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Phir Bhi TumKo Chaahunga (RagSan) shot -3 by suma

Hello guys iam back with new part

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Next day Sanskar and laksh came to college together
Before laksh leaving sanskar stopped him to talk

” Bhai ek baath batao “

” Ha sanskar “

” You love Ragini right? “

” Is this a question or doubt??”

” Tell me “

” I love her sanskar and you know that , iss mei puchne ki zaroorat kya hai “

” But love means not in words Bhai…you have to show her that you love her “

” Sanskar you know right…I don’t have much time and Iam trying for nationals this time and I don’t want to get distracted by anything “

” if you love truly then she will be your strength Bhai…And distraction I don’t think it’s the correct excuse…but try to give her sometime and make sure she doesn’t feel alone ”
By saying this sanskar left the place
Laksh nodded his head in disbelief , Noone ready to take younger siblings advice and laksh neglected his words and took his bag and went for class.

” Hey sanku…I don’t want to listen class today ” Tara said

” Chalo…let’s go for movie and evening I have match we will be back for that time ” sanskar said

” Evening match ??? Oh then let’s go and practice movie someother time…” Tara said

” It’s ok we can come by match time “

” No…no more talks let’s move to practice”  Tara said

Both were walking then he saw nikhita coming towards them
” Tara she is coming ”
Sanskar pointed his finger towards nikhita

” Oh fish!!!! What to do now 🤔? ” Tara was thinking

Soon sanskar dragged Tara and started running. While running he dumped to one girl. She is about to fall he holded her through waist and make her stand properly …she was happy looking at him yes, she is none other than Ragini…
” Hey sanskar!! Morning ” she wished him and looked at Tara and gave a smile 😊😊

” Morning Ragini ” both said in unison Tara and sanskar

” Where you guys are running ?? ” She asked
Tara about to answer but sanskar saw nikhita arriving towards them.he holded ragini hand thinking it as Tara’s hand and started running..

” Tara we will go for movie now…will come soon for practice first we have to escape from her ” sanskar said without looking at Ragini

” From who?? ” She asked and he stopped his running and saw the owner of the voice and looked back at Tara while she is laughing at him hardly

” Sanku you don’t even know with whom you are running ” 😂😂😂

” His name is Sankar right!! Why you calling him sanku” her question made both of them startled

When Tara is about to answer
” She will explain you later Ragini….bye will see you evening” he said and about to turn

” Today we are giving some presentations to juniors (you) where you people are going ?? ” Ragini said

” Tara is not interested to listen class  ” sanskar said

” So ” rags added

” So iam also not interested to listen either 😀😀😜😜😜planning for movie  ” he said and started running

Ragini huffed and stamped her foot and left to canteen.

” She is our senior sanku why you said we are not interested to listen that to seniors presentation”

” Nothing will happen , come Tara “

” You put us in problem sanku “

” Aree now will you come to movie or not “

” No ” she turned to one side
Sanskar get down from bike and made her sit on bike and started bike and drove off
This was all seen by Ragini…

Always Tara Tara …😏😏😏
Ofcourse she is his best friend and iam his senior 😣😣😣😣😣😣
Saying this she left to class for giving presentations.

Basketball court

All set for game and laksh is asking them for 5more minutes time as still sanskar not yet came.
” Ragini where is sanskar , still class not yet over ?? ”
Laksh asked

“your brother went for movie with his Tara ” she said

” Oh that’s okay, he will be coming by this time ” laksh said casually
By then he saw sanskar coming and Tara is beating him

” Sanskar why late??”

” Yeah laksh sir, I told this idiot to make it fast but he always do this with me..making me tense is his habit”
Tara said
For this sanskar showed his tongue for Tara 😛😛😛😛

” Common sanky get ready in 2min “

” Yes Bhai ”
Sanskar is moving to other side as he is playing opposite to laksh team and Tara is about to go with him but ragini called her.
Sanskar also turned but ragini said
” You go Sanskar , she will be with me cheering you people ” she Said smiling
Sanskar nodded and went

Tara was scared with Ragini for sanskar talks morning about class.
” Mam…wo….I will be with Sanskar…may be he might want something ”
” It’s okay Tara he is not kid right!!! He can manage , and you can call me Ragini as sanskar will call ”
Tara faintly nodded
All the time Tara was sitting silently and Ragini is enjoying the match.
This was enough for Tara slowly she escaped from there to opposite side to encourage sanskar😜😜😜

For this Ragini smiled as she was not meant to scare her but actually Tara got scared.😀😀😀

This time also laksh and sanskar were playing full sportively and laksh and sanskar scored equal goals for teams 4-4

Time counting starts to 45sec to 0sec
Now ball is in laksh hands and he is trippling it and when neared the basket sanskar got the ball and he ran towards the basket by trippling the ball.
When he about to goal the ball in basket he heard ragini shouting laksh common….common laksh ….with more happiness and excitement in her face he turned listening laksh name in her mouth.
He felt numb and brain went blank and he dropped the ball and hanging holding the basket.
Soon laksh came and put that ball in his basket and laksh team won the match and time reached 0sec.

Ragini was jumping in happiness that laksh won the match.she ran to him and hugged him (jumped on him) saying I love you laksh.
Whatever she feels outside but somewhere  her heart always loved laksh … those three magical words automatically blurted out through her mouth for laksh. Here sanskar is just watching her with heartbroken.
But somewhere in his heart felt happy seeing her happy. May be her happiness lies in laksh happiness he thought.

Tara and sanskar walking away the basketball court then ragini noticed even sanskar is present and sadly he lost the game ..she wanted to go to him…but when laksh is near her then she thinks about no one.
She again hugged laksh saying I love you
Love you ragini he replied.

Coach called laksh so he went to meet him. Ragini called Sanskar but his mobile is ringing he is not attending the call.
She told laksh about meeting sanskar and went from there. She is searching sanskar thought he may be sad for losing as he too loves basketball.
She came to canteen and saw sanskar with Tara and other girls talking and laughing.
” I thought to console him thinking he may be sad but he is laughing…there is much difference between laksh and sanskar …if laksh lost the game he will be upset for days… sanskar is not like that…but sportiveness is good she smiled and went near him.

By Ragini’s arrival Tara face expressions got changed.
Noticed by sanskar
” What Tara are you scared of Ragini mam??”
Ragini and Tara both turned to him.
Ragini is angry as she told many times to call him by name and Tara is angry as he revealing everything infront of her making her more scared.

” Wo….mam….I….he….food…..” Tara tried to manage but failed

” Ragini….we just having fun… anything you want?? “

” No…just to mention mechanical dept. are planning for tour/trip ” ragini words intrputed by sanskar

” I know you will not come “

” How do you know ? “

” It’s just a guess ” sanskar said

” Why sanskar ?” Tara slowly poked to sanskar

” Because there bhai will not be there na “

” Awww I miss laksh sir ” Tara said soon she realised what she said and bites her lips and covered herself behind sanskar not facing ragini.

” Miss laksh ?? ” 😒😒😒😒 Ragini asked

” She knows you love him but she had a huge crush on laksh bhai” sanskar blurted out which makes Tara angry and ragini even more.

After this Tara started chasing sanskar all over the canteen and college…somewhere in corner of ragini heart she doesn’t like it but she didn’t wanted to admit it.(Tara being close to Sanskar)

(Tara is best friend of sanskar and positive role guys…don’t hate her )suggest one character for Tara who is better

How was it???
I didn’t expect this update but happened 
(face Palm)
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Suma ❤

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