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Mehrya My version Part 52

After spending some more time Mehak and Shaurya take leave from there, Nehal came near Mehak and whispered something to Mehak’s ear. She ask her to quickly make up with jiju or else Archie is always ready. Mehak give her a stern glare and followed him to the car.
As both gets into their car, Mehak fix her buckles and Shaurya keep looking at her and he break the silence. Why are you avoiding me and being silence with me? I didn’t do anything, Mehak replied him with another glare and replied I am tired want to get back home, he started the ignition and drive out from there. As they drive Shaurya turned ON the radio and a song played. Jumma Chumma de de. Shaurya singing the song loudly like crazy with his funny movement Mehak was shocked seeing his this side of craziness, she shut her eyes tightly with her fingers covering her ears. Shaurya still singing loudly Mehak slowly look thru her eyelids he is not done yet. Mehak quickly change to another song, Ang Laga De played. It was even more sensual and romantic song. Mehak’s eyes bug out. Shaurya’s ear turned red hearing the song and said meri jaan I was just asking kiss and you are saying you can give me something else, wow I am impressed, he caress her cheek with back of his fingers. Mehak immediately push his hand away and off the radio. She purse her lips and roll her eyes to show she is still upset. Shaurya continues to drive and both reached Khanna Mansion.
As they reached the main porch Mehak gets down from the car and heads straight to the house. She saw Harish papa, Karuna maa and Dolly maasi at the living area she went to greet them, Shaurya joins them. They asked both of them how was their day and as both are back home earlier than usual. Shaurya replied today not much work at White chilies so went to Sharma’s for a while and now we came back here. Dolly maasi ask Mehak to freshen up and come join them for tea snack. Mehak replied it’s okay maasi I am good tell me what snack would you like to eat I can prepare for you. Harish papa quickly replied he wants variety of chaats like dahi puri, bhel puri, and paani puri. Mehak smiled and said can be done, she ask them wait for a while she will be back soon. Shaurya went upstairs to complete some work. Mehak at kitchen started with baking the dough for the puri. In the meantime she prepared the sauce and the other ingredients. While Awara roll the dough into thin disc and Mehak started to fry them one by one and arrange them in a tray. In the meantime she made some masala ginger tea. She gets Awara to bring all to the lawn and she gathers the rest of the family members to the lawn. She arrange the food on the table and make for them. They pop one by one into the mouth and they were amazed as it’s so delicious and start to ask for more. Shaurya was on call when he hears some noise from lawn he walks to his balcony and saw all family enjoying tea snack with Mehak serving them. Dolly maasi asked Mehak where is Shaurya ask him to come as well. Karuna maa ask Mehak to get Shaurya she will serve. Just then Shaurya came down as well, he pull a chair and sat next to Mehak. Mehak made for him a bhel puri and passed it to him he smiled at her and opens his mouth ask her to feed him, she rolled her eyes to behave as others are around. He was adamant and asking her to feed him she left with no choice and dropped one in his mouth. Karuna maa asked Shaurya how it is Shaurie, he smiled and replied your daughter spoiling my dietary plan and my six packs. I spend so much time at gym building all the muscles and if she keep feeding me like this I will be round like her aloo paratha. Mehak give him glare and said maa this kind of simple tradition food all your son wont appreciate , he only know salad , milk shake etc. You see now he still calls me fatty and aloo paratha. Dolly maasi warned Shaurya don’t disturb our daughter you have been really good in taunting her all the time. Then if you make her upset you will have to get from both of us, right didi she asked to Karuna maa, Karuna maa nodded and said yes, quite Shaurya don’t say anything. Mehak pour tea for everyone. Dolly maasi feed her some paani puri. Mehak said maasi dahi puri is my favorite and every day after I finish school and come home Mansi chachi will prepare all my favorite snack and feed me, whereas Kanta chachi don’t let me to eat she always stop me eating so much. Dolly maasi said you must eat bahu don’t be like the skinny type girl. You remain like this only. Shaurya as he finished his tea gets up from the chair and said don’t worry maasi she will remain in this size or will add on few kgs but will never get skinny I can guarantee you that saying that sentence he runs from there to avoid beaten up by the ladies. Mehak gets up to pursue him but Karuna maa stopped her and ask her to calm down and they asked to ignore him he if he never taunt he is not Shaurya. Deep inside her heart Mehak telling herself at the end you will come to room right at night I know how to handle you wait and watch Mr Khanna. Mehak sat down and enjoyed the rest of the evening with the family. Harish papa asked her about some snacks and some dishes they get engrossed into the topic and discussed more about his likings.
Dolly maasi ask Awara to prepare light dinner as they are stuffed with the delicious snacks prepared by Mehak. Shaurya skipped dinner as he is full. After the dinner settled Mehak proceeded to her room and went to the bathroom to shower and change to kurta. She came out and still didn’t see Shaurya anywhere at room and told herself maybe he is scared and run away never mind. So comb her hair and add on some moisturizer and heads to her bed, she sat on the bed and started to play with her mobile. Then she heard Shaurya coming up in stairs and she quickly put her mobile away and pretend to be sleeping with her duvet covering till her ears. She shut her eyes as he open the door. He locks the room door and saw her sleeping. He knows she is pretending and he smirked looking at her and thinks of something. He went to washroom and calls someone, and talks loudly saying you know what next time you want to come to White Chilies ask me first whether my wife is there or not or else she will finish you off on the spot. See today she almost finish you up if I am not there she would have done your tomb in my restaurant , next time we plan some other place okay, Mehak hearing his conversation throw the duvet and went to the bathroom to confront him. She opens the door and saw him standing and smiling at her. From his gestures she got that he just tricked her so she will come to fight with him. Mehak took a towel and start to run after him hitting him then she grab the shaving foam and pump it on his face saying you love to taunt me and annoy me right wait see what I am going to do to you now. Shaurya runs out of bathroom to the balcony screaming Mehak stop it please yaar, I was just joking, but Mehak didn’t back out she pump out more and smear it all over his face ears. He fell on the sofa at the balcony covering his face as sign of give up. Mehak stopped and huffed she walk back to her room. She went into the bed and cover herself with duvet. Shaurya runs to the bathroom and wash off his face and change another pyjamas. Came to the room and saw Mehak snuggle to her side and he slid into the duvet and went near here, he inhale her hair and rested his head on hers saying I was just joking jaan , you have been in bad mood the whole day so thought want to enlighten your mood. Mehak ignored him he kissed on her hair and saying Mehak say something don’t be angry like this. She turn to look at his face she melted seeing his puppy eyes pleading for her forgiveness but she need to keep her attitude can’t fall for his trap. She gets up from her position and look at him , first your ex-girlfriend came to the restaurant and said I am cheapskate low class etc. and find trouble instead of consoling me you chase me out from there. Then come home you are taunting me aloo paratha fat cow etc. and after you marry me your diet spoilt. If you are so diet conscious why need to marry me, go marry one of your skinny girlfriend then. Saying that she throw a pillow throw on his face and turn to her side to sleep. He realizes that today he went overboard that’s why she is so pissed.
Then he try to tickle her she slap his hand and asked him to behave or else he will be sleeping at the balcony. Shaurya called Mehak with his babyish tone so now you tell me what shall I do that you will be happy with me and forgive me? Tell me yaar I will do anything, just say it I will do it without question asked. Mehak turns and look at his face and stare at him for a moment and think about something he won’t be able to do. She said the one I will ask you will not be able to do it, he said name it baby I am Shaurya Khanna, I will do it try. She said I don’t think so you are not able to but since you insist let me tell you what will calm me, he listen to her attentively with his eyes glued on her face.

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