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Not Crazy Stupid Feelings..Its Crazy Stupid Love

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Hey Guys..Tried One Shot..Hope u all like this..

Main Lead : Dhruv nd Venba

Dhruv: What?

Venba: u can’t hide this anymore..actually we can’t. Don’t make this even more complicated..

Dhruv: That’s what am saying..u engaged to him..u should marry him. I don’t want to be a second option.

Venba: what? Second Option..Seriously u mean that? Even after what we shared yesterday? What about our feelings?

Dhruv: Oh Shut up!! Its just that alcohol..both of us had effect of that..nd nothing wrong happened between us..Moreover There is no stupid feelings..

Venba can’t hear anymore words that could affect her love..

She slapped him..very hard..

Venba: Its not only stupid feelings..Stupid Love..u know this..u know this clearly..i had some feelings for u from the beginning..nd u know what ..i had feelings for u..even at the age that i can’t express it..i enjoyed that..after that u are the one..who ran away from me..everyone says u loving someone..so i just paused..i shut down..my feelings..after that he came ..always he used to take care of me..so i just got confused..i thought that was love..but no..what i had for u is love..yeah of course Stupid Feelings..Its Stupid Love..

Venba pointed last line in Sarcastic way..

Venba looked her..With teary eyes..Coz he knows..how it hurts her..but he too didn’t know what to do..this is in very complicated situation..

Dhruv..played old memories in his mind..

” I love to see her..whenever i came from my city..i was very eager to go to her house..only becoz to see her..i can judge what’s this feelings upto..but i can’t decided at that time..then our family situation was not good ..like there is always some misunderstanding..so as a matured child more than her..i stepped away from her..then another girl came into my life..who was saying love of my life…i too confused with that..but later i realised ..i mean very very late,.at that time ..she committed herself with my friend ..so i can’t do anything..from that day..i paused myself.,i thought that she was in love with him not me..but we both feeling our love clearly now..without any doubt..

Now i am stuck..after being too close with her for past two days..i can’t able to see her marrying another person.., he was not only another person..my friend,.how can i let this happen in my life..

While replaying all these..i interrupted with her words..

Venba:  Dhruv..don’t do this..i can’t go thorough this all again..after all these two days..that is what we want actually..I Love you..u love me right?

Dhruv (himself saying) “Finally she confessed her feelings..nd waiting for me to confess..how could i say no..I love her Dammit ..but i didn’t utter a single word..then..i took her left hand..nd pointed her ring finger..where she worn the engagement ring..
She understood what am trying to say..

Even thinking for a second..she took out thering from her finger..nd threw it out of the window..

I am not surprised..i know her very well..then she says..

Venba: Bhaiya Gaadi Ruko na..we don’t want to travel in this anymore..

Dhruv (himself) i know why she said like that..coz it was the car..her would be husband..i mean ex would be sent to pick us..after knowing that i had a feeling for her..then she never care a damn..we stepped out..

Venba: Dhruv…I know u love me..from now i am ur responsibility..drop me in my house safely..

Before she completes she held my hand..nd i don’t want to leave that again..

My First Crush Ever..My Stupid Love..

                                                                             THE END

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