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Stair case to her dreams

I will kill this bagad billa today” she said ranting for the nth time looking at her watch “how could he do this how could he be so careless”. There she was sitting in this ridiculously fancy dress which he had gifted her, especially for today . “Yes.. she agreed it was pretty”, she looked down at herself, even she could not recognize herself, black offshoulder gown with net plaits studded with pearls and a pearl and diamond jwellery which felt so heavy. but her hands were comparatively empty, as both them agreed she didn’t need any other ornaments on her wrist than her Chand bracelet and her engagement ring.
She smiled as she looked at herself she was dead tired because of all this this is all just too fancy for her . She had been running and jumping around all day with excitement she could not wait for ‘the evening’.
But this was not how she imagined it she glance at the empty chairs beside her and again gloomily glanced at the entrance.
She sighed and leaned back on her seat, closing her eyes. Taking deep breath to calm herself. She thought of where it all started……

It had been over 6 months we moved here problems at OM are solved but jahnvi aunty and tej uncle can still not forgive him so as shivaye being shivaye kept his promise and lived here till they are ready to forgive. All the family members revolted against the decision but ‘no one can say no to SSO’ I smiled.
Initially when they moved to Goa everything seemed temporary so it was exciting i happily tried to take care of this house become the best ‘GL’ but as the days passed both me and billuji had accepted that can’t happen judging on the length of list of my mistakes.
So he hired househelps to do the work. Now again I was left with no work back at OM I was never free whole day would just vanish in air, with sister like Gauri you can’t feel bored, with Rudy around you can’t stop laughing, with om you can’t be lonely, with bhavya you can’t fall weak. I used to roam around as some kind of gang leader and dadi was there to care so you had no tension or burdens.
But now tears made way to my eyes thinking about those moments. This is the topic I can’t discuss with shivaye as I know how much he miss his home, his brothers , his family. So I pretend to be happy and cheery to support him.
But no matter how much I try he always knows me. The next moment the door bell rang.
I ran out as I thought my Sweet Singh Oberoi is back. But no.. it was the mailman I took the mail and turned to keep it on the table as usual , mails often came for shivaye regarding his business so I was didn’t even cared about it much. But as I kept it on the side table something caught my eye.
To, Mrs. Anika

I could not believe I checked it twice and opened it first I thought it might be from Sahil’s school but then decided against it as since me and shivaye have legally adopted Sahil mails came under shivaye’s name. As I opened the mail I couldn’t believe my eyes I stood there with my eyes widened and mouth opened. As I felt his warm hands slithering on my waist. “So??” He wispered in his husky voice. This was a legal permit for me to open my own event management company. I shrieked and jumped with excitement on him and hugged him tightly. ” Shivaye!!! I love you I love you I love you so so much I said still hugging him tightly and dropping numerous kisses on his face. Till I heard a sniggering of maids who had come there hearing the shreik.
I blushed and stepped back while they left to give us privacy, and shivaye, he just stood there laughing heartily. As I stood to controlling my excitement and embarrassment.
” Aww….. Anika you are blushing again. If I would have known I can get such a big thank you for such a small thing I would have done it long ago.” I was just too happy, he came closer and pulled me by my waist and lifted my face gently with his fingers. He got worried seeing the tears in my eyes, ” what happened ?? I thought you would be happy” he asked cutely.
” I am happy… I am very happy but this??”
” I know anika you never say anything but you are not happy here when you are alone in this house you feel dejected and lonely I have my work to keep myself busy but you miss them every second so I thought why not give you your dream of being a big event manager to get you busy.”
” Thank you shivaye…….(I couldn’t stop but wonder how is my fate so good that I got him as my husband) and don’t worry these are tears of happiness.”
” Whatsoever I don’t like it when you cry” he pouted.
” Okay baba ” I lagged and wiped them off.
“But shivaye….” I stammered nervously staring at the document as the reality dawned on me.
” What happened Anika?? ” He asked patiently.
” I never did this before….. I cannot do this”
” What??”
” Business… Math ….. accounts…. I mean I always I worked with some one or under someone the only assignment I did on my own was your wedding but there also I had so many people to guide how will I…??” I shared all my tension at once.
” Hey.. hey … Calm down…” He made me sit and have water and then explained ” Why are you worried if you are this stressed out we can have you join correspondence management course. But believe me the only things necessary for a business is confidence, skills to handle the situation , and ability to take risks which all you have and other than that you have one of the best businessman at you service ma’am” he said bowing down dramatically to which I smiled a bit.
He again sat beside me holding my hand ” Anika you are my khidkitod Anika and you can do anything you like if you can tame a bagadbilla like me into your billu” he smiled ” see I am here with you and I have some of my staff in my mind who can help you with everything you don’t know and about other things I know you can do it.”
I just smiled and his word were just as if someone had nailed them in my mind.
Next day he showed me the new office it was in same building as ‘shivomru industries’ but in top three newly constructed floors I was just in awe I never paid attention to how much his company had grown in 6 months that day as I noticed everything I was confident if he is by my side I can do anything. Then I entered into my office…yes my own office every inch of it showed he knew me too well it had everything I liked.

It was perfect he had made a saperate floor in the middle which had his and mine office opposite to one another so that we can be together rest was in the floors above.
The initial staff was introduced to me.
Then there was my first day I had dawned formal pantsuit and got ready but as I looked into mirror I wasn’t…..this wasn’t me….
Again as if he read my thoughts” you know Anika the best thing to own your company is that you can be yourself ” he casually spoke as and moved out of the room sipping coffee without even looking up from his phone.
While I stared at him, I happily got my usual look back. And reached my office.
It took a few days to get in flow but all in all he was right I never ever encountered any major problem that me and my team could not handle I hardly ever needed his help soon I was joined by Chanda in my business then all was just as smooth as silk.
Fb ends
She opened her eyes “And today after an year here I am ready to get my first award of ‘most promising newcomer.’”
“And that bagadbilla is not here yet” she again glanced at her mobile and at the entrance.” I will kill him today” she resolved.
The event had started and she was getting more and more anxious with each passing moment but there was no sign of him she was alone all alone in the crowd.
And then her name was announced she stood up nervously again glancing at the entrance.
As she stepped near the stage.
She froze near the last step and looked at the stage there he was standing in Black looking as handsome as ever and with him was….. Sahil!!! In black tuxedo exactly like him with trophy in his hand.
I couldn’t believe my eyes I was brought out of my trance by the hand he offered me I was lost in his eyes as I took his hand and joined them on stage he had picked Sahil in his arms and they both forwarded the award to me. This moment could never be better I gracefully accepted the award and kissed Sahil on his cheek and turned to the crowd ignoring his expectant looks with a mischievous smile. And there I was wrong the moment went way better as I saw in the second row ( the row behind where I was sitting)
Was filled with oberoi clan clapping loudly Rudy and Gauri were wistling while om and bhavya Standing in between them gave them an awkward looks while Pinki aunty gave a flying kiss. She was ready to rush up on stage but papa held her hand dadi smiled proudly.
There were some faces missing but I know they will be there some day. I just controlled my urge to cry out of happiness and moved beside him and held his hand. When the host requested me to speak a few words. But I was too full to speak anything. I moved to the podium still holding his hand. Looked into his eyes and said
Thank you…. Thank you for being the staicase to my dreams

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