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Misunderstanding (swasan from swaragini ) part 1

This story starts when kavvita enter in the house.

Swara enters with kavita. All are looking to swara Dp shock to see kavita how she alive.

Kavita look saskar and goes to him and hugs him.

Saskar :kavita

Listening kavita name from his mouth swara shock. Alone tear rolled down her eyes.

Saskar ask how she was alive. Kavita narrate whole story

Kavita : saskar…. what relation have swara with your family ?????

Saskar (looking at swara) :she was my wife swara saskar Maheshwari.

Sujata :but soon their going to happen divorce.

Ragini : now if kavita has come why we married both saskar and kavita

Swara remain quite

Saskar : par muje kuch baat karni hai

Kavita : par var kuch nahi abhi muje tumse bate karni hai

Saying she drag saskar and goes to room. Will going Swara look saskar painful eyes Saskar also look swara.

In reaching room kavita hugs saskar

Kavita : you know saskar I miss you very much

Saskar : I know kavita but muje kuch kehna hai

Kavita : ha tell me Saskar. ..

Saskar : I know I love you…………(mute)


Saskar come out from room and search swara but she no were


Saskar : Laksh….plz …..I don’t want to go Mumbai.

Laksh :but you have to bhai…..without you we did not get these deal. And you know na how important deal for our company.

Saskar : k I am going

Laksh : thanks bhai he hugs him and goes out from room

Saskar sit down on bed

Picking Swara photo where are you? ?? Why you left me I am searching you like mad. Only ones you meet that day swara….and he put down photo on table

Tum q usska wait kar rahe ho………chore 5 saal ho gaye hai usse gaye huve tu dusri shadi q nahi karta??? Saying this sujata enter in the room

Please mom i can’t gave swara place to anyone saying this Saskar lied on the bed and sleep

Sujata goes out agrily and say don’t know what magic have done this bangalan to my son

Next days saskar left to Mumbai

In Mumbai

One more day without you saskar . I know you are very happy with kavita. I don’t. Know you remember me or not. But I can’t forget you saskar. I love you till my last breath saskar and thank you for giving reason to live saying this swara left from room

In school saskar are invited as chief gest. After programme over he went towards car but he saw one boy around 4 year boy sit on the beanch and crying. He went towards him and sat beside him.

Saskar : why are you crying ???

Boy : mamma say that don’t talk with unknown person (cutely said )

Saskar : ohh sorry that means I have to do first friendship??? So friends? ??

Boy: hmm (act like thinking ) k friends

Saskar : ok…..now tell why are you crying? ???

Boy: Today alls friends papa come with them but my only papa not come…. mamma trying to call papa but it as always switch off. All say that papa left me and mamma…..but mamma said that paapa went for work… I never seen papa…..(Listening this Saskar feels bad )

Saskar : you are brave boy na so don’t cry (saskar wipes his eyes )

Boy : k

Saskar : but you did not told your name….

Boy: offo…….My name is saskrit……

About to tell full name but peon come and tell him to wait something…..

Saskar : ohhh……your name is saskriti and my name is saskar Maheshwari..

Saskriti : ok……but what I call you? ????……..ha Dost…..I call you dost

Saskar think I don’t know why I am feeling good after so many days

Saskrit : dost…….I want to play? ???

Saskar : you want to play…..than let’s go

They start playing after some time one lady come hurriedly towards school. Seeing lady saskriti ran towards her and shout mamma……

Saskar looks her and shock………

To be continued ……

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