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Siddhi Vinayak 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi realizes Vin is innocent

Siddhi Vinayak 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Siddhi helping her parents. Savita offers her money. Siddhi thinks you are waiting for me, I m your Siddhi. She doesn’t take money. Savita insists. Siddhi says I can’t take this. She sees Zai’s phone and thinks this could have been an imp proof against Vin, I have to take this with me. She says this phone looks old. Aniket says Advait went to repair Savita’s phone, my friend gave this phone but we have no charger. Savita says I don’t go out, what’s the matter. Siddhi says I think I have extra charger, I will charge this phone and see, if this works, I will get charger, I will have food made by you next time. Savita says you can come anytime, have food.

Siddhi checks Zai’s phone and reads the messages. She checks chat history and reads Vin and Zai’s chat.

Vin writes Zai will always be his good friend, nothing more than that. Zai writes she loves Vin and wants to be with him forever. She reads about Rajbeer misbehaving with Zai. Siddhi gets shocked. She thinks it means Rajbeer misbehaved with Zai that day, Vin didn’t get this city, maybe Vin blocked Zai’s number, Vin wouldn’t know this, it means Vin said right, he didn’t provoke Zai for suicide, Vin wasn’t interested in her, Vin is innocent, I thought he is Zai’s murderer, I insulted him and sent him to jail, I didn’t know truth and blamed him. She goes and tells everything to Pratima. She says Vin is innocent, what did I do. Pratima says calm down, you did right, don’t worry, all your sorrows will end soon, you will get all answers. Siddhi bends to pick matchbox. Holi falls over her face. Pratima smiles and says Devi Maa blessed you.

Siddhi and Pratima wish each other happy holi. Prachi and Rajbeer have a talk. She asks him about the gulaal color. Gauri says if Vin dies, we will get rich. Mannu says Vin is my brother, I want to increase his security, don’t say this, if anyone does anything to Vin in holi party. Gauri says no one will know anything. Prachi says no one will know anything, we will celebrate holi. Rajbeer says Vin won’t come in party. Gauri says Vin has to come, he has become superstar, we must celebrate, right. Prachi says Shankar likes show off, this year he will give big party, we will make it last one. Rajbeer says yes, I will plan the party. Gauri says we will not miss this chance now, Vin will die in this party.

Siddhi sees Vin and feels guilty. She thinks you weren’t at fault in Zai’s matter, but what you did with me was a sin. He asks her to answer, what happened to her. She says you didn’t leave me alone yesterday. He says I did a mistake to come there, you forgot the rules, no personal questions. She says I want to know why you saved me. He says I would have helped any other girl, I did some mistakes in past which can’t be rectified, I will always regret, I lost my best…. She asks what. He says enough, stay in your limits, else I will fire you, this time even my mum’s recommendation won’t help you. She nods. He goes. She thinks what’s Vin thinking, he has to give me answers. Rajbeer tells Shankar about the party. Siddhi says I have scheduled everything. Shankar says you come in our party too, you can help in organizing.

Prachi and Gauri think Riddhi is very clever. Gauri says I will also plan the party. Shankar says book a big farmhouse for holi celebration. Rajveer asks Gauri and Prachi to make guest list. Siddhi thinks to shift farmhouse location and get answers from Vin. Prachi and Gauri discuss guests list. Siddhi gets the flyer and tells Prachi about the bad route. She suggests the other venue. They ask her to book the venue. Siddhi shakes the pen. The ink falls over Vin’s face. He gets angry.

Shankar and Manjiri praise Riddhi. Vin thanks her and says I have seen my mum happy today. Siddhi feeds him laddoo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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