see the she pinned him to wall placing her both hand on wall blocking him….

Sw: (angry) enough is enough mr maheshwari how many time should I tell you I need to talk but its look like you are not any more interested hearing

San: (raising his eyebrow) do you really think so

 Sw: look I am trying since so to tell you something but you are not listing me (placing her hand on his cheek) please sanskar listen me na (said pleading him, he nodded because he couldn’t see her like this) I wane confess something (took a long breath) I LOVE YOU I REALLY DO (she looked at him who was looking at her without any emotion) TRUST ME I LOVE YOU SANSKAR (but he didn’t said anything feeling rejected a lone tear escaped from her eyes she turn to go but was pulled back to him)

San: where do you think you are going? (She looked at him) and why I should believe you

Sw: I really do please trust me

San: (looked at her who was now in tears) ok you want me to belive you haina (she nodded) fine than but I have one condition

Sw: I will accepted but please

San: (smiled but hided) fine then way I confessed my love in front everyone you should also do

Sw: (shocked) what me I

San: it’s your choice

Saying this he left while smiling it’s like his dream came true finally his love won he was feeling like dancing the moment she confessed her love he was out of world….he was smiling when suddenly lights went off and a spotlight fell on a girl who was showing her back getting everyone attention…she turned sanskar was shocked seeing swara holding a mike she smiled at him…..


Apni Aankhein Khaali Kar De
Kaash Tu Meri Aankhein Bhar De
Kaash Tu Meri Aankhein Bhar De

While singing she walked towards him convey him her feelings through the song….

Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge

It might be song for everyone but for her it was a part of her life in which he had a special place which no one can’t take….these or words are not only words but her love for him which she had…..

Ho Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge
Do Yeh Saugaat Tum, Toh Zamaane Ki Hum
Do Yeh Saugaat Tum, Toh Zamaane Ki Hum
Har Khushi Se Mukar Jayenge
Hum Mar Jayenge..Ho…
Hum Mar Jayenge

She walked towards him who was already looking at her with moist eyes he only said for fun thinking she won’t do but she proved him wrong…she confessed her love in front everyone openly through her song every word her song meant to him lot….

Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Paayenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge

She walked around now facing his back she placed her cheek on his back holding him….he turned her to him while she placed her head on his shoulder looking at him….

Tere Kaandhe Se Hi Lag Ke
Yaara Beete Umar Saari
Socho Kaisi Hogi Kismat
Hua Yun Toh Phir Humaari
Saare Aansoon Toh Ho Tere
Aur Aankhein Ho Humaari
Tere Dard Humein Jo Mile Pyaar Mein
Tere Dard Humein Jo Mile Pyaar Mein
Hum Khushi Se Yun Bhar Jayenge
Hum Mar Jayenge Ho O..
Hum Mar Jayenge

He held her in his arms with a smile she could see his eyes shining with happiness which he got from her….

Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge

He start dancing with her slowly….holding her close to him which satisfied him this is what he wanted from the beginning when he fall in love with her….he still can’t believe his dream came to true or he is still dreaming….he twirled her than back hugged they both were dancing in a slow motion…


Chaahe Dukh Ho, Chaahe Sukh Ho
Dil Ne Tujhko Hi Pukaara
Tune Humko Hai Banaaya
Tune Humko Hai Sanwaara
Jahaan Ko Rab Ka Hai, Humein Tera Hai Sahaara
Bas Tera Saath Ho, Chaahe Jo Baat Ho
Bas Tera Saath Ho, Chaahe Jo Baat Ho
Tere Kehne Se Kar Jayenge
Hum Mar Jayenge Ho O..
Hum Mar Jayenge

He made her to him both were facing each other…he moved closer to her and gave kiss full love assurance on her forehead she smiled feeling his love…which is only for her she opened her eyes which full of tears happiness tears he whipped them….

Ha…Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge

She hugged him tightly how much she has carved for this one and only hug…she found the safest place ever he will protect her she know this she trust him on his love…for him she will do anything but won’t let him go from her life….

Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam Hum Sanwar Jayenge

Both were lost in their own world but soon came into sense when they heard clapping sound but the family members were shocked and happy seeing them together like this….
raglak had no words they couldnt swara and sanskar together they wanted to separated them but here they are together….


After party was over sanskar left to his room he wanted to talk swara after song but he couldn’t get any opportunity to talk to her but now he can’t wait….he immediately run to her  after opening door he found her still in the same Saree near window looking outside….after closing the door he walked closer to she could hear his each step which he was taking towards her, her heartbeat start rising feeling him so close to her….sanskar stood behind he could hear her taking long breath….

San: (full of love) swara (she leaned on him while he placed his hand on her bare belly inside her saree) it’s just like a dream come true me…having you so close to me in my arms I…i still can’t believe you love me oh god…(she turned hearing him)

Sw: even for me sanskar (cupping his face in her hands) I was so stupid I loved you but still didn’t realised I am soo happy to have you sanskar I really really LOVE YOU, I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU

San: (smiled) I LOVE YOU TOO

He looked at her with full of love and kissed her forehead lovingly…than on her eyes to which she smiled soon his gaze on her lips she could see his gaze on her lips…he looked at her for permission she parted her lips and moved closer to his decreasing every distance between them….today will barrier between them their will be only love and love….

As soon as their lips touched a shiver run through their spine it was as a magical touch…they poured their love which they had for each other in this kiss they kissed and kissed forgetting everything leaving their past behind they kissed with full of love passion….
Sanskar was sucking her lower lip, swara was sucking his upper lip….
They both pulled each other more closer pressing their bodies together….Sanskar licked her lips for entrance in her mouth to which she happily obliged he enter his tongue in her mouth and roamed every corner of her mouth soon they parted away feeling breathless swara hugged him after their hot kiss feeling shy….

Sanskar smiled seeing her this side oh god much he love her this side how much he waited to see her side now his wait is over he have her in arms blushing….He hugged her also with same passion which she had for him after few minutes they parted little sanskar picked her in his arms and walked towards their bed he made her lay on bed and looked at her who stretchedher arms inviting him….he removed his shirt making her blush and came on top of her…

He kissed on her forehead than on her eyes she looked at him and smiled  how can she be so lucky to have him as her love and most important as her husband till now she had denied her feeling but today she will show him how much she loves him… Sanskar was kissing her and she was caressing his bare back feeling her touch on his bare back he bited on her neck and she moaned his name in pleasure which made happy…and she dug her nails in his bare back leaving her mark on him…after kissing on her neck he sanskar removed the barriers between them….he was sensoully kissing on her bare bally while she was caressing his hair and was pulling him more on herself… as she couldn’t take more she pulled him to herself and rolled over him and kissed on his forehead… than on his eyes one by one… the on his cheek sensually while his hand were roaming on her body…seeing her love on him he was feeling out of world and also blessed he never thought in his dream that swara the girl whom he try to destroy will love him like this…she kissed on his bare chest and was also biting leaving her mark on him also like he did…having enough of her torture he rolled over her he looked at her for permission she blinked her eyes assuring him hugged him amd whispeard sw: LOVE ME SANSKAR he smiled and covered themselves and remove the other barrier which was coming in their way and consummation their marriage…

**************The End**************

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