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Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #40

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It’s been one week now since that day and dev and sonakshi didn’t shared a word after that. Everything seemed abnormally normal. Radharani didn’t mingled with sonakshi and kept taunting her occasionally but sonakshi didn’t payed any heed to her taunts,for her the one who cares for her mattered more then the one who doesn’t. Dev never crossed her way in these days either he encountered Radharani. He would turn up home in midnight and leave early in the morning,perhaps before the arrival of the duo whom He fears the most to be encountered at present,with different reasons. He had involved himself in many projects at same time that it’s quiet difficult for him to even breath properly ,those which would have easily handled by other too were under his control.That’s all he always does whenever he wants to keep himself away from those hunting nightmares. Sonakshi cursed herself numerous times since that day for bringing up that topic. She held herself responsible for dev’s ignorance towards his family but she wasn’t aware of the reality yet.

Ramnath and Ishwari were helpless as always. They along with niki tried their best to bring him out of his shell but as always their attempts went into deaf ears. Dev had drown himself so much into his agony that he failed to see the attempts of his family!!!! Their breakfast jokes,niki’s unusual demands,her kiddishness around him,every single attempt went vain and as always they were left with one option only which is giving him his own space no matter how hurtful it would be for them to see him suffering. Radharani’s heart flattered seeing dev suffering this much. She was the only happy creature in that house.

Sonakshi could feel a heaviness in her chest. Her heart ached seeing the poor souls suffering like this. Though she didn’t encountered dev in these days but was aware of his condition. She tried to ask his family about his agony but couldn’t mustered up the courage to ask. Everybody behave normal but were they actually normal!!!! No they weren’t,neither she herself …….The guilt of pushing dev into this condition was eating her up.Her life started becoming a mess. Her first love,her sleep didn’t even wander around her in these days.

It was another regular day for her after resuming her theatre,Sonakshi came home all exhausted but all her tiredness vanishes the moment,Ayaan came into her sight. She smiled genuinely seeing him all desperate to be with her and why he won’t,he stays away from her half of the day. Nahana…… ; Ayaan wiggled in ishwari’s arm indicating sona to take him. The moment sonakshi took him in her arms Ayaan smiled broadly and hugs her lovingly making them go *Aww* with his gesture. After freshing up sonakshi joined ishwari and niki who were busy in playing with Ayaan.

After playing with Ayaan for almost 2 hours it was the dinner time. Everybody was present there except then Radharani and dev. Radharani was out for a MahaAarti in a nearby temple and as usual dev was at his office and won’t be reterning back before midnight. They had their dinner with healthy talks. Niki was busy playing with Ayaan before going to bed and Sonakshi was adoring the duo from distance,sitting on the sofa and her thoughts again travelled towards dev. She missed her Angry Young man who used to get mad on her over small things and Miss Caw Boy of Prakrati who used be like a small kid and the friend in him who used to be concerned for her.

Sonakshi was tosing and turning in her bed from the past one hour but sleep was far away from her eyes. Radharani took ayaan into her room after returning home and Sonakshi was left all alone in the room,staring at the ceilings of her room. Her mind was clouded with numerous thoughts,thoughts of DEV. Nowadays Dev is the only name which keep running in her mind. Thinking about him soon she drifts into sleep.

Maa………Baba………Help……….Maaaa……;Sonakshi shouts her lungs out on the empty road. There was no one to hear her screaming. The road didn’t have any end. She was going and going but there is no end of it.

Maa…….Baba……….. ; the only two words which escaped from her mouth. She was all alone in that empty road. She was running forward in order to find them but ended up reaching in the middle of the road which has one way in each side.

Peeh…..Peeh….. ; the sound of horn fell into her ears. Turning her face towards the source of it she found a truck coming near her with high speed. Her feet refuses to left the place. She froze at her place not knowing what to do and the distance between her and the truck kept decreasing. The light coming from the headlights of the truck made it hard for her to even open her eyes properly. Her mind was too disturb to even think properly,She was too numb to find a escape.

Maaa………… ; sonakshi woke up screaming this word,stopping dev in his track who was about to leave her room not finding ayaan beside her. Dev rushes to her only to find her sobbing uncontrollably. Her face was covered with sweat beads that much that it was difficult to differentiate between her tears and sweat beads. Horror was the only thing which was visible on her face. The moment she tracked dev beside her,she hugged his lower body and broke down into the pool of tears much to dev’s surprise. It took few minutes to dev to reciprocated the hug but he did it to soothe her. Rubbing her back lightly with his one hand and caressing her hairs with another he tried his best to ease down her cries.

Sushhh……….. ; dev tries to silencing her but sonakshi kept crying chanting Maa…..Baba……, each time when these word left from her mouth her eyes welled with tears,which came crashing down to her cheeks and keep wetting dev’s shirt on his abs that much that now he could feel the wetness on his abdomen area. Her slow yet horrified sobs were scaring the shit out of him. He never saw her this much horrified and now she is in her most miserable condition that too just because a mere nightmare!!!

Hey……Stop……Stop crying……Everything is ok…..See…..See around,you are safe…..It was just a nightmare…..Stop crying now….. ; dev says breaking the hug and wiping the tears away from her cheeks. The corner of her eyes was slightly red and eyes were all ready to be pooled with tears again.

Maa……Baba……I lost them…..I was alone…. alone in the darkness…..They left me…..WHY……WHY…….. ; Sonakshi says in her choked tone. Her breaths were heavy mixed with little sobs. Tears again found their way,down to her cheeks resulting dev to shut his eyes with slight pain in his heart. Her crying face made him feel a weird heaviness in his chest.

Sushhh……Have it……Have some water it will make you feel better…… ; dev says taking the water glass from side table,bringing it close to her lips. Sonakshi placed her hand upon his which was holding the glass and drank some water,hiccuping and sniffling.

M….Maaa…. ; Sonakshi says but dev silenced her by placing his finger on her lips.Sonakshi looks into his hazel eyes which seems to be blurry because of her mirrored one. She blinks her eyes severely to have a good view of his hazel Brown eyes resulting the tears falling down in one go. Wiping the tears away and tucking the sticky strands behind her ears from her face,he helped her lying back in bed and covers her with duvet. Few tear drops descends down from her eyes,making their way down behind her ears,fell on the pillow. A sob escaped from her mouth when she thought that he would now leave her alone in this dark room. She wanted to ask him to stay by her side for a time being but how could she!!! She Don’t wants to be a headache in his already messed up life.

I am not going anywhere ok…… I am here right beside you…..Now stop crying and sleep……. ; dev says settling at the edge of the bed,beside her. Though,a part of her still wanted him beside her but she also knew that right now they aren’t at good terms with each-other. She wasn’t able to believe on his words.What if he’s lying only to make her sleep and will left her once she sleeps.Sonakshi looks at him longingly and dev blinks his eyes positively,knowing her inner turmoil,assuring her about his presence beside her till the time she wants.

Sonakshi grabbed his hand into a strong hold still not believing on his words and tuck it near her head,like a 2 year old baby who sleeps tightly holding his mother’s hand. Dev smiles faintly at this gesture of hers and his other hand automatically went up to her head and started stroking her hairs lightly,the same way she did to him when he was ill,giving her a soul numbing experience. The horrified memories started fading away from her mind,the mere touch of him made her forget everything.

After spending a good amount of time in overcoming off of her dream,sonakshi again drifted into sleep,clutching his hand tightly as if it was her right to do so.Dev kept staring at her,her face looked little pale,lips were dry and the traces of tears on the corner of her eyes but there was a strange kind of satisfaction on her face. Her dry lips were curving up into a small smile,making dev wonder over the sudden change into her expressions. His fingers brushed her soft hairs delicately. She was looking like the most delicate creature of god. The way her eyeballs moves under the cover of her eyelid. The way she tights her hold on his hand,fearing not to have him beside. His hazel ones absorb the tiniest detail of her and he kind of liked studying her. While studying her features and stroking her hairs delicately he too drifted into sleep,without any negative and soul sulking thought. He slept beside her in semi lying position while his hands remained on her,one under her head and another in her hairs. After spending sleepless night in past week finally he drifted into a peaceful sleep finding his solace beside her. In the most devastated state of themselve,they found their solace in each-other,unknowingly.

Ahhh……My head…..It’s hurting….. ; Sonakshi says waking up,shrinking in pain. Her head was hurting that much that it’s difficult for her to even open her eyes and register her surroundings.

Yes it’s paining because of your carelessness…… ; Ishwari says bringing the thermometer till her mouth,gesturing her to open her mouth. Sonakshi opens her eyes,adjusting them with the pricking lights and finds ishwari sitting beside her,holding the thermometer close to her mouth. Sonakshi’s eyes shot open widely and wander in the room to find dev who was beside her,yesterday but to her utter dismay Dev wasn’t there. Did she dreamt about him??? But how can she dream about two different things at the same time?? Her heart could feel him now also,his soul numbing touch is still fresh in her mind as well as in her heart. She could still feel the hardness of his rough hand in her soft ones then how could it be a dream only!!!!

I am fine. Ahhh…… ; Sonakshi says clutching her head with one hand which was aching badly. Ishwari placed the thermometer in her mouth,under her tounge to check her temper and rolled her eyes off of her in annoyness. Sonakshi made a pout not knowing the reson of ishwari’s sudden annoyness with her. Sonakshi left out a big sigh still having the thermometer inside her mouth. Ishwari took out the thermometer and got busy in checking her temperature. Sonakshi’s eyes comes out of it sockets when her eyes fell on the clock which shows the time 5 PM. She rubs her eyes with the help of her palm not believe on her eyes and then looks at ishwari hoping to get some kind of information.

Yes……You are seeing it right. It’s 5 PM and you were unconscious since urely morning. It was dev who informed us about your health. You scared us like hell. How can you be so careless Sonakshi if you weren’t feeling well then you should have told me yesterday itself. How can you neglect your health like this………. ; Ishwari scolds sonakshi in utter annoyness. She was actually scared for her. Only she knew how she felt seeing her unconscious from past few hours.

Sorry………. ; Sonakshi says babishly holding her ears,making a cute pout. The cute puppy face which never fails to melt anybody’s heart. Ishwari’s annoyed face melted instantly,covering it with annoyed expressions she holds sonakshi’s ear faking anger but smiled coyly engulfing her in her motherly embrace. Few drop of tears made there way out of her eyes,feeling the motherly love of ishwari. The love for whom she craved all her life.
The memory of her nightmare which was already faded having dev beside her,erase(ed) from her memory fully after this. She felt so overwhelmed knowing them.Wiping the tears away sonakshi smiled widely and hugged ishwari with all her might. Ishwari chuckled softly seeing her hugging her possessively.

Hawww…..MY two favourites hugging each-other that too without including their favourite two….. ; niki says annoyingly rushing towards them,having ayaan in her arms. Sonakshi broke the hug abruptly and extends her hand gesturing them to join. Niki jumps at her place and climb on the bed with Ayaan and joins them changing the hug of two into a group hug.

The rest day ishwari and niki took good care of sonakshi thought her fever was gone long ago but her head was still aching occasionally. On the other hand sonakshi felt little dejected,not finding dev beside her. The way he handled her yesterday,She thought that he would have forgave her but his absence says another story. She did asked niki about dev’s whereabouts and got to know that he left with the doctor itself. How she wished to have him beside,only if she knew that he’s having a constant tab on her health,not being beside her too.

Yes,Dev sir Sonakshi DiDi just had some soup…….. Maji and niki didi didn’t left her side even for a second…….. Yes, I followed the instructions of the doctor and made a healthy soup for her……. ; kitchu says to DEV over the phone. It was the fiftieth time,dev called kitchu on his personal phone asking for sonakshi ‘s health. Kitchu gave him all the tiniest information about sonakshi’s doings like a loyal worker of his boss.

Hanging up the phone dev left out a sigh feeling relifed but the fact that he’s not beside her when she needed him still bothered him. Leaning his head back on the chair He again get lost in his own thoughts/thoughts of sonakshi. He wanted to be there with her but something in him stoped her doing so. He don’t know why he is feeling so restless and why he wanted to be beside her.Maybe because she considered him as her only friend….. ; his inner self says aloud.


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