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Meri Durga 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Durga and Tanvi compete

Meri Durga 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga getting emotional, while meeting Yashpal and Sanjay. They hug her and wish her all the best. They leave. She comes to her room and thinks there is another athlete in her room. She falls down and then makes the other girl Tanvi fall. They start arguing and challenge each other. Tanvi asks her to leave from her room. Durga asks her to make her out of the room if she can.

Bhagat meets all the athletes. Durga comes. He sees an athlete coming and asks why did she get late. The lady tells about her child. He gets angry on Tanvi. He encourages them by telling about women athletes. He asks Tanvi to leave her attitude. He says just two girls from you will be going in finals, you all are equal here. Tanvi says I will see who is equal to me. He says fine then, Durga will compete with you.

Sheela and Shilpa get angry when they fail to sell paint boxes. The kids take selfies and praise Durga. Sheela takes money from them and gets glad. Bhagat says 50 metres, Durga versus Tanvi. Durga and Tanvi have a race. Durga wins and stops. Tanvi keeps running. Bhagat shouts stop it. He scolds her for asks them to get back and run as he says. Tanvi asks Durga to win the race if she has courage. They race again. He gets angry and shoots in air to stop them. Tanvi and Durga start arguing. Tanvi shows tantrums. Bhagat asks them to blow the balloons. Durga and Tanvi blow the balloons. He says its just 15 secs left now, come on….

Bhagat tells about the race. Tanvi gets over confident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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