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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Manik sets the camp on fire.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with all people of gokul picking the tree in their way. Manik tries but stops and keshari says this much is enough for now. Keshari uses her powers and creates a storm, everyone holds each other and they move the tree aside. Kanha says where did this storm come from suddenly? Everyone is confused. Nand says we should setup camp here for tonight as everyone is tired and there is a storm ahead, lets rest now.
All people work and set their camp. In the tent, kanha and his friends are there with others and some men are hurt by the flying branches. Radha says I will bring water for everyone, it will help in the healing. Radha goes to bring water, she searches in the camp for pots of water. Radha sees one pot and says here it is. Radha takes the pot of water ahead. There

manik stands with a log of fire in his hand and keshari tells him to burn the entire camp on fire. Radha suddenly falls as her ankle twists and the pot of water falls down with the pot breaking. Radha says ouch, it hurts and sits with her pain. Manik puts entire camp on fire and puts all tents on fire. Radha sees the fire everywhere and screams for help, all people come out of the camp and start running helter skelter. Kanha and his friends see the fire and say friends lets go quickly and bring water to douse the flames.
Brij bhanu sees radha who is alone trapped between fire, all people come out of camp safely except radha. Brij bhanu says i have to save her, nand stops him from jumping into the fire to save radha and says kanha will come, he will help radha and will douse the fire using water that they will bring. Keshari sees and laughs, she says no one can stop this fire now, you people of gokul will not go anywhere and I will destroy you as promised to maharaj kansa.
Kanha goes to the river side and he, balram and all his friends fill water in their pots. Balram says we have to hurry because the fire may harm someone. Everyone take pots and go as quick as they can.
There narad muni says to laxmi, devi laxmi radha is your very form and agni dev lives inside you, you can stop the fire if you want with one snap of your finger, why are you screaming for help then? Laxmi says devrishi, radha is just a kid now and she doesn’t know yet that she is laxmi herself and can stop fire, she is hurt on her ankle and is doing what anyone else would do, calling for help, she knows kanha will save her anyhow.
There kanha and his friends come through the forest. Keshari goes there and creates a storm everywhere to slow them down from reaching the camp before it is burned down with radha completely. Kanha says brother balram we have to go quick, kanha sees keshari hiding behind the tree and he smiles. Keshari says no one can go from here and she attacks more. Kanha angrily says nothing can stop me now, no demon, no hrishi, no demoness, nothing! Keshari says you cannot stop my power. Keshari blows air and a tree falls, balram says be careful kanha. The pot from kanha’s hand falls down. Kanha thinks keshari I know you are here, but no evil can ever defeat the good In the world, you don’t know but dharma always wins over adharma and you cannot stop me or anyone who follows dharma.

Precap: keshari poisons the air around all the people to make them unconscious, the fire starts increasing. Kanha comes to the camp with all friends.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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