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Only For You swasan ff part 1

Room decorated with rosees, some roses are spread all over bed. candle are burning giving beautiful fragrance in whole room were bridal sitting on bed puting veil on head while playing with her finger in nervousness.

Groom enter in room opening the door. He went towards bride and sit beside her and open her veil were bride close her eyes tightly in fear.

Groom : oh why are you closeing your eyes Mrs Swara Maheshwari……plz open your eyes and see your love…..

But swara not open her eyes in fear because she knew that what coming towards her

Groom hold her hand and drag her down were swara stumbled because of heavy lehanga.

Groom: sabhal ke swara….. we are just married now and now only you start stumbling then how you manage our future life……..

Swara kept quite but tears are falling from her beautiful eyes.

Saskar bach hug her while swara closed her eyes feeling his touch.

Saskar : you know swara I want to share my first night of wedding experience. You know she loves this rosees and this fragrance coming out from them. She also says this candle makes more beautiful while making love.

Listening this swara eyes filled with tears but composed herself. She wants to close her hear before listening this

Saskar : you always want this na…… now see (touching her sindoor ) my name sindoor, (touching mangalsutra ) my name mangalsutra…… you wear this stretching from her saying this he holds swara’s hands and break her bangles in pices angrily were some pices of bangle cut swara’s hand and start bleeding but saskar not live her

Swara : ahhhhh saskar you are hurting me…..

Saskar : ohhh really (saying this he pulled swara himself and hold her arms tightly ) but I am hurting here (pointing towards heart )…….

Swara(teary eyes ) : saskar plz live me……

Saskar : because of you my kavita died….. because of you my kavita don’t even see our baby……

Swara : it was accident…….

Saskar(shout ) : but it just because of you…. I never give wife rights to you ….. you are just as servant for me…. I married you just because of my baby…. once she get use to me i throw you out from my life……i make your life hell swara i hate you swara i just hate you…. I make sure you regret for loving me…

Swara(teary eyes ) : i never……

Saskar : lets see……saying this he pushed swara on ground while swara hised in pain. He got in his knee and hold her hair

Saskar(angrily ) : don’t sit on my bed this is only my and kavita’s bed. Don’t try to stretch her place……

Swara(looking in his eyes ) : i don’t want also……

Saskar : whatever. …..saying this he went towards bathroom taking his cloth……

Swara slowly composed herself, she remove bangle pices from her hand cryingly and goes towards drawer were remove first aid kit and bandage her wood.

Swara pov

Y god y always me? ??? First you starch my parents when i was only 5 tears old and made me Oprah. I don’t even remember there face. But I accepted my destiny. But you again stench friends for me. You take kavita with you and made saskar hate me. I know I love Saskar but I never ask from you. Ya it’s hurts me but I am happy that they are happy each other. There love enough for me. They always make me happy but now you again made me alone….. cryingly she slept there only.

After sometime saskar come from bathroom and saw swara sleeping on ground , tears marks clearly visible from her cheeks.

Saskar : this is just because of swara just because of you…… saying this he slept on bed.

In midnight someone knock door due to continuously knocking swara open her eyes and open door……

Sujata(forwarding baby to swara ) : i just married to my son to take care of this baby not for sleeping……. if you are not connected to this baby na then I never married to my son……saying this she went from there

Listening this swara’s eyes filled with tears

Swara : what happens to my baby y are you crying? ??? Saying this she start patting her back.

But baby still crying

Swara : i think you are hungry hai na my sanu…..saying this she went towards kitchen.

She hold sanvi from one hand and boied milk and feed her and made her sleep. She come in room and place her in cardle were placing kiss her forhead and sleep on floor.

To be continued…..
I don’t know how to give prologue that’s y I directly start story……. and I don’t plan story further properly

I hope you all like this my this story……. I don’t know myself this was short story or ff….. because I think something and do something

I hope you will comments and vote….

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