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Manan-A love story that was meant to be – Episode 2

Hello every1..As I have promised ,I am back with another update…Thank u so much for the comments Neehaa and Sonu Karki ..This update is dedicated to both of u..

Coming to the update…




Nandu cooks for everyone .Mukti and Nandu starts arranging the table with food. Everybody settles them on dinning table.


Chachi -says taking in the delicious smell ,”The aroma of food is irresitable Nandu.”


Mukti too said appreciatively ,”The food looks really delicious Nandu.”



Nandu’s mother appreciated  her too saying “So you have cooked food today, that’s really good …now start serving too ..I’m so hungry.””


She served food to everyone .Everybody was  enjoying food and  not uttering a single word… in short all were engrossed in  the food.


Nandu’s mom said summing it up ,”Food was good and now I’m  leaving I  dont wanna get late for my meeting.”


And then she leaves.


Mukti says then ,”You are just perfect in every way bae, looking at you no one will say that you live in USA ,you are just like a perfect Indian girl. ”


Chachi joined in “My Nandu is less than no one .What if she doesn’t live in India. I have gave her all the traits that should be in an Indian girl. ”


Nandu said sadly, “Yeah the work which mum should have done was all done by chachi.” ”


Than she hugs chaachi with tears in her eyes, by seeing this Mukti hugs Nandu. Finally the day came when Mukti will be leaving for India.



Nandu said caringly, ” I  hope you have kept everything in your bag”



Mukti said “Yeah ,dont worry I’ve kept everything in my bag ,Oh I forgot one thing ,oh shit,how can I!Stupid me.”


Nandu panicked hearing that ,”What.. what have you forgot tell me I’ll give it to you.””



” Mukti ran towards Nandu’s room and  took  a small photo frame of her,Nandu,chachi and Adore


. “You are crazy! Gosh you scared me! “Nandu said with a smile .


Mukti touches feet of chachi and chachi blesses her and pecks her forehead. Adore gives kiss her on cheeks.



Nandu said in an ordering tone, “As  soon as you reach India call me or atleast text me ,dont forget about me once you reach there.”


Nandu makes a puppy face.


Mukti replied teasing her, “Yeah Miss Drama queen , how can I  forget you idiot  I’ll miss you a lot and I’ll give you a call when I reach.”



The announcement of her flight starts and now it was the time to say good bye to each other.


Nandu said in a voice too low “Hope to see you soon.”

And she hugged her with those words.


Mukti said curiously ,”I dont why  I’m feeling that soon we are gonna meet my baby.Oh god! Look  you made me cry idiot arrgghh.. a tom boy never cries.”She said trying to brighten the atmosphere


.  Nandu giggled and said “Lol you look so funny  ,dont cry!” ”



Nandu sees Mukti leaving.. and she had tears in her eyes which she was controlling in front of Mukti. She drove back to home and  silently went to her room without meeting Adore or chachi, and  latched the door.She now let her tears fall. ”






It was 6:00 AM, the day had  already began for Manik, he was engrossed in making his muscular body more fit and  s*xy. The sunrays were falling on him, and  it was portraying him as  nothing less than an greek god, his skin was glittering like a precious stone of the universe. He was a guy for whom ,a girl would die 100 times for just his one look and  touch. He is a successful youngest business tycoon in India but his goal is not limited to India he wanted to be best in the world. He have achieved everything in his life from his hard work,talent and dedication towards his work. This is his daily routine exercise early in the morning with the rising sun followed by yoga, than a cup of   earl grey green tea for healthy start of the day. This was his fitness mantra. Then a quick bath and all set in his perfect office attire. He reaches the breakfast table at 8:30 AM sharp. He’s always punctual in all his work, he hates late comers.”



” The MALHOTRA MANSION was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers only, as their princess cum tom boy doesnt like such girly stuff.


Manik and Cabir were going to receive Mukti from airport, but Cabir was not well as he’s recovering from viral fever, so Manik ordered him to take rest, and  no one can go against him cause whatever he says is like ‘ line on  the stone. ‘




Manik was eagerly waiting for Mukti he was going to meet his darling sister after long five years. Manik always wanted to meet her and he even suggested her that he would visit there  once in 2 months, or she should plan her visit to India during vacations, but Mukti never agreed to this, she even took promise from all that neither they’ll come here nor she’ll come to India until she completes her studies. As Mukti always wanted to be responsible and mature like Manik, this could be only possible in absence of her family cause life teaches us many thing when u r alone in this world. His trance was broken by an announcement of her flight.


Manik’s eyes were stuck on the gate n was waiting of her n their she came with loads of luggage. She ran to him and hugged him or we can say she was hanging in the air, Manik took 2-3 rounds by carrying her they broke the hug and manik pecked her on forehead and  they hugged again.


Mukti exclaimed ,”Woah!Bhayya  you look more handsome and have a better physique now looks like you found someone,?”She questioned with wiggling eyebrows.”






” Manik got confused and asked, ” Huh.!I  dont need anyone and what’s this with you being formal saying hi hello and these useless talks?I missed you   smarty.”


Mukti replied back with satisfaction in her voice,”I missed you  too bhayya and yaa this aren’t useless talks okay. Its your age to get married now. If I wont tease you know then when will I? “She further teased.


Manik tried to make her ignore the topic ,”Leave all this teasing and tell me about how many people’s luggage have you carried along with yourself? “He teased gesturing towards her luggage .


Mukti replied laughingly ,”Oh…These “She said pointing towards her luggage, ” are gifts for all of you.I just own one bag from that.”


Manik teased her again ,”You ..and gifts.. for us.Only god knows  what disastrous gifts are following “He said with mock sigh.


Mukti laughed sarcastically, ” Haha so funny bhayya….But dont worry  because the way  you are expert in your business field in the same way I too know an expert in this fashion field and I  did all this shopping with her and  let me tell you, you’ll love all of it .”


Manik replied a bit pissed off at his comparision ,”Yeah yeah.!We’ll see that .You are comparing me but remember one thing smarty I’m expert in everything.”He finished off with a charming smirk.


Mukti argued.teasingly but also by  siding her bestfriend, ” Well well!Be aware of her because I know that she can beat you too or I  can  say she’ll be the best competitor you  can have. ”


Manik diverted the topic teasing again  ,”Ok ok. Leave this. Dont you wanna go home or you plan staying here? ”


Mukti continued with the playing, “No no! I just came from USA to give you all gifts. I’m leaving from the next flight. My gf is waiting for me over there. “She giggled. ”





” Manik said emotionally ,”Im not letting you leave from my sight even by mistake . You are star of our eyes.”And it suddenly struck him when he laughed hysterically and teased her.


Again  ,”LOL what did you just say?GF?Now seriously I  have doubt on you.Come lets go. Sit in the car.”He gestured towards the car.


Mukti questioned, ” Who will take the  luggage?”


Manik shrugged and replied, “It’ll  come in other car, now lets go.”He  opened the door for her.


They sat and  drove back to MALHOTRA MANSION.




Everybody was waiting for Mukti. As soon as Alex heard horn of t Manik’s car he ran to the gate. The first one to meet Mukti was Alex, she came out of the car picked him up in her arms and  gave a peck on his head.


Mukti carressed it gently and said, “I   missed you so much baby, you know what I’ve found a gf for you her name is..”


Cabir interfered ,”Yeah you just stay and meet him only .Guess you forgot we are also present here .”He says making a sad face.


She goes to him and hugs him tightly,Cabir pecked her cheeks lovingly.


Mukti said with a sigh ,still in staying in his arms ,”I missed you so much bhai.”


Cabir said with the same emotion, ” I  missed you more sissy .”


Their mom now interrupted “We too are waiting dear.”


Mukti goes to her and  touches her feet, everybody’s mouth were open in perfect ‘o’ shape.


Mukti then says ,”Maa.. sorry to make you wait.. but I  really missed you .”She said now hugging her mom after what seemed like years which it actually was.



Everyone was looking at her in disbelief.
Mukti didn’t understand what it was about so getting annoyed by their reaction she asked, “What happened? Why are you all staring me ?As if you  have seen some alien.?”She asked confused now.”





” Manik replied still shocked, ” I have heard that  after staying abroad for a while people adopt their culture but with you its reverse case.  ”


Mukti was still confused and got further annoyed ,”What do you mean? Speak clearly bro. Don’t knit riddles ”


Cabir  decides to clear her confusion. ” He means to say that  instead of hugging mom like always, you touched her feet which you have never done in your  life and you  called mom as ‘Maa’.”


Their mother  then replies with smile on her face,”but whatever it is ,I so am loving this change”


Mukti finally realised their reaction reasons and spoke ,”Oh all of this?  Actually I learned all these things from my friend. She’s just amazing. Oh shit!Oh shit!!! How can I forget this,she’ll kill me.”She said searching her phone extremely worried.


Manik scoffed, ” Who has that much guts to even touch you.Killing is another impossible task.”


Mukti was tensed and was still searching for her phone, “Wait for two minutes bhayya, how much do you have to speak? Finally got it! Oh no !Its dead ! Give me your phone Cabir bhai.!


Cabir replied ,”Its in my room ,take bros phone.”


Mukti said hurriedly ,”Give your phone quickly bhayya ,I need to call her right away  or else she’ll kill me.”


Cabir teased “Whom do you wanna call?You have a gf huh ?””



Mukti gave him a look and if looks could kill Cabir would be dead by now.


“Let me finish the call and then I’ll get back to you. ”


*USA-NY* :


Nandu was murmuring to her own self ,”The flight should have reached by now but she didnt called me yet.Huh.She forgot me as soon as she reached home.”


Nandu was getting restless, she thought to meet chachi, she went to chachi’s room and  forgot her phone in her room and over there .Mukti was calling her through Manik’s phone.


It was Nandu’s bad luck because chachi was sleeping. To  calm her restless mind she went to garden and sat there.


This is just not gonna work .I have to make myself busy in some work, but how will I do that? A job that’s great.But then realization dawned upon her .Who will give me a job here, everybody knows dad, without taking my interview they’ll give me the best position in their company .Arrgghhh! I just hate this fame I cant do anything like a normal girl.People are   not interested in my talent everyone wants dad’s attention and loves his money and  status.What if I go somewhere in the world where nobody knows THE REAL NANDINI MURTHY.But where will I go,she was lost in her own thoughts.



Mukti to herself,” Why the  hell she’s not picking up my phone .It seems she’s mad at me or she must be sleeping , but she had  said she wont sleep until I call her,but its too late , its my fault I should have called her from airport only , I know she must be feeling so lonely,


“She felt the guilt seep in .


Then she turned to Manik and said,” Bhayya your phone”with that she handed him his phone sadly. No one missed her sad face.



Manik gave her a concerned look ,”Hey smarty what happened? Why are you sad? Did your friend said something to you? I’ll talk to her, kya natak hai uske dekne de.!”


Mukti replied,” bolti to tab na jab phone uthati”She said with a sigh”I think she’s angry with me or she must have slept”


To change Mukti’s mood Cabir thought about pulling her leg. With that thought on mind he said,”Why would she be upset?Is she your someone special ?”He teased.


Mukti decided it was best to tease back so she tried to make blush expressions while saying,” Um yeah someone special .”


Everyone’s eyes popped up. Manik asked shocked,”Oye! Have you lost it!What are you blabbering?!”


Cabir continued his teasing saying ,”I doubted her from the start.  She’ll bring a wife not husband. I think we made a mistake by sending her to USA. Look someone special “he said laughing.


Mukti teased back ,”So whats the problem in this? Its ok! Chalta hai ye sab. Such relations have a bonding through heart and are really very special”…

Nyonika was now worried .She said,”I think baby you need rest.Go get a nap.”


Mukti laughed .She could’nt continue this any longer.”Hahahahah, guys look at your faces.Well yes she’s special to me because we are soul sisters. She treats me like a little sister although we are of same age but she’s enough mature.”She concluded with a smile on her face thinking about Nandu. Everybody took a sigh of relief and smiled at her.” ……



So,ya done for today…Pls let me know how is the update through your comments coz that is wat which motivated me to write through my busy schedule…luv u all..And as promised I have introduced Manik today..So atleast ab tho start commenting..

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