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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd March 2018 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Simar kills Bhairavi and ends Evil, show ends

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prem telling Simar that time has come to support Simar. Bhairavi asks Prem and everyone to die with Simar. Simar asks him to move back and gives them mata rani’s promise. Prem says I can’t let you sacrifice your life for us. Mata ji prays for Simar. Avni picks a knife, and keeps on Bhairavi’s neck asking her goons to move back. Bhairavi asks her goons to keep gun down. Hema asks what you are doing Avni. Avni says you have made me cheater like you and have done wrong all life being greedy. She says today mata rani gave me a chance to rectify my mistake, and I won’t let it go. She asks them to switch off time bomb. Prem takes off the bomb jacket. Avni asks Bhairavi to wear it. Hema asks Avni to leave Bhairavi. Avni says nobody can leave her. Bhairavi pushes her and takes

gun, says she will shoot Pari first. She shoots at her. Piyush is shocked.

Hema takes bullet on herself to protect her daughter and dies on the spot. Avni rushes to her worriedly. Bhairavi asks her goons to tie them. The goons leave from there saying they will not work. Bharadhwaj family hides. Bhairavi asks where did you hide? She says even Mata Rani can’t protect you and shoots in air. Piyush recalls Roshni getting shot by Aaliya and falling in the valley. He hold his head and recalls his marriage and all happy moments with Roshni. Bhairavi hears their voice and asks where are you hiding Simar? She shoots in air. Avni comforts him.
Bhairavi asks him to come out, else she will kill everyone. Simar comes out infront of Bhairavi. Bhairavi says today nobody can save it. Simar says evil thinks that they will win, but history is witnessed, only good wins. Bhairavi gets ready to shoot her. Piyush and Prem come infront of her. Prem says nothing can happen to her. Mata ji says she is blessed by Mata Rani. Bhairavi says lets see, and asks whom to kill first.

Simar picks Mata Rani’s trishul and tells that there were so many people who tried to kill our family, but this is not a family but a thought which can never end, says this is sasural simar ka and whenever their family is in danger, she had picked the trishul and it have protected us always.. Bhairavi says good has no identity without evil and says today you have to die. She tries to shoot at Simar, but her gun have no bullets. Simar says you tried to win with mata rani, but lost from yourself. Now it is good’s turn. Bhairavi apologizes, says you are right, I was wrong and apologizes. Simar stabs Trishul in her stomach and says jai mata di. Everyone is shocked. Sameer closes his eyes. Bhairavi dies.

Next Morning, Simar thanks Mata Rani for protecting them. She gives them aarti. Avni says I don’t deserve your love and apologizes. Simar says you have shown courage and saved us. Mata ji says you have done sacrifice for us, and it proves that you have no bad thoughts in your heart. Avni hopes Hema would have got a chance. Prem says we can’t take your place, but we will love and respect you. Simar says Prem is right and blesses her. Piyush says I will take care of all your needs and keeps her happy. They take everyone’s blessings.

Sameer apologizes to Simar. Mata ji says you were never wrong and have always supported right. Sanjana hugs him. Prem says we are always together. Piyush says what you say about life. Mata ji says what is lived without loved ones is age, and what is lived with family is life (What a great thought). Simar blesses Sanjana and Sameer. She gets emotional and says today she is missing Roli. She says few relations is left, and some new relations is made. Pari apologizes to her. Simar hugs her. Sanjana says happiness entered our life. Mata ji says lets welcome happiness in our life. They hold each other hands. Mata ji says my family is looking good and says Simar said right that our Bharadhwaj family is a thought which world will remember and our name will be written in history, this is my simar ka sasural. They all hug Mata ji.

The show ended on a happy note with Simar killing Bhairavi and ending evil, and Piyush getting his memory back and uniting with Avni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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