Saturday , January 23 2021


Hii frnds😊😊😊. Sorry for the late. I hope u all enjoyed my last holi special episode. Thanks for the support from u and hope in future also I will get this much support. By this TU I am able to make new frnds and having new sisters. I am thanking all for becoming a part of my life😙😙😙. Zyaada senti hogayi😢. Now enough of my bak bak  let’s move to the story……

Next day afternoon, all rushed to the hospital as they are very late. At the entrance, they found two angry birds 😠😠😠glaring at them. Everyone gulped seeing them.( They are anand and sunil).

They took a long class for them. Then they said our gang to come into their office. Everyone are looking at each other with blank faces(😟😟😟bechaara)

When they entered there, jaya and savitri was also there . So they understand that something is fishy. They all settled at the couches. Sunil played a video. And all our gang faces are like omg 😱😱😱

(Sabka faces dekne laayak hai)

In that video, satigya are saying some cheesy lines to each other. By seeing this, both are blushing. Isha is talking to her frnds and kabir is staring at her, which made him embarrassed before everyone. Now it’s our sanveer turn. Both are just fighting like kids by throwing colours on each other. Their faces are not able to identify. Our gang was cursing the person who recorded this video under their breaths.

Anand: ( turning to kabir) can I ask u something

Kabir:sure sir

Anand:do u love isha?

Sanchi:(not in senses )haa bachpan se

All looked at sanchi with wide eyes 😨 then only she realised what she said and found kabir glaring at her😠

Sanchi ( in mind beta aaj tu gayi )

Sunil: was it true kabir!!!

Kabir: haaaa…. Ye…sss…papa

Anand: isha do u like kabir

Isha: ha papa (she felt shy and went from there)

Both they families are very happy and congratulate each other. Anand announced that after two days ishbir’s engagement. All are excited. In excitement  sanchi and veer hugged each other. Then they realised and composed each other.

Everyone went for shopping and there veer was irritating sanchi like hell. There they met Sanchi frnd riya and some veer’s frnds. They all enjoyed a lot. After shopping, they saw candy floss and only one left for sanveer. They both started fighting there itself. Both bited it at same time which led to an eyelock. Later both parted away and went to their respective houses. At night, both slept thinking about each other.


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