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Nimki Mukhiya 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki is excited to celebrate holi with Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Grandma asks Mai to calm down. Mai says my son has gone mad. Sweety asks her to leave it. Grandma says lets talk about holi,what we will make? she says we will make favorite dishes of my husband, we will make it enjoyable, my husband used to romance with me. Sweety gets sad thinking about her husband. Rekha says I will ask Dublo to romance with me. Mai says we will have nice celebrations and Sweety will do all preparations, Sweety nods. Nimki comes in porch and says what? you are all making these dishes as I am completing my training? you can make many dishes, grandma says dont eat sweets, you have diabetes. Mai says leave from here, we are talking, go get ready for training, she leaves. Mai says dont talk about holi to her, she shouldnt be involved in it, I want to enjoy it with my family.


comes to Abhi, Ram says Nimki shouldnt know that I am here, I am here for help, he says to Abhi and Aunt that I want to buy some clothes for Nimki’s inlaws for holi, they are rich people, we dont know about these clothes, Abhi can you come with me? Abhi says dont get involved in all this, you dont have that much salary, just send sweets and leave it. Ram says its about my daughter’s respect, if I send things there then Nimki’s respect will be increased, its okay, he leaves.

Rekha says to Dublo and Ritu that talk about money when Tettar is in good mood in holi. Sweety comes there and says you want Tettar get drunk then and then give you money? he just get inebriated with politics power, let him become MLA and then he will give money, she leaves. Rekha says she taunted nicely. Nimki comes there and asks what about holi here? I am sure you people have big celebration, this will be Babbu and I’s first holi, we will play it together. Rekha says we are not playing holi as Mai’s distant relative died. Dublo says who died? Rekha whispers that I am lying. Nimki says if you people are sad then why I got married in this season? Ritu says we were waiting for that relative to come to holi but he is dead so we are not celebrating, Nimki says thats great that you respect his death, she leaves.

Scene 2
Abhi ends training session, Abhi says to Nimki that today is last day. Manager says Nimki people have come to meet you. Outside centre, Dayya says to Babbu that this is Nimki’s last day as head and now you will get power. Nimki and Abhi comes there, villagers says now you are head so you come to village with Babbu. Dayya says only Babbu will come. Nimki says I should do something big for villagers, Abhi nods.

Tettar is practicing for sign. Ritu says now you dont have to put thumb mark. Mai says atleast Ritu taught to you sign living here. Tettar asks her to shut up. Mai says Ritu said to Nimki that we will not celebrate holi, where we will send her now? Tettar says she is part of family and our daughter in law for people so she will be part of it. Mai says except you no one wants to play holi with her. Tettar says to Ritu that we have to get MLA ticket and have to please Mehtu in holi celebrations. Mai says you just think about politics, you kill me before I have to do all this, I will forgive you for killing me. Ritu says I have an idea, Tettar looks on.

Ram brings gifts home, Mauha says its nice, Mai will like it. Ram says I will bring some things for you. Mauha says dont worry about us. Ram says you love Nimki a lot. Ram shows her Babbu’s clothes. Ram sees Tettar calling, he takes call. Tettar asks whats about holi? Ram says Nimki’s sister is sad that Nimki will not be here this time, she will celebrate with her inlaws now. Tettar says dont worry about it, we have decided that Nimki will celebrate her first holi after marriage with you people, Ram looks on.

PRECAP- Nimki announces to villagers that this year holi festival will be arranged in village by panchayat, Tettar and his whole family will be part of that festival. Babbu is stunned to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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